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  1. My best guess is that he'll finish TE 6-12 ish. Not a catastrophe in the 4th round but certainly not returning value.
  2. Any word on if he's getting called up for the next set?
  3. Agree that Harris is significantly higher than Stevenson now, even though he is an inferior runner of the ball when compared to Stevenson.
  4. Well aware of them...big fan of my PFF subscription, they do great work. I'm obviously very high on Stevenson's ability to run the football.(compared to the consensus)
  5. I remain high on Stevenson in all formats at current perceived value.
  6. Sermon can tote the rock...don't be surprised if he has the higher YPC.
  7. I'm rostering Stevenson in all leagues with roster availability, would be very aggressively trading for him in dynasty in situations where you can buy low...can probably wait longer to get a lower price. Harris isn't proven and already has a bad fumble that cost the team.(worse than Stevens') He's the best rusher on the team.
  8. This is what I'm interested in...Harris is far from a proven commodity. How will the touches be split going forward if Harris cost them another game?
  9. Don't think about what you need, think about what your potential traden partners need. Vulnerable spots for trade partners 1) injuries to starters 2) bye weeks 3) touch matchups 4) find good, not obvious buy low spots
  10. NFL Plays I've locked in This Week Steelers -5.5 Dolphins +3, +3.5, ML Eagles +3.5 Seahawks -5.5 Steelers/Pats 6 point teaser Steelers/Browns 6 point teaser Cardinals ML, -4 Steelers/cards 6 point teaser Bears -2.5, Bears -2 Panthers ML Broncos/Bears 6 point teaser
  11. I think his game translates really well to the NFL...will be fun to watch.
  12. So how many points does GGG need to avoid being fired next round?
  13. No, it wasn't late 5th. It was 4th round in 12 team PPR. I've provided my sources(FantasyPros/FFPC/FantasyCalculator) You have provided none.
  14. Not gloating at all. I'm rooting for Pitts.
  15. Agree that Dynasty is totally different. my criticism has been aimed at redrafters taking him at ADP or earlier.
  16. At what point do the Pitts drafters admit they were wrong when they ignored 60 years of historical data? week 10?
  17. Golladay is a decent buy low if you can get him for cheap. He will be more involved in the offensive gameplan as the season progresses and I think the Giants will put him in better situations.
  18. Makes a ton of sense. What is the best rookie TE rookie season in the history of the NFL?
  19. Seems weird given he is the best RB on the team, but I understand the intangibles mean more right now and BB's rookie history etc. etc.
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