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  1. They were probably wanting to emphasize that having a bad partner can hurt you so there would be more drama around stealing partners after elimination rather than most people just staying with their partners.
  2. Dude, it’s like comic books. Would Batman beat Superman or vice versa? Depends on who’s writing the story. Goldberg admitted he could barely wrestle when he entered WCW, and he went undefeated for like 300 matches and people ate it up. Hulk Hogan also was never much of a wrestler, and he was like the biggest thing in the 80s. Earlier in the night, Riccochet, who has been struggling against Retribution and the Hurt Business, was able to take AJ Styles to the limit. Here it’s Bliss assisted by the power of the Fiend beating Auska. It isn’t about reality. Wrestling is a soap opera performed by athletes through athletic displays. You have to suspend disbelief and enjoy the story they are telling. Otherwise you should start asking how these people aren’t all dead from their injuries.
  3. I didn’t think he went fast. Seemed fine to me.
  4. He wanted to see Alex drag himself from a sick bed, out to the set, host the show, and after declaring the winner, collapse to the ground as doctors rush out to attend to him for a few minutes before tearfully announcing that he was gone.
  5. When Johnny slaps the books out of that one kids hands and as he’s walking away, rolls his eyes at himself and says “Sorry kid. Old habit,”
  6. Not through the whole series yet, but I do have a question.
  7. Sorry to spoil this for you, but it has been a few years. It couldn’t have been Kanan because he died before the end of Rebels. Ezra disappeared with Thrawn, so he could’ve been a possibility if Thrawn has returned, but I agree there would be a bigger to-do around his return than Luke’s pop-in. Most likely Ezra will show up in the Ahsoka series.
  8. I never had PS+. You never needed it for DLC. Starting with the PS4 you needed it to participate in multiplayer. On PS3 at first you could do multiplayer without it, and then some games started making you buy multiplayer passes. And with PS4 they just made it that you had to have a PS+ subscription. You have always been able to access and buy stuff from PSN without PS+.
  9. According to the Wookieepedia, the destruction of Skywalker's academy was in 28 ABY. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Destruction_of_Luke_Skywalker%27s_Jedi_academy
  10. When Boba appeared in Jabba’s palace, was I the only one thinking when Boba and Shand stopped in front of the throne that Bib would hit the button to drop them into the rancor pit?
  11. It was Hamill’s voice and face de-aged put on a different actor, also listed in the credits as Jedi double.
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