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  1. I was looking at old Lions stats today to get a feel for how Swift might project. Reggie Bush in 2013 (RB7 in PPR and RB10 in standard) is the only top 10 FF Lions RB since Barry retired. Kevin Jones in 2006 was RB12 in PPR (RB23 in standard) to be the only other Lions RB to finish as a RB1 during that time.
  2. You crushed it for the Lions. Every one of those guys were higher on draft boards than where you took them. Of course the real Lions draft won't go like that. Quinn will burn at least a couple picks on reaches.
  3. Lions considering trading up in the 2nd round If they do I hope it's for Greedy Williams, Byron Murphy or Jawaan Taylor.
  4. Hoping they grab 1 of these 7 (in no particular order) at #11 tonight: CBs - Greedy, Murphy, Ya-Sin; DE - Winovich; OT - Taylor, Ford, Little I'd be happy if they finished tonight with something like CB Ya-Sin in the 2nd and DE Polite in the 3rd.
  5. I wouldn't mind dropping down as far as Atlanta for that price mostly because I'm rooting for a DE pick. That extra 3rd+ would be nice ammo to move up from #43 if someone slips to the end of the 1st or early 2nd.
  6. I don't see any reason to enter the Rosen sweepstakes. He may or may not pan out but the Lions are tied to Stafford for at least 2 more years for huge money. Stafford will be the starter in 2019 and 2020. Best case scenario is Rosen or a highly drafted QB gets to take over in the latter part of 2020. Rosen would then start in 2021 on his 4th year in the league. Not that that's a horrible thing but in the salary cap era your best title window is when that QB is paid cheaply on his rookie contract. By the time the Lions would know if Rosen was any good or not it'd be time to pay up big for a new
  7. They'd be right up at the top of the league if they took a DE. They had Ansah and nobody last year at DE last year with Ansah being a dud too. Flowers replaces the loss of Ansah fine but they really need another DE to complete the DL. Hand can stretch out to DE as needed but I think they'd be better off with a true DE in that spot and have good versatility on the DL with Hand behind Snacks and ARob while flexing to DE as needed.
  8. It wouldn't be the first time the Lions have taken a LB at #8. The last time the Lions picked at #8 was back in 1974 where they chose a LB named Ed O'Neil. He didn't work out well for the Lions but at least he scored 4 TD's in his high school's city championship game!
  9. Same here. Hoping his size allows him to slip. I haven't seen him go before the 3rd round comp picks in any mock yet. Of course that means nothing if he has a good 40 time.
  10. I'm rooting for them to take Isabella with that late 3rd round pick. I don't know if he slides to the Lions 4th round pick with all those comp picks piled in between their 3rd and 4th rounders. Would be poetic to use the pick they acquired from Tate to find their new slot WR.
  11. Agree with this. Kind of hoping Patricia can make it 2 more years so that when the Lions do clean house on the coaching staff again it'll be timed perfect with being able to cut and move on from Stafford. I can't see any head coach candidate being excited about the Lions job if it's open after 2019 knowing they're tied to Stafford for at least 1 more year and a green, highly drafted rookie QB in year 2.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Lions sign only in-house free agents during the early free agency period. Ansah will likely earn them a 3rd round comp pick for 2020 so long as they don't dip into free agency and sign any replacement player. That reason alone makes me think the chances of signing Hunt are about zero.
  13. Looking ahead to the draft, the Lions top 4 guys on their draft board in some order should be DE Bosa, DE/OLB Allen, DE Ferrell, CB Greedy. If they miss out on those 4 guys things start to look murky. I'm wondering who the Lions take at #8 in that scenario. Lots of folks will be clamoring for Rashan Gary as a DE but he doesn't look like a good fit. He's more of a DT in a 4-3 or a DE in a 3-4. If they're going to grab a DT it might as well be a better DT prospect in Quiennen Williams or Ed Oliver. If they plan to switch to a 3-4 to suit Gary then they will have lots of problems at LB play
  14. Agree on bringing Blount back if the price is right. Riddick is under contract for next year and then becomes an UFA. His cap hit next year is about the same as this past season but the Lions could save 3.5 million if they cut him now. I think he's a good insurance policy for next year on passing downs in case Kerryon gets injured and agree he should get more work as a slot receiver. Time to move on from Riddick after next season. He'll be 29 when he hits UFA.
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