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  1. Interesting! No, wait...the other thing: tedious. 

  2. Your Gojira avatar is officially the best on Footballguys.

    1. Fiddles


      thanks man! I love marios artwork.  I had the way of all flesh as my previous avatar


    2. jdoggydogg


      Yeah his art is amazing.

  3. this guy knows. 5 stars

  4. Great contributions in the movie rental thread in particular. :thumbup:

  5. Your sig is one of the funniest and most appropriate on here. Plus any Futurama quote has the added bonus of being a semi-tribute to Shiny.

  6. You don't look like how I pictured you from the movie thread.

  7. Your animated avatar is cool. 's all.

  8. My newsletter prints every month. Will you be the editor in chief?

  9. When is the newsletter going to print?

  10. Awesome Banner. Thanks for everything.

  11. Thanks alot for making me a killer banner for our fantasy football league.

    You are the man.

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