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  1. At this point, nobody should be shocked if he doesn't see the field again in 2020. It's not like they're competing for a playoff spot.
  2. As long as Bridgewater is QB, he is a WR3. Just accept it, and you will feel all your stress wash away.
  3. Zero backup plan. Rolling him out and praying.
  4. As a Sony and Rex owner, I'm a bit worried about how this plays out once Rex returns. However, I suspect Rex might eat into White's value more than Sony's, because they aren't afraid to throw the ball to Rex. We shall see.
  5. Why exactly will "Michel's garbage 1-yard TDs come to an end very soon"? Did I miss the news? Is he retiring? As long as he's the Patriots' goal-line back -- and they basically ran him into the ground at the goal line last night -- Michel has value.
  6. Because everyone in my big-money league is paranoid and skeptical, he's still on the WW. Undoubtedly, the bids will roll in heavy tonight after his MNF performance. Dammit, I knew I should have grabbed him last week. Can't decide how much $$$ to cough up. I wish I had more confidence that he'd finish the season as more than a solid fantasy WR3.
  7. Blows my mind how many intelligent people refuse to dig up the couch change for a digital subscription to their local paper. Then they all sit around on Facebook complaining about the paywall and being uninformed except for the inaccurate gossip of their social media "friends."
  8. Good luck with that. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2018/09/hue_jackson_wants_duke_johnson.html
  9. Sixth overall? There are five guys more valuable? Like who? I rate Brown more like No. 2.
  10. PM sent. (As reply in our prior conversation.)
  11. Don't feel bad. I still have over two cases of Lagunitas High Westified in my cellar and secured three-plus cases of Willetized, its replacement. (The High Westy is a smidge better. But just a smidge.) Also just traded an ORVW for a Sam Adams Utopias. New Year's Eve shall be tasty.
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