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  1. Today marks the anniversary of one of the worst brand tweets of all time: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DQchN5uUMAAi4ZC.jpg
  2. Haven't been been here in a while, but stopping by to drop the hottest of taeks:
  3. Bet some money on Hillary at really dumb odds. That thread alternates between some amusing shtick and a bunch of dumb tough-guy THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!111!14! bs.
  4. I don't recall anything too spectacular, mostly a bunch of "#### you, you're all morons." We got a pretty good sense of it a page or two ago, IMO.
  5. fwiw, Tanner repeatedly announced that he was getting drunk prior to losing it. In hindsight, it wouldn't have been an awful idea to follow his lead. ETA: The drunkenness, that is, not the losing it.
  6. Local high school administration here also goes over how "we have the right to look through your phone if we feel the need to" during every beginning-of-the-year class meeting. I, for one, am shocked to find that they're full of ####.
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