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  1. Not saying Sanders is McCaffrey, but he's certainly talented enough to deserve a lot more work in this offense.
  2. Watch Sanders and the Eagles on that drive to bring Philly closer to the Bucs at 22-26 in the late 4th quarter. Against the NFL's toughest run D, the line blocked well and Sanders looked good. Do I believe that the coaching staff will review this film and give Sanders more opportunities? No.
  3. Indy feels like chalk if you can't play Tampa. But did anyone watch that Houston/NE game? Houston has not given up, and there's a chance they upset an inconsistent Indy team. Going with KC.
  4. I have this exact decision to make. I went with McKissic over both of them. But I would have gone with Gainwell over Sanders if those were my only two options.
  5. Well, the element of surprise has not worked so far.
  6. Been here for several years, and I hope to be here several more.
  7. Eagles have two good running backs and a line that run rocks well enough. But no, let's just give our mediocre quarterback 45 passes a game instead.
  8. I was trying to be diplomatic in my negative review, but yes - the movie was very disappointing.
  9. Dude. DUDE. Michael Mann fills out the cast of his HBO Max drama Tokyo Vice
  10. Gaskin owners have to hope that Miami is smart enough to continue to use him as a receiver.
  11. Some news: (RotoWire) "Williams is expected to be active for Monday's game against the Colts as the Ravens' third running back after Baltimore elected not to elevate Le'Veon Bell from the practice squad, Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com reports."
  12. I'm going to take a wild guess that Gaskin was started in fewer than 10% of leagues across the board yesterday.
  13. Yeah, I'm going back to Sanders this week - but I'm not hopeful.
  14. That's what I was implying. Could be intriguing depending on where he would land.
  15. Exactly. I started Gainwell over Sanders this week and that didn't work out. Philly does not care about running the ball, and I am confused about this style of offense. I'll go back a couple games to Dallas, where the two times Philly bothered to run Sanders, he gashed Dallas for large gains. Hurts is an awful passer. Seems like establishing the run makes their play action far more effective, but whatever.
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