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  1. I just started this as well. Through the first couple of episodes, and not bad. Much better than the first season. Would you have to finish the first season to get what's going on? I think I bailed after 3 or 4 episodes.
  2. Next year still matters. In fact, it's more important than any other year, currently. I agree he is probably gone but: https://www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/nfl-pittsburgh-steelers-news/2018/1/16/16894012/in-a-stunning-change-of-direction-martavis-bryant-wants-to-stay-with-the-steelers-trade-rumors Funny quote from the article: "After all, which team is going to part with a significant player, or a high draft pick, for a freak wide receiver who is just one bad urine test away from his NFL career going the way of Josh Gordon’s. Not many would be buying that stock." That's
  3. More like: Asks for opinion Shares his I'm not trying to persuade anyone, so there's no argument. My question is way to general to start an AC thread. Looks like DLF has his ADP at 92.17, which according to THIS site is like 1.8, 1.9 territory. I don't see it, personally.
  4. Way too rich for my blood. He's a suspension risk and currently looking like the #3 WR on his own team. Any other WR3s commanding a top 16 pick?
  5. Dan Fouts and Troy Aikman are the two. Fouts had some passing records until they were broken. Those numbers are irrelevant to Johnny Football. It is a different game today.
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