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  1. Yet another detail proving The Sopranos was the best.
  2. Agree. When Tony is at the sit down with Carmine and Johhny Sack, and Sack is complaining about Ralphie, Tony says, "Someone in MY family is talking to New York? I'm the one that should have the beef," and Uncle Junior on the phone replies, "My nephew's right."
  3. Sack was the best. And yeah, I cannot ever watch the Melfi rape scene ever again.
  4. Yeah, I always fast-forward through the Tracee murder.
  5. Funny, because Johnny Sack totally did stick his beak in.
  6. Johnny Sack played Paulie like a rented piano.
  7. Meaning, you think Tony would have helped her out?
  8. I hear you. But she ended up dead, anyway. So this gave her a shot.
  9. I was re-watching Long Term Parking and reflecting on the Adriana murder. Probably the most traumatic murder in the show's history, in my opinion. I was trying to imagine what Adriana could have done to get out of that predicament, and I wonder what y'all think about this idea: so just when the FBI brings Adriana in for the first time, she remains silent until she's released. Then she immediately goes to Tony and says, "The FBI is asking me to rat. I don't want to do that. Please get me out of the country with some seed money. I would never betray the family." Not blackmail, but a good fa
  10. I like Wick and Nobody almost equally, but I can see why you prefer Nobody. Very fun to watch, and it's not easy to make an action film that feels fresh.
  11. I started the reboot and didn't enjoy it. But so many trusted friends liked the reboot it makes me want to give it another shot.
  12. I'm certain all of you know this, but I'd forgotten that when Christopher kills the ex cop he is told killed his dad, Magnum PI is playing on the TV set. The character name you hear on the TV is Kevin Finnerty - Tony's character's name in his long dream sequence after Junior shoots him in the gut.
  13. Having re-watched the entire first series of Twin Peaks and mostly loving it, it decided to re-watch the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Oh lord, was that awful. I couldn't even finish it.
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