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  1. Switching between threads and forums is often a very slow crawl. I also still haven’t seen the FFA since the first update a month or so ago, just loads a white page. I’ve tried going there signed out, same thing. Cleared history and data on my iPhone many times, still nada.
  2. I’m only two-thirds through the article...what subversion of the election process occurred?
  3. I’ve read the links provided here, found some others online, still don’t really understand at all the entire dynamics of everything. My only real takeaway is “but online poker and sports betting is what’s illegal rather than this?!”
  4. This is valid criticism of both Biden and politicking in general. Each and every presidential candidate and eventual president elect has most certainly voiced opposition to “legislating by EO”, and I’m equally certain most congressional members have voiced the same opposition to presidents belonging to differing political parties. An EO, however, as far as I know cannot be confused with legislating or legislative statutes. The president’s job is to execute the laws of the land and where those may be vague they suddenly have leeway to interpret and direct how they see fit. One of the la
  5. Lol at the first response to the secret-not secret revelation supporting it by declaring a change of clothes on a private jet improbable! She “changed clothes”, yeah right!...yeah right, indeed Q, yeah right indeed
  6. Got him! BOOM, suck eggs Biden! You said a travel ban or a wall won’t stop covid (without an actual plan in totality) and here you are banning travel (among other steps in a plan to battle covid) as though it’ll have any impact on travel...charlatan! Now that we’ve all agreed (with fingers crossed behind our backs) on the duplicitous nature of politicians...bof sidez!...what is the desired next step here? I am not a Biden supporter, nor am I a Trump supporter, what are we looking for here with the nit-picking?
  7. I’m looking at old articles from Feb 2020 about the initial travel ban of African nations by Trump. Admittedly, a lot of the first results on google are behind paywalls, but the ones that did have full access did not at all mention covid/coronavirus as impetus, rather blocking obtainment of certain visas.
  8. Reading a select few of y’all’s “interaction” across threads: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/MeatySilverCatbird-size_restricted.gif
  9. The main series may be over, but let’s not turn our eyes away from potential golden spin off: https://youtu.be/GmZiqwRnwtM
  10. This is a direct criticism of Cruz, though I’d aim it at many in both the House and Senate on both sides of the aisle, but... ...man, it is beyond me how some people get elected to office. I’m not even talking political leanings, just the person in general. Like, you want that person to speak for you? Interesting
  11. I’m so confused. There’s no conspiracy but there’s definitely some shenanigans by multi-national orgs/companies curiously occurring at or after inauguration (but far after election, as that’s the only real date that matters)? I suppose an expected amount of resistance to “benefit of the doubt” is to be expected, but what about Occam’s razor? Is deep state/world shenanigans really the simplest explanation?
  12. First, while I’m not one to shy away from poking fun at The Donald, the following will be completely honest and genuine. I am neither Democrat nor Republican and despise the 2-party system, but I try to be a realist and understand that is what we have now and look to understand both factions. What is Trump now to the Republicans, what is his role moving forward? Does he still represent the party or, with the way McConnell has forcefully worded his rebukes of him, has he been removed from the top? Is the theory of Trump News Network correct, is he going to pull his supporters with him t
  13. Joe Biden wins the day, obviously. But honorable mention goes to anyone who hit for the cycle and managed to get a fist bump from each Joe Biden, Barack Obama, George Bush, and Bill Clinton...quite a feat and one that I’d be jealous of
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