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  1. I became a huge Nick Diaz fan when he clipped Lawler in 04. I stopped being a Nick Diaz fan when he quit vs Lawler in 21. It's over.
  2. Has anyone ever played on Thursday night football two weeks in a row? Looks like Dan might be about to.
  3. Ypc goes down when you're killing clock and running the victory formation.
  4. He looked pretty serviceable in the Florida St highlights I saw. I was disappointed someone else got him on waivers. Derek Henry-lite 😄
  5. It was on plays where he didn't get the ball where he looked lost.
  6. He looks clueless at times when he has to make a read.
  7. How is a Zamboni like a good husband? [Spoiler] Its smooths over the ice between periods [/spoiler]
  8. That's not how I calculate floors. It's not based on opponent for me, at all. I applaud your bravery though.
  9. I'd be really happy to be wrong. I don't have Higgins, but I have Ty'son everywhere and can't imagine imagine going with Williams over a guy like Higgins until he proves himself in live action somehow first. Again, I think your floor for him is wildly optimistic.
  10. Idk how that call gets made. Obviously he had control of the ball if he threw it that far down field. Can you imagine if every time a QB got hit throwing a ball down field got called as a fumble? So many injuries would happen on the recoveries on throws over the middle.
  11. I'm kind of reminded by the WR on the Chargers who had one year he was good with a bunch of TDs, but had several ACL surgeries before his breakout and then a big knee injury the year after. Knew how that story would end the whole time.
  12. Just some guys you can never trust to stay healthy.
  13. I think Williams' floor is like half of what you do and Higgins ceiling is double. NonPPR doesn't change my mind any.
  14. This guy isn't out scoring Tee Higgins.
  15. There's the play where Cooper picked up the injury that will nag for the rest of the year. Or did he just get the wind knocked out of him?
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