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  1. Picks I took this week in my officefootballpool contest. After 6 weeks we should have a good feel about team and should start to see elite teams start to pull away. GREEN BAY -8.0 vs. Washington - Looking to me that GB is going to run away with this. Kansas City -5.5 at TENNESSEE - KC needs to start turning it on, think they do so this week. Tennessee coming off a short week and a high. NEW ENGLAND -7.0 vs. NY Jets - Can see NE putting up a solid performance on all sides of the ball this week and the Jets are the perfect opponent. Carolina -3.0 at NY GIANTS - Carolina should win this with the Giants injuries Detroit +14.5 at LA RAMS - This was a tough one, but I think the Lions get some garbage time scores and cover here. 14.5 is a lot of points. TAMPA BAY -12.5 vs. Chicago - I think Tampa puts up a solid performance and the Bears having trouble offensively. ARIZONA -17.5 vs. Houston - Huge spread, but could see Arizona run away with this. I'm 15-4-1 on the year, didn't make to many picks the first 2 weeks. Going for winning percentage prize, minimum of 75 bets needed, this is my largest week yet. That said I'll probably go 1-6 this week.
  2. Thanks, Yeah, I'm looking at it, but I think I'm just too weak at RB. Mixon, Jacobs, Drake, Perine, D'Ernest Johnson. Start 2 RB's and a flex which I've been flexing with a WR. Although it would be great to have CMC if he comes back, I'm very weak while he is out and if he doesn't come back.
  3. Interesting to see his value in redraft. Was just offered CMC for Mixon. I'm 6-0, seller is 0-6.
  4. Yeah that was kind of ridiculous. I thought I was finished. Have 2 - 4 teamers 1 Was KC, Rams, Cowboys and Bills on the ML, the other was the same 4 teams against the spread. I couldn't just risk losing that tomorrow on the Bills so I hedged part of it to secure being up for the week. I managed to get the Titans +6.5 though and my Parlays are Bills ML and Bills-5.5. Bills winning by 6 exactly would be huge.
  5. I'm starting him, but my options are not good otherwise with Perine, Ty'son or Drake.
  6. I’m starting him. But my other choice was drake.
  7. I would like a round or two where the three teams compete for immunity, the losing tribe has to compete in an individual challenge where the other tribes get to watch. The person finishing last is out. No voting.
  8. I keep seeing people complaining about this, but I like running the clock down. If you miss (other than a blocked return) then at least you tie. Kicking and missing with 1 minute left gives the Dolphins time to win. We know how that worked out last year.
  9. QS on a tear today. It keeps this up and I'll only be down 30%
  10. Eliminated. That last Edwards TD getting reversed cost me getting past this week. Oh well. Good luck to those still alive
  11. I thought the same thing and was happy to see it go out of the end zone.
  12. Me too for Fantasy. Henderson TD would have been a loss., Also I had the Rams and the over as well!!!
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