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  1. They need to go back to Keenum, if not they’re going to ruin him. He looked terrible.
  2. This makes him a lot more relevant this year. I doubt he puts up anything more 55/700/6. It's better than the 35/500/3 he would've put up with Pitt.
  3. BRUTAL. I thought he’d smash this year. JuJu > MB
  4. I'd need 1.07-1.08 to even begin to conside moving him. The risk is well worth the reward in his case.
  5. I haven't seen tons of teammates come out and say they don't like the guy. In fact a lot of vets had his back going into last year. Does he have a substance problem? Yes, and he's addressed it once. If he can find a way to grow up, and develop some better life habits, he'll get another shot. He's a better than average talent in a QB starved league. Plus, America loves comeback stories!
  6. I like what I've seen from him this year. If they surround him with some wr talent, he could turn into a good, not great, qb. If the Browns cut/trade this guy they're truly idiotic. I'd much rather have Johnny then Teddy going forward.
  7. He isn't. But people wanna hate. I don't think he'll ever be elite, but he has a chance to be a solid starter if he continues to progress and is in a situation where he's supported. Only time will tell.
  8. well said The Browns are idiots. Get over thew whole ego BS, play the kid, and then trade or cut him. I feel bad for Browns fans.
  9. Came here to see if anyone else posted this link. Great analysis by White. I really came out of that Cinci game thinking he looked OK. White set me straight. It was a decent article. That said showing still pics is a bit deceving imo
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