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  1. Do you disagree? Or, are you pointing out he isn't on many waivers wires? Sermon > Mitchell
  2. This is the guy to spend your FAAB dollars on if he's available
  3. Ya, I'd imagine most will be excited about his W1 performance, Sermon being inactive, and will bid >40%. I expect Sermon to be in a time share at the bare minimum. I'm not paying 50%+ FAAB on someone I don't expect to be a league winner.
  4. Where there's smoke there's fire. I'm glad JC got paid. But a year off as a young kid being told you're the greatest, you're gonna be rich, etc.. isn't good in most cases. It's why I shied away in dynasty drafts where I had a shot to draft him. And if you look at CIN, what vets are going to sit his ### down and show him the ropes? Tyler Boyd? Everyone in the NFL is talented. It's a competitive environment. He's going to learn quickly that he has to work hard and stay clean on/off the field. I'm not rooting against him and am not going to draw conclusions after a few preseason games. But he is clearly trending down.
  5. Sure. But Thielan/Cruz are outliers. MC is a nice player to have if you got him for free. He isn't someone I'd spend a lot of capital on. I saw people blowing 75-100% of the FAAB on him in dynasty leagues. No thanks.
  6. A complete tease. I'm ready to write him off at this point. He seems nicked up, drops too many passes, and just doesn't have the "it" factor. He has loads of talent. I hope he somehow turns the corner.
  7. One of my fav end of bench stashes. He did well with his opportunities last year.
  8. I was always wondering why TB12 has be so successful. This solves it all!
  9. Getting Fulgham vibes from this guy. I need to sell him with all this hype.
  10. The good: Tua breaks out Chubb leads the league in rushing and finishes top 3 RB in PPR Josh Jacobs surprises everyone and finishes as an RB1 Barkley finishes as top 6 RB in PPR Deebo, Hardman, and Ruggs all outperform ADP DK Metcalf WR1 Hockenson 100 catch season, battles with Pitts as dynasty TE1 The bad: Minshew replaces Hurts by mid-season Brady FINALLY regresses and calls for retirement flood the social media streets Mixon underperforms AGAIN Najee/Swift dissapoint, CEH/Semon rise Diggs/Hopkins finish outside WR1 Kittle's value crashes due to continued injuries
  11. Anything > 60/700/5 He's got it all going. College production, age, draft position, decent team, etc.. Posting a season like that in his age 21 season would be enough for me to slide him all the way to the top. The only other TE he's competing with after this year is Hockenson. I have the tinglies that Hock is going to post a monster season if he's healthy.
  12. Saying this while holding Granson seems like a clear contradiction.
  13. I'd drop Granson for Bryant without hesitation. Not only will ge outperform KG this year, he has the talent to be a Mid-TE1 in the next few years when he gets his shot.
  14. I'd take everyone one of those players over Kupp without much thought
  15. Arog is worth more than Gallup in 6 pt passing, .5 PPR. I'd add a 3rd and see if he bites. McLaurin and Higgins aren't pieces I'd move for an aging QB. I'd wait, see how the first part of your season goes, and look to make a move for AR mid-season if you're in the hunt.
  16. A year off, multiple issues with woman, and drops aren’t exactly confidence builders if I was drafting/buying Chase. I’m happy I passed on him in all my leagues for Pitts/Waddle/QB’s(Sflex)
  17. Sold him and a devy watered down 1st for Saquon. I like Swift, but not at his current price point. His price is basically his ceiling. Selling in dynasty where I have him.
  18. He's had plenty of whiffs. He's also had plenty of home runs. CMC, Chubb, Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson all come to mind in recent memory. You can't win them all.
  19. Wasn't DT a 6th round pick? Him sticking around as long as he did proved he has talent. Some get opportunites, other don't. He was obviously a long shot.
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