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  1. *groans* All you fast talkers make it sound so easy, lol. I normally dress up as a cat and take advantage of the fact that 30% or chicks dress up as cats. It's built in small talk. Many will approach you, take pictures, and you can keep pawing at random chicks until you find one that reciprocates the nonsense with you. Wasn't about to commit petty theft by stealing a $0.99 cent tube of black paint though, lol.
  2. You know, it was baseball season, so it's hard to say. If I had to guess, I was probably break even or slightly down on MLB. I wasn't betting too heavy since I know it's not my best sport. Unemployment only gives you about $3,000 of assistance before they cut you off. So that's your ceiling right there. Of course, I had about $1,500 in savings at that time which is now gone. Hard to say, specifically I took 2 trips to Chicago and smoked a lot of weed. Took some classes, maybe had about $1300 in financial aid come through for summer classes. I didn't have a job because I was fired from my sales job selling Erosion Pollution Prevention products at $14.50 an hour + commission. Products to keep job sites compliant with the Department of Transportation. It was pretty easy, their website generated plenty of leads and if we were close enough in proximity to the client, it was easy to close a sale. As far as why I left, I was promoted from Business Development to Sales over holiday break in December and when I returned to the office, our Sales Manager (the guy who hired me) committed suicide over the break. So literally, my Sales Manager promoted me then killed himself over Christmas Break. New Sales Manager was a woman named Karen and we never saw eye-to-eye. I never received proper training but busted my ### to reach my sales goals two months in a row. At the end of February, I was let go citing not being a good "fit" for the company. Which I totally understand, new managers want to bring in their people. The company had high turnover rates and I knew when Andy was gone, I was on borrowed time myself. I was on salary at the time and working 60+ hours a week to maintain pace with the rest of the sales team. I stopped taking college classes because I was making more money than I had ever made in my life. But when I was let go, I was burnt out. This was the second sales job (of 2 jobs I've had since moving to Florida) that chewed me up and spit me out. My other manager at an AT&T retail store was #### canned after 2 months of working with him and the new manager had me relocated, so I quit. I didn't want the keep starting over, only to get fired over and over again. So I took a break. I decided, no more sales job, just finish school and get paid to be an accountant. Even if it's entry level work, get something with job security. I was able to stretch the money I did have out up until a few weeks ago, when I was informed by my college in order to continue, I would need to pay off last semesters tuition in cash. I only owed them $1,100 but it was pretty much all I had left. I have $5,000 coming to me in the form of financial aid and loans but those don't disperse until November 7th and I needed money, asap. So I took the job at the Call Center I'm currently at. They only pay $11 an hour but they don't drug test and in conjunction with the $5,000 in financial aid I will be receiving shortly, will be more than enough to finish the final 6 classes required for my Bachelor's Degree (I graduate in May). I know that's lengthy, but that should give you all the context you need.
  3. You know, Halloween is significantly less fun when you don't have a costume or money to buy shots. This is dumb. Stupid call center ruining one of the few Halloween's under age 30 I have left.
  5. See, now we're all having fun. Why couldn't we all like, be cool like this earlier?
  6. I know man, it's so depressing. The only thing I like is the wisdom that comes from getting older. Life is a series of patterns. There are really only so many different situations and personality types to encounter. Eventually you get to the point where it's like, "Wow, I know exactly what I'm supposed to do in this situation".
  7. Oh yeah, that's on me. At least on the flipside, when I do get paid I'll get two-paychecks within close proximity of each other. So that'll be fun. There's a ying to every yang.
  8. This Trenton Cannon seems like a really nice kid.
  9. I'm drinking the 40 now. About 1/5 done with it now. Gotta get all loosey-goosey to dance at peak performance. Still debating if I want to paint some cat whiskers on my face and pretend to be a cat all night. Also, there are some decent stakes on this World Series game for me. It's 11:11PM (make a wish) on the East Coast. If I get to the bar by Midnight, that gives me 2-hours of dance factory.
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