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  1. So you think the opening line is more reliable than the closing line?
  2. Check your emails for a risk-free $100 bet on FCS on Betonline/Sportsbetting. Played mine on Mercer +14.
  3. Next thing, you'll tell us you smartly hedged a bet...if that's possible.
  4. The fight halway through that turned into a capoeira when they kept swinging & missing & falling was worth the $20.
  5. Unfortunately, it seems like I missed the good over #'s for tonight. Or maybe they were mostly on stupid domestics.
  6. If you don't tweet about it, your account will be suspended.
  7. Or NOT. Well done today, but your strategy has me worried about my WFT bet tonight.
  8. Definitely a shell of its former shelf. Hard to say why given that the games carry on like always (other than some Covid delays/disruptions) and legalization continues to expand into more states, fwiw. Still plenty of $$$$ to be made.
  9. tilting after that Dallas garbage time TD. Thought I was going to pull out the un51.
  10. Basically same with most at 2k from early-mid 2017 but more at higher prices since. Technically, i don't think I've ever bought any, just decided to hold some winnings.
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