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  1. I didn’t see the game, but according to the below link he played 73% of offensive snaps: https://www.si.com/nfl/jaguars/news/jaguars-vs-titans-week-5-snap-analysis
  2. I’m not watching the game because it’s not on tv in Orlando…I’m asking those that are watching if he’s out there. Haven’t mentioned coaching, QB, or anything, aside from at that time 0 targets. I have no idea if it’s scheme, lack of routes run, nothing. But he is now the leading receiver in yards, so nice? Let’s reset and stop looking for things not actually being typed. I want Trev to succeed as he was my 1.01 pick in SF league. I recently traded for Shenault to fill the void left by Chark and hopefully be a WR3 ROS
  3. That’s what I’m asking, where is he? I can’t watch the game, but 0 targets is…puzzling
  4. Not a local game here in Orlando and probably for the best…is he even out there? Not a single target because Trev can’t throw to players on the sideline?
  5. Let us hope for garbage time instead of just garbage
  6. Has there been any updates to expected return? Week 7 best case scenario?
  7. Dynasty perspective moving forward: Chark done for the year and FA, Viska a 2nd rd pick (albeit different regime choice)…buying/selling? Taking a ‘22 1st or paying one? I like the kid and think he and Trev should grow together as year goes on
  8. Brandon Bolden seems like a valid dart throw to see if his ppr value maintains moving forward.
  9. They had week 4 bye last year, but he’s currently right at one more carry per game this year over last
  10. Does that make KC DST any more attractive than TEN vs the Jets? I can’t start my LAR vs Cardinals, no faith there
  11. As desperation, would Westbrook-Ikhine be a better flex (PPR) over either N Hines or JD McKissic?
  12. *obligatory “perfect for the Pats” suggestion* can’t even tell what HOU is trying or not trying to do. Play conservative and only barely lose, play aggressive and lose because team just isn’t that good, or tank and get that 1.01 i mean, regardless of option, they’re not using any of their 3 RBs effectively and DJ should at least have PPR flex value in a sane world…but this is HOU
  13. Same boat with LAR. My next best wire choices are Vikings and Bengals, not sure where I’m gonna land yet
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