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  1. Same boat with LAR. My next best wire choices are Vikings and Bengals, not sure where I’m gonna land yet
  2. I just googled it and it is the replacement for the FCAT; which was just another year end test, it’s where school grading originated It's weird, these tests existed when I was in public school here but they never had meaning to us outside of just another test. There was no big lead up to it, no real prepping and taking up normal classes time. Just a test, an assessment of what we’d learned throughout the year. Then they politicized it, attached funding levels to it, and mucked up what was generally a benign yearly event. Sounds like the replacement didn’t do much better
  3. Is the FSA just the FCAT with less letters?
  4. Historical figures don’t make the story any less fictional…I suppose Vikings is similar, though it at least has source material from historical texts. Either way, both are great shows and Katheryn Winnick/Lagertha is a smoke show
  5. He’s a man, baby! /Austin Powers voice Have him in both my TE premium leagues and the Hockenstein is finally alive!
  6. Vikings is the ballz! Ragnar one of my favorite characters in recent memory and Lagertha can get at me any day of the week. Check out Last Kingdom on Netflix when done, similar story but fully fictional
  7. I’ve always wondered why he’s so uninvolved in the passing game because when he is used he’s at worst capable in those situation and at best you get that truck out in space and good things happen
  8. It’s like getting to watch Gladiator each Sunday, dude out there just man-beasting his way through all challengers, yelling at the naysayers “are you not entertained?!!?” I am, King, I am entertained to the fullest
  9. Is Chubb hurt? I don’t see any fumbles or injury updates
  10. 10 team keeper league where RBs get .25ppc, 1.5ppr, and .15pts/rec yd with a 3pt bonus at every 50yds/rec, I paid a 2022 2nd and 3rd for Ty’son and BCooks No one’s selling RBs right now even though I have 2 2022 1sts to offer, but I’m fine with the gamble that over course of season be turns into a good RB2/3 for my team with upside. I can’t fathom Bell or Freeman making an impact, they’ve looked done for a couple years. Maybe Murray proves us all wrong and is the guy, but I see him as a minor threat season long
  11. Raiders with the ol’ switcharoo, icing the defense with fake kick rather than defense icing kicker like normal *thinking man gif*
  12. Ruggs decoying so well tonight even Carr now thinks he’s a WR
  13. Ekeler didn’t get a single target according to stat line and that’s weird
  14. Jags *Aerosmith’s Living On The Edge plays*
  15. Only interested here because I went wild card in all my survivor pools with the Jags…they’ll probs get blown out because of it
  16. I’ll forever be a Fed #fanboy, but hard to argue with Joker at least being on same level as GOAT. I’ll make excuses and say things like his (Novak) competition last few years has been subpar compared to Fed and Rafa at their height, but quietly concede you still have to win regardless and that’s what Novak has been doing. It’s still so odd, I remember when he first came on tour and looked so awkward with his Curious George looking hair, robotic style of play yet somehow not in control of his body either. Goofy, that’s really all I came away with. And now he’s one match away from history. Might as well root for it as he deserves respect for his play
  17. That’s nice, I like that…let’s do that, Hock, 1k yards and double digit TDs
  18. Not spoken, but got some school work from the week back yesterday and 1st grade daughter listed “spugedy” as her favorite food ❤️
  19. Gave - Lockett Got - rando 2022 1st, playoff team most likely Full rebuild for me, didn’t see any reason to wait and hope for better
  20. Maybe more David Johnson swing passes now? -guy who didn’t pay much attention and used DJ as one of his 11 keepers recently
  21. This is pretty close to normal offers for my D Jones in SF and he’ll just stay as my 4th QB until better comes along. I assume the guy selling Jones feels he’s a contender, but I’d probably rather add something to Danny to get better than a 1yr RB rental
  22. I was always hoping ATL for new digs with Michel. I suppose there’s as much opportunity with LAR as there was in NE, guy in front isn’t the most durable (at least in perception)
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