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  1. Was able to add him & Mitchell in my main league…I love the possibility of the value that Gainwell could have in the 2nd half of the season. The Eagles seem to like him/trust him - especially giving him the red zone/goal line work.
  2. Got Mitchell for 37 out of 100…definitely thought he’d go for more. I’m more excited about also adding Gainwell for 15.
  3. Hopefully you love the Superflex! It has made the draft prep and the draft much more fun…no more PattyM & Kyler getting drafted in round 5 or later.
  4. Year 20 of my league…12 person Superflex .5PPR Made the switch from 1 QB to Superflex 2 years ago. It’s been the best thing for our league! It has made the draft much more fun/unpredictable.
  5. FBG has Kyler ranked as their #1 QB…do people agree?? I see him going as the 3rd QB taken in most mock drafts behind Mahomes & Allen.
  6. I like waiting for Higbee, L. Thomas, J. Smith or Everett.
  7. This is great advice!! A Superflex draft unlike standard 1 QB leagues become som unpredictable, and you have to be flexible. Do you join a ‘run’ in positions, or see the value on the board and wait to draft a position? I wish that FBG had designated columns/advice/rankings for Superflex/2QB leagues.
  8. This is for all those Superflex league owners…what is your draft strategy this year? I know it is hard to predict how the first few rounds will unfold, but I like going in with a ‘strategy’. Picking from the 9 slot in a 12 team league I’m leaning round 1 RB, and then a QB in round 2. What are other people thinking?
  9. The thing we do know is the Lawrence is going to start the season, which does make him the ‘safest’ of the 4. He plays in a terrible defensive division, so he should have the opportunity to put up good numbers. He has a solid receiving corp with Chark, Shinault, and Jones…and throw Etienne into the mix too. Fields & Lance have a chance to produce too, because they should start sooner than later. They both can run which helps their cause. Agree on Wilson being the wild card…he plays for the Jets. Will they open up the offense and let him play like he did at BYU?
  10. How would you rank the rookie QB’s: Fields, Lawrence, Lance & Wilson
  11. I would love Lance or Fields as my QB3 too…I’m hoping their cost come draft day isn’t too high.
  12. This a great breakdown Illini…i have found that to be competitive in a SuperFlex league you can’t ‘neglect’ the 2nd QB by waiting too long. Stafford and Matt Ryan are two that I wouldn’t mind outside of the top 10. We know that McVay likes his QB throwing the ball, and Atlanta will most likely be playing from behind or in shootouts, which should mean plenty of yards for MattyIce. What are your thoughts on Fitzpatrick??
  13. Agree on both…I’d be happy with Stafford as my 2nd QB
  14. I have done Superflex for a few years now (and love it). It makes the draft very unpredictable. Every owner comes into the draft with a different strategy. I agree with everyone who is saying that you have to see how the first round or two of the draft unfolds. By the end of the draft I like having 3 QBs I personally like to grab one of the top 5 QBs with one of my top 3 picks. Then look to draft my 2nd QB that is ranked somewhere between 12-18. And, I will most often draft a 3rd QB in rounds 12/13 (an upside guy).
  15. Irv Smith owners...how confident are you in starting him today?? Is he a better start than Goedert with Hurts or L. Thomas with Hoskins under center?
  16. I have to make a call on a WR2: B. Cooks or Algolor
  17. Are people confidently starting Agholor tonight??
  18. Dr. Cho thinking positively that Stafford plays Another article holding out hope🙏🏻🤞🏻
  19. Stafford Update Maybe...just maybe he plays Sunday
  20. It sounds like his X-Rays came back negative & that he felt better this afternoon compared to this morning.
  21. It sounds like his X-Rays came back negative & that he felt better this afternoon compared to this morning.
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