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  1. What a game. On the Ford offsides play, nobody in the stadium saw that flag. Everyone was hugging and high fiving and shouting that we were finally going to the Super Bowl. For a few seconds, it was surreal. We got such a brief taste of what it’s like. On to next year, I guess.
  2. I might have seen that on a shirt or two but it really hasn’t caught on, thankfully.
  3. Got tickets for tomorrow way up in the nosebleeds. I have a really bad feeling about this, but I’m just gonna be loud as hell and hope for the best. Would be pretty magical to see KC finally make it back to the super bowl.
  4. Not really arbitrary, it's the most points WAS has given up in any of their wins this year. KC would kill to have that kind of a defense.
  5. Washington's defense held opponents to 17 points or fewer in all six of Smith's wins, KC's defense has done that three times all year.
  6. KC would be a 6 win team if Alex Smith was still their QB.
  7. Kinda surprised that Kelvin Benjamin would drop a pass.
  8. He's definitely up there. KC letting him go was a terrible, terrible move.
  9. My expert analysis is that Sammy Watkins' 48 million dollars would've been better spent on some defensive players.
  10. He's been extremely bad recently so the coaching staff may just be done with him. Kinda surprising that he's totally inactive, though.
  11. A team with a defense as bad as KC's cannot lose the TO battle like this. Terrible.
  12. Huge Chiefs homer here. While I sort of understand this POV - Hill is a spectacular, unique player - I say no way. Mahomes has shifted that offense into a gear that it never possessed with any other QB under center. We’ve seen the KC offense with Hill and just a “decent” QB, and it was...decent. Nowhere near the tour de force that it is with Mahomes.
  13. An important piece of the puzzle here is that he misled the team about what happened.
  14. Pretty much. He confessed, pled guilty, was kicked out of school, served his punishment, and the Chiefs thought he deserved a second chance after doing a ton of research on him. A lot of people still disagreed with the pick, myself included, but he’s been a great dude in KC and has done a lot of good work for the community. That doesn't erase what he did of course, but I think you can see why the Chiefs saw his second chance as justified. Hunt, on the other hand, lied to the team about his incident. Some other team may decide to give him a second chance, but it can’t be the Chiefs.
  15. NFL Announces New Zero-Tolerance Policy on Videotaped Domestic Violence
  16. Very possible that he breaks 5000 yards & 50 TDs, and it would still be no guarantee that he wins MVP. Completely bonkers season.
  17. Ever since Murdoch had his little meeting with McConnell on Thursday, the usually-prolific Fox News and Fox News Politics twitter accounts have gone silent.
  18. Or he’s just an aggrieved #######.
  19. ...And just as I say that, we get another vote dump. Rouda now +1.3%, a 2200-vote lead. With 90% reporting, things are getting dicey for Rohrabacher.
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