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  1. absolutely. Along with a whole host of R congressmen
  2. I've got about 5 years and I am currently 30% ultraconservative bonds and such 30% cash 1% on the market 9% TVIX and UVXY 25% real estate
  3. The preparer gets the info from the client and the client signs a document confirming that he supplied correct info. So no.
  4. Joel Cornah‏ @JoelCornah 10h10 hours ago More EU: You know, you can stop digging your own grave whenever you like. It's fine. UK: *shovelling soil directly into own mouth* #### you
  5. thank god we're stable and not distracted
  6. Most poetic line ever: Fearless men, who jump and die
  7. Russians interacted with at least 14 Trump associates during the campaign and transition Wapo
  8. I still think Pence is mired in transition indiscretions that will neuter his ability to serve.
  9. cos texted me this week's picks Bears +127 Broncos -167 Cards +128 Dallas -3.5 Steelers -500 Chargers u48.5 Bears o51
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