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  1. Is this a list of the next 10 best coaches after Bill Belichek?
  2. ???? WTF are you talking about? I was pointing out that his assessment over Gordon was premature. While we are talking about irony. How about the fact that you're bashing me for bashing him for bashing another guy. How about YOU mind your own business. And you're only about a week late with this. Jesus. Go troll someplace else.
  3. Not really. The Giants spent a ton of money on their defense in the off-season and it's working. They had a great game plan to go along with the improvement in personnel. I don't think Washington will be able to stuff the run like NY did.
  4. As I said in the Cowboys thread, there was a different game plan when Zeke was in the game. I only saw a couple runs where he could have cut it up inside instead of bouncing out. Also, he did seem like he was rushing a bit but the majority of Morris' yards came on a couple runs where he had truck-size holes to run through. The Giants were routinely playing the run differently when Morris was in there. I saw only a couple well blocked running plays when Zeke was in the game whereas the majority of Morris' carries were blocked at least sufficiently to gain positive yardage. I just don't think the Giants were as worried about Morris busting a long one on them. The burst between the two of them was glaringly apparent but Morris did look like the more seasoned runner.
  5. Gotcha ... I don't remember what he was saying and won't bother to look. I get your point though. I just think you may have jumped the gun a bit in trying to serve this crow.
  6. My point was that the guy isn't going to get 2 TD's every game. If an elite fantasy player scores 2 TD's in a game you expect 25+ points. The guy scored 17 in my league. Woodhead had more carries. Woodhead had more rushing yards. Woodhead had more yards per carry. Woodhead had more catches. Woodhead had more receiving yards. Woodhead had more plays. Woodhead had more fantasy points. If you are just going to jump into fantasy football forums and try to blast Gordon doubters, you should probably make sure he was at least the best RB on his own team in said game.
  7. Ummmmm ... maybe I'm missing something. I did not watch this game too intently. I was at a bar and was mainly watching the Jets and Bills games early. When looking at the box score, I see a stat line of 14 rushes for 57 yards and 2 TD's with ZERO catches. What would he be eating crow about? The fact that Gordon got TD's of 1 and 6 yards? Because if he didn't get those, he scores 5.7 points on the day. Woodhead almost doubled his touches and outscored him with a stat line of 16 rushes for 89 yards and 5 catches for 31 yards and a TD. It sounds like Just Win's concerns are valid. If we are strictly going by yesterday's game (as you appear to be), then Woodhead is actually the back to own in this offense ... again.
  8. Who says our government is the same thing as our country? I think this is the big misconception. The majority of our government is made up of career politicians who are only interested in filling their pockets. I view the citizens as the true representatives of this country. Kaep is one of them. So am I. So are you. How about we start protesting the actual groups that are doing the oppressing? If you think the government is doing it, then take your protest to them. Don't disrespect your peers in an effort to get them to join your fight.
  9. No ... I think you missed my point. I'm not saying I think they were booing the anthem or that anyone thought they were. I'm saying you're supposed to be standing silently during the anthem ... not drowning it out with boos.
  10. Sorry ... I thought it was a valid point. The people that are upset that Kaep is disrespecting the anthem and the flag (I'm one of them) shouldn't be booing while the anthem is being played. Seems like the definition of hypocrisy. I was just as upset when I read about that as I was about Kaep's protest. Some people just don't get it.
  11. One thing I haven't seen mentioned in this thread today is the reaction of the crowd last night. I didn't watch the game but I read that he was booed by the fans when he knelt during the National Anthem. If that is truly the case and they were actually booing DURING the anthem, that has to be the most hypocritical thing I've ever heard in my life.
  12. I support what I think BLM is trying to accomplish. I have issues with the way they have gone about some things. For one, the actual naming of the movement seems to have done more to separate than unite the movement. Secondly, they haven't done a great job of continuing to communicate what their exact message is but that may be due to them not really developing an identifiable leader. The movement in general does not seem overly organized. However, again, I truly feel the people that developed it are making an honest effort to promote a positive non-violent change.
  13. It displays his maturity level and works to take away from the effectiveness of his protest.
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