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  1. What has Penny done in the NFL besides lounge on IR? Collins is going to handle most of the carries until Carson gets back
  2. I doubt you’re getting a discount in dynasty regardless of the teams situation. He’s still young and should age given he catches the ball well.
  3. Toney's history suggests that he has a very short fuse. Defenses will definitely be trying to get under his skin so he doesn’t explode for 80 yard touchdowns on the reg
  4. What a shift in value for MW and his dynasty stock. The talent has always been there. He needed to stay healthy and get more targets. It helps Herbert is tossing him passes. Stay healthyyyy
  5. Bumping an old post and taking injury victory laps to make your point is an amateur move Pitts is going to be a problem. He’s going to eat as he develops more builds more chemistry with Ryan.
  6. I’ve started shopping for him in 2qb leagues where my team isn’t strong and I’m playing for next year. He’ll be back under center next year at the latest. He’s worth the gamble.
  7. He’s heating up. I’m guessing he’ll mix in more as the weather turns and season wears on. He’s a great best ball play.
  8. Shhhhhh. He was approaching free almost. The lack of pulse in this thread still leaves time to buy cheap. I’d sniff around in dynasty if he puts together another few duds.
  9. Green’s comment reeks of someone who is unable to change their mind as more data is presented. I’ll take my chances with CEH in my RB2 slot all day.
  10. Terrible start and script for Sermon. I was hoping to see something. Maybe we see it in the second half.
  11. The floor/ceiling are encouraging. Rookie of the year candidate.
  12. I like what I see. The big games are coming.
  13. No one is worried about Pollard taking over. We are worried that he keep eating away at Zeke’s bellcow status
  14. Henry isn’t pretty. But damn, he just keeps rumbling. He’s one of a few of the dying breed (bellcows).
  15. +1 Pollard looks good. I’m not sure we’ll see bellcow Zeke with Pollard looking this electric.
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