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  1. Eliminated. That last Edwards TD getting reversed cost me getting past this week. Oh well. Good luck to those still alive
  2. I thought the same thing and was happy to see it go out of the end zone.
  3. Me too for Fantasy. Henderson TD would have been a loss., Also I had the Rams and the over as well!!!
  4. It's almost like they are making it as hard as possible, shorter timeline, less cost.
  5. Is this true? Damn. Are they even going to make it to when they can use the gill nets?
  6. I get more annoyed at the coming up next clip before commercial and always skip. I don't want to see what's coming next in this episode, just show it to me. Everything's already limited, stop with this nonsense and show more stuff.
  7. Fall into winter this is not likely going to be a problem, it's the spring where water would start to be a problem usually.
  8. Man, the guy who went home first said his heart was at 35% after a previous heart attack. Why would he try to do this and why would they pick him? He put all that effort into the shelter, had no food and that was it. Surprised the one guy didn't bring a fire starter. Wonder how that will work out for him. Hope he made some char cloth once he got one going. Could be a problem if you get a bunch of rainy/damp days strung together. Liked the one guys idea of bringing a silver handled toothbrush, turned it into a lure. My money is on the guy who caught the grouse and harvested all those mushrooms already.
  9. Yeah, I more than doubled my position in the low 30's and still down almost 40%. Long term I keep telling myself, long term.
  10. I gotta stop watching QS, every day I look it's down 7%... ugh
  11. Well, Doubled on DMEHF, pulled out half, freerolling the rest.
  12. No mention of Crystal Heart. Wore out that tape. She was gorgeous.
  13. Man I am glad right now that i more than doubled my position in QS a week ago. Hope it holds, almost even.
  14. I know... Finished up 86% today.
  15. Still holding EHVVF. Up 73% today. Still down 53% overall... lol
  16. QS off to a great start. Hope it can hold
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