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  1. I have hand of coal, with enough pressure, diamonds, but most likely, just coal dust.
  2. I put in another buy on GME 2 hours ago at 100. It just executed. Not sure if I should be happy or sad...
  3. I bought some, small amount. It's my fun money and what the hell, I'm going to have some fun. At least to say I owned this at one time.
  4. OK, I freed up some more cash last night. Looks like everything is on sale. What's the best buy?
  5. Good luck to you guys on GME and AMC, but I am not joining this party at this point.
  6. My experience is these close and end of day (Normal) so you would need a new extended hour trade.
  7. Thank, I got in after you posted. Nice gains so far. At least one thing is green.
  8. That looks familiar. Surprisingly, it looks way better than earlier.
  9. I'm not liking the looks of today.
  10. I haven't added any. Some of these recent adds have done nothing but drop. DM and AGTC down over 15% for me.
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