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  1. It's a lot like the toe injury last year in that it's not totally disabling and you can play through it... until you can't. Soonest we'll see a 100% Gibson will be next year.
  2. He's been ruled out. Keenum with the start.
  3. I mean, even if he's out, Ty'son will just slide into his place in the mud.
  4. Knowing this I was shocked he came back in the game after the way he fell on it. I'll be equally shocked if they don't shut him down for awhile to heal.
  5. Well, you don't think him stealing the firearm 10 min before doesn't preclude him from claiming self defense, so I don't think you have a difficult time invoking GTA type ish. I don't think many judges would see it that way.
  6. The analogy is sloppy. You can clean it up by having the naked lady bring a gun and shoot a couple people.
  7. I love this guy but I'm off the bus. The toe last year that was apparently bugging him still this summer. The fractured shin now. But most of all, McKissic taking all the passing downs and 2min drill stuff. That was ALWAYS how Gibson was going to become a stud and he's not even on the field in those situations.
  8. Right on man. Pretty bold going for the 12 month plan. But at that price, worth the gamble.
  9. You would think. It doesn't matter though. Something about those wee hours where things seem more enjoyable and time ticks away more rapidly.
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