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  1. Sorry bro. Some day I'll get that right :)
  2. Any other Irish whiskeys you like in the $20-$50 range?
  3. Having tried quite a few whiskeys and bourbons in the $20 to $50 range over the last year, I think that Bushmills might be the smoothest???
  4. Definitely. The only thing douchier than a whiskey snob is a beer snob.
  5. Having just rewatched the original Twin Peaks series, I decided to rewatch Fire Walk With Me. I say this as a Lynch fanboy, but this guy makes terrible movies sometimes.
  6. The New York ripper So for some reason I'm rewatching this movie, and I've decided that Lucio Fulci is a complete mysogynist piece of s***. Avoid at all costs even if you like horror movies.
  7. Oh that wasn't dickish at all. You are right, it was whiskey.
  8. Just received my final Pfizer shot today. I hope y'all get vaccinated. Healthy citizens that refuse to get vaccinated are going to allow the virus to mutate, and that decision will cost lives.
  9. Came here to recommend Monkey Shoulder bourbon. Good stuff, priced around $35 without tax.
  10. Two excellent FX series to recommend: Feud The biopic about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Wonderful, funny, and tragic. Snowfall I'm only half way through season one, but I'm starting to love this early 80s show about the drug trade. ...and just to pimp something I've preached about before, here's a great show I'll guess almost no one has seen: Trust The beautiful, dramatic, one of a kind retelling of the kidnapping of media giant J. Paul Getty's grandson. Donald Sutherland, Hillary Swank, Harris Dickenson, and Brendan Fraser are all brilliant. Forget about the TV cate
  11. I haven't looked up Snyder's justification for the 4:3 aspect ratio, but I don't care. Terrible decision.
  12. Three more: Norseman Very silly show about a tribe of Norse warriors. Many of the actors from Lilyhammer are used in this show. It plays a lot with anachronisms and is wonderful. We haven't enjoyed season two so far, but season one is great. Behind Her Eyes A very well made six episode thriller on Netflix. I don't want to give anything away, and it gets kind of wild at the end. But it's well acted and well written with beautiful photography. The One A drama about a huge corporation that uses DNA as a matching system for dating and marriage. Not perfect by any means. I d
  13. I have probably mentioned these before, but in this crazy, painful world, I sometimes seek out content that offers a respite from the ugliness. To that effect, I offer you these two recommendations: Forged in Fire & Rust Valley Restorers Rust Valley is on Netflix, newest season of Forged is on Netflix with previous seasons on Hulu. Both these reality shows teach you something about the subject matter (bladesmithing and auto restoration, respectively) so there's that. But more importantly, the kindness, enthusiasm, and decency of all parties involved will put a smile on your face
  14. With the chocolate, I don't. With gummies, I taste the weed.
  15. If you want some free horror fun, get the Tubi app. I watch it on my smart TV, but I'm sure it'll work on any device. TONS of shlocky horror films for free - there are occasional commercial breaks.
  16. For those into edibles, I have a recommendation: I was using gummies, but I didn't particularly enjoy the flavor. Chocolate seems to mask the weed flavor much better. If you can get this brand in your area, I recommend Blank brand chocolate edibles. Very yum.
  17. Yeah, the fight seemed very realistic. Made you think Joe Pantaliano really had a chance.
  18. Derek DelGaudio's in & of Itself This Hulu movie is part performance art, part magic show, and part emotional journey. Really great and highly recommend.
  19. Same here. Saw the film in a theater celebrating it's anniversary, and it was even better than I remembered. Ordered the Blu-ray the next day.
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