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  1. Can I start Pittman over Keenan Allen, Tyler Lockett or Robert Woods??
  2. Just added him as a bench stash…I know the other receivers will be back soon - but he showed what he could do last week when targeted.
  3. I know that TE is so ‘hit or miss’ outside of Kelce, Waller & Kittle. I have Higbee & decided to add Knox to see if he continues to produce the next few games.
  4. Can Dawson actually become a ‘reliable’ stating weekly TE? I know there are lots of mouths to feed in Buffalo, but he stays on the field & JAllen seems to look his way at least in the red zone.
  5. Chaka - I appreciate your thoughts on the Carr/Fields start ‘debate’. I think Fields is the ‘boom/bust’ play, and like you said Carr is the ‘safe’ play with the favorable home matchup.
  6. Justin Fields or Derek Carr as QB2 in a Superflex league??
  7. Today & tomorrow are obviously big days for Mitchell owners to see if he practices. If he plays this week he seems like a quality RB2.
  8. I was surprised to get him for 37 of 100. Now to see what role he has??
  9. Was able to add him & Mitchell in my main league…I love the possibility of the value that Gainwell could have in the 2nd half of the season. The Eagles seem to like him/trust him - especially giving him the red zone/goal line work.
  10. Got Mitchell for 37 out of 100…definitely thought he’d go for more. I’m more excited about also adding Gainwell for 15.
  11. Went for 43 out of 100 in one of my leagues…I bid 37
  12. Hopefully you love the Superflex! It has made the draft prep and the draft much more fun…no more PattyM & Kyler getting drafted in round 5 or later.
  13. Year 20 of my league…12 person Superflex .5PPR Made the switch from 1 QB to Superflex 2 years ago. It’s been the best thing for our league! It has made the draft much more fun/unpredictable.
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