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  1. Do you wear calf sleeves Tri-Man? I highly recommend you try if you don't already. Edited to Add: AWESOME work Duck. Unfreakingbelievable.
  2. Ned: Way to fight through a tough one + you got some pie! It's really tough to get free pie. Fubar: Awesome race! It's rare to have all three go well. What happened in the transition, and what are you riding? Duck: so :jealous: The pictures are breath taking, and it had to be inspirational as hell to see the race. ______________________ For Me: Did a 3 mile run last night (about as far as I'll run) with 8:25, 8:07 & 7:56 splits. Legs felt really good. I'll start wearing a HR strap to know how hard I'm pushing this week. More importantly we just rescued a puppy. Maybe the only thing better than pie. My older dog hasn't enjoyed running in awhile, which has made it easier for me to avoid it. Hopefully our new little girl will be a runner.
  3. Thanks my friend. I used to be able to run to the hill I like to do repeats on as part of the workout. Right now that would be a full workout in and of itself. Maybe I can Uber back.
  4. Since I don't think I'll ever be able to put in mileage again, I'm thinking speed work is my best way to go. I'm winging this, but I'm thinking trying to get to three'ish runs a week: 1 slow, negative splits; 1 tempo (constant speed) and 1 speed run (intervals). My short term goal is to get my quarter mile intervals (x4) under 6:00 pace (1:30 per); but my legs have no desire to turn over that quickly right now. I likely need to do some shorter intervals to help retrain my legs.
  5. Run 3 of my "comeback" is in the books and unfortunately was disheartening. I got my splits in, but i was much slower than anticipated, and it was not fun (why the hell does everyone run again?!). Here's what I did: .5 @ 8.52 .25 @6:44 .25 @ 8:47 .25 @ 6:43 .25 @ 8:51 .25 @ 6:44 .5 @ 8:59 = 2.25 in 18:21 I had hoped to be sub 6:30 for my quarter repeats. Really sad knowing that 6:30 used to be 10k pace, and it felt like I was working my ### off just to do it for .25. This is going to hurt the ego for awhile.
  6. Sitting at a brewery in Silverton having some pizza and IPA ... Awesome tale Duck!! Keep making memories Tri: So you are telling me to drink more beer? Challenge accepted.
  7. tri-man! As Dorothy said to the Scarecrow: I miss you most. So sorry I missed you while you were down here. Any beer run tips?!
  8. LOVE the summary!! I'll be hanging out here a bit more. Miss hearing the amazing things others are doing. I fully understand the marathon obsession. I still have BQ on my bucket list. Now that I'm nearing the big 50, qualifying times should not be too difficult. In my dreams I take this training for a beer run, to becoming a runner again.
  9. Pretty sure this means you are a supinator (underpronator) which means you should look for cushioned shoes. I'd double check as I often don't know what I'm talking about. If I'm right, NB Fresh Foam 1090 (Gruecd recommends these) or Asics Kayano would be great choices.
  10. Do you know if you are a neutral, over or underpronator?
  11. I am serious, as I'd like to be able to do this run as a run, and progress to at least running 5k again. I tore both labrums (connective tissue in the hips) during my marathon/ultra days; my right labrum is none existent. No clue about the calves. I've tried stretching and strengthening them, but both just suck. I'm also now old. Not Tri-man old, but old (50 next month).
  12. Hey Ned!! Hey Furley! Good to see Sand still on here as well! Miss Y'all. While I haven't really ran in the last three years, I'm starting a mini-comeback. My local World of Beer is going to be having a beer run in the fall (drink a beer, run a quarter mile, drink a beer, run a quarter mile, drink a beer run a quarter mile, drink a beer and hope to run a quarter mile). I've trained extremely well for the even legs of the event, just need to start working on the odd ones. I'm still cycling and doing P90/T25 religiously, but fear getting back on the pavement. My hips are messed up, and I tend to tear calf muscles as often as Tri-Man lunges, so I'm tentatively starting my training. I have two runs in, and will do my third tonight: Run 1 (Last Sunday): .5 mile at 9:00 pace, .5 mile at 6:45 pace, .5 mile @ 9:00 pace = 1.5 miles Run 2 (Tuesday): 1 mile at 8:45, 1 mile at 8:00 = 2 miles Run 3 (Tonight): Shooting for: .5 @ 9:00 pace, .25 @ 6:30, .25 @ 9:00, .25 @ 6:30, .25 @ 9:00, .25 @ 6:30, .5 @ 9:00 = 2.25 miles I'd like to max out around 3.5 miles per day, but do want to get quicker. A girlfriend will also be running the event, and I want to make sure I at least finish before her (I realize the jokes that shall follow). Training tips? Stories from the last 3 years? Questions?
  13. Hey All! I've been in hiding the last 3 years, but am back. What have I missed?
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