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  1. James Robinson out so in goes David Johnson and man he hasn’t helped me very much since I traded for him last year (right before he got hurt) but he may have just won me my championship so all is forgotten
  2. I’m planning on starting him. Have waller at TE so would be for flex. Because of some injuries/suspension (fuller) it’s between Mike Davis, David Johnson, chad Henson, Tonyan and kittle. Was gonna go tonyan but Kittle is to good. Probably is tired of hearing abt how great Kelce is and he’s abt to come back and remind everyone that there’s another super stud TE in the league.
  3. I came out on top after stat corrections. 159.02-158.08 thanks to an additional assisted tackle from foyesade oluokon. A lot less exciting winning this way and wish it coulda been on Monday night but hey a win is a win
  4. Gonna have to hope for a stat change in one of my leagues. Craziest endings I’ve ever had. Was down big but had Lamar, dobbins and queen to go, site predicted I had a 8% chance to come back. After the Baltimore pick and dobbins TD I was within 18 with the 4th quarter to go so actually felt pretty good but then Lamar left. I chalked it up as a loss. Then Lamar comes back and throws the TD and it’s now within 5. Just need a couple tackles or a sack from queen and I win on the last drive or hope the browns score and send it into OT. Queen gets one tackle so now within 3 points and browns sc
  5. This is the truth right here. 9ers and patriots didn’t continue to have positive tests so they could play the game (short handed unfortunately). Right now there was no way to be sure that all of the ravens players that could play Sunday would be clear so they have to be safe otherwise you could have 2 teams with a ton of positives. Steeler fans do u really want to play a game 2 days sooner and risk your team getting an outbreak as well or just wait an extra 2 days so they can continue to test the players and make sure the affected players not available
  6. 12 team start QB 2RB 3WR TE Flex K D I gave: Allen Robinson, Dissly, Jaylen Samuels and late 2020 1st I got: David Johnson currently high points scorer and other guy is 10th place.
  7. 12 team PPR start QB 2RB 3WR TE 2Flex D and K I gave: Le’Veon, Cohen and 2020 second (late) I got: Kelce, AJ Brown, Devonta Freeman and 2020 first (late) I finished second last year, guy I traded with was first, we have a pretty big rivalry. I got OJ Howard this offseason to finally have a TE and that didn’t work out so will now have a Mahomes and Kelce stack. Hurt my RB depth, only have Mixon, Carson and freeman now but stacked at WR so can hopefully add a different if need be
  8. For where he is going he’s worth the gamble. With metcalf and the other rookies there he isn’t getting any press because that’s not what the fans wanna hear (not a headline name) but I’m in the camp that thinks come game time he gets more time then metcalf.
  9. Yeah JJAW, deebo and Campbell went the 3 picks before which r all guys I like. Said I was interested in moving the picks and got tht offer. I was very happy. Im not a big fan of brown but figured at that point it’s a solid pick. Mine should be tht late or later next year so if he turns out decent then I’ll be happy.
  10. 12 team PPR start QB 2RB 3WR TE 1Flex with 2.3 on the clock I gave: 2.3, 2.4, 2.10 and burton I got: Kupp and Rudolph received the offer and accepted right away, helps my team recover a little after trading away tyreek when the audio tape came out. Owner took Justice Hill and Mattinson with the 2 picks then Darwin Thompson with the 2.10. then later I did I gave: 2020 second (finished third last year, should be abt the same range) I got: 2.8 OTC and took Marquis Brown
  11. Give me the 4 picks...guys team may be bad but he is adding some solid guys at 1.7 and 1.8. Maybe a RB falls to him or he takes let’s say Campbell and DK both who landed in spots where they could produce right away. Hits on a waiver wire guy or 2 and now his highly likely 1.1 turns into 1.3. The 2020 first he got back in the trade then may only be a pick or 2 difference.
  12. Another one this time I’m involved I gave: 2.1, 3.3 and 2020 second (mid) i got: 1.10 OTC and took Deebo Samuel
  13. During rookie draft 14 team superflex PPR-TE premium Team A got: 2020 first and Tevin Coleman Team B got: 1.9 OTC and took Marquise Brown
  14. Yeah that was a month ago when I and many other owners were hoping that tyreek wasn’t a terrible person and hadn’t hurt his kid like the possible reports said. I was offered the 1.1 straight up for him at 1 point and considered it very much but I didn’t love any of the potential picks and decided to risk that he didn’t do anything and would only get 6 games-a year suspension. the gamble didn’t work out and if I could go back and take the offer I would but I can’t and was very happy to get a late second for a guy that probably won’t play in the NFL again
  15. Put Tyreek on the block in one league and 5 minutes later had this offer. Give: Hill Get: 2.10 and 3.11 took it and ran
  16. I could see that scernio...b**** move by the previous hill owner of that’s the case
  17. I would hope that this was before the new news came out otherwise the guy giving up Williams and Herndon isn’t the smartest
  18. Lindsay is the best player in that deal but Fuller is very solid so him plus the 1.12 isn’t to bad. The other stuff i don’t care abt to much, guess I’d probably rather have funchess and hope Luck gets a lot out of him. Roster would matter for me, could go either side
  19. I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying the bolded. Just because he is smaller and fast doesn’t mean he is only big play dependent. The fact is he has big plays because he makes them. I don’t remember the exact numbers but it’s somehing like 1-2 of his career TDs is over 40 yards and the majority of them are under 20 I believe. I agree he isn’t as safe as a guy like Kupp but he is very much not big play dependent edited to add: the injuries do suck but a torn ACL is less worrying for me then his constant hamstring and muscle injuries that plagued him earlier on. I would easily give
  20. Allen easily...both those WRs have major injury concerns, maybe won’t even be in the league after next year so a couple of picks in the 12-16 range isn’t enough for Keenan
  21. Another one for my team in this league. Gave: Trey Burton Got: David Moore and 2020 second (mid)
  22. Couple recently in a 14 team Superflex PPR (1.5 for TEs) and .25 per carry Team A gave: 1.10 Team B gave: Derek Carr Team A gave(same as above team A): Todd Gurley, Albert Wilson and 2020 first(mid) Team C gave: Aaron Jones, Chris Godwin, 1.6 and 1.12 Team D (Myself, recently decided to start a rebuild) gave: Leonard Fournette, Stafford and Corey Davis Team E gave: Odell, 2020 first( mid-late), 2.1 and Mason Rudolph
  23. I also like both of these players a lot...Henry over Cohen tho, just to much potential in a 1.5 PPR
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