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  1. James Robinson out so in goes David Johnson and man he hasn’t helped me very much since I traded for him last year (right before he got hurt) but he may have just won me my championship so all is forgotten
  2. I’m planning on starting him. Have waller at TE so would be for flex. Because of some injuries/suspension (fuller) it’s between Mike Davis, David Johnson, chad Henson, Tonyan and kittle. Was gonna go tonyan but Kittle is to good. Probably is tired of hearing abt how great Kelce is and he’s abt to come back and remind everyone that there’s another super stud TE in the league.
  3. I came out on top after stat corrections. 159.02-158.08 thanks to an additional assisted tackle from foyesade oluokon. A lot less exciting winning this way and wish it coulda been on Monday night but hey a win is a win
  4. Gonna have to hope for a stat change in one of my leagues. Craziest endings I’ve ever had. Was down big but had Lamar, dobbins and queen to go, site predicted I had a 8% chance to come back. After the Baltimore pick and dobbins TD I was within 18 with the 4th quarter to go so actually felt pretty good but then Lamar left. I chalked it up as a loss. Then Lamar comes back and throws the TD and it’s now within 5. Just need a couple tackles or a sack from queen and I win on the last drive or hope the browns score and send it into OT. Queen gets one tackle so now within 3 points and browns score and tie it up. So happy but then Lamar drives the ball down, 3 completions I’m not sure how many yards but it keeps getting closer. Final throw and then they have to spike it. Site updates and I’m down by .06 so only needed 2 more yards. Tucker is coming on and I know I now have to hope for a stat change. But wait browns start lateraling the ball and queen is out there, maybe he can get a tackle. Doesnt happen, by now everyone is in the chat talking abt the crazy ending but it doesn’t stop there. All of a sudden my score goes up after the game is over, Queen gets credited with a forced fumble and I’m now in the lead. I’m going crazy, league is in disbelief. Wake up this morning and the forced fumble is gone, he technically did force a Higgins fumble during the laterals (little bit before humphries tipped it and got the safety) but I’m not in charge of that. Currently down 158.02-158.06. Start 6 IDP so maybe have a chance. I don’t think I woulda watched the game tho without this fantasy team and boy was it a fun game to watch
  5. This is the truth right here. 9ers and patriots didn’t continue to have positive tests so they could play the game (short handed unfortunately). Right now there was no way to be sure that all of the ravens players that could play Sunday would be clear so they have to be safe otherwise you could have 2 teams with a ton of positives. Steeler fans do u really want to play a game 2 days sooner and risk your team getting an outbreak as well or just wait an extra 2 days so they can continue to test the players and make sure the affected players not available
  6. I saw it in the Kupp thread yesterday and don’t remember the snap counts completely but Kupp wasn’t in the game for like 10 total snaps. So McVay might have realized it’s not smart taking one of your best players out of the game last year
  7. SF league that’s drafting right now I was able to get Burrows at 1.2. Tua went 1.4 and Herbert went 1.9. CEH went 1.1 so I was very happy to be able to take burrows. Otherwise I was probably taking Tua
  8. 12 team PPR dynasty Best- Don’t remember the secondary players attached but they didn’t really matter. gave: 2.3, 2.4, 2.10 and scrubs as 2.3 was OTC and got Kupp and some other scrubs. Worst- had WR and TE depth and wanted another stud RB. gave: Allen Robinson, Jaylen Samuels, Will Dissly and 2020 1st Got: David Johnson Still finished second on the year so the pick is very late but DJ has practically lost all dynasty value and I was a big fan of Robinson and he finished the year great. Did get 2 good weeks from DJ before he was unstartable
  9. This one made me laugh pretty hard. 14team Superflex and .25 points per carry league I give: 1.2, 1.6 and Dede Westbrook I get: amari Cooper Earned the 1.2 as I’m trying a rebuild
  10. Player A- 52-1051-8 on 84 targets, 3-60-1 rushing Player B- 57-802-3 on 81 targets, 14-159-3 rushing One is being called a complete stud and the other is being called a sell for any 2020 first you can get. Both have had big plays, as an owner of both in a couple leagues I’m happy with both and will hold them instead of hoping that I pick the right rookie again
  11. In 1 of my championship I had Barkley and his nice 43 points but made the choice to sit Kupp since his usage has been weird. In his place had Lockett, DJ Moore and Marquise Brown so 4.9 points total compared to kupps 13. Lucky it doesn’t matter anyway with my opponent getting 33 from colts D and 43.9 from Fitzpatrick. So unless butker starts playing WR and him and Mahomes scores 83 points I gotta settle for second.
  12. 12 team dynasty PPR My team - Opponents...long time league with friends. I finished as the third seed (10-3) also had Evans. He’s my main rival, he beat me last year and we end up doing small bets throughout the year on our teams, finished in first (11-2) thanks to an easier division and we went 1-1 head to head this year. Mahomes - Wilson Carson - Zeke Mixon - Aaron Jones Julio - Hopkins AJ Brown - Amari Kupp (maybe Odell) - John Brown Devonte Freeman - LeVeon OJ howard - McLaurin Kelce - Kittle Tucker - Boswell Pats - Steelers
  13. 12 team dynasty-PPR My team- Opponents...I was first place (10-3) and highest scorer, also have dalvin and Kupp but don’t plan on risking it with either. He was third seed (7-6) had josh Jacobs Mahomes - Tannehill Barkley - Ingram Ekeler- AP Lockett - Hopkins DJ Moore - Keenan Marquise Brown - Amari Kittle - AJ Brown Waller - Higbee Butker - Boswell redskins - falcons
  14. Guess it could be a reason, I also think it’s more just Mcvay trying to “outsmart” people and trying to prove that his system can work with anyone and right now he is pushing the ball to higbee for some reason
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