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  1. Someone please take my mouse away; still buying ARK on the way down.....
  2. Bought one > 10 years ago. No issues, and works well for both the wife and I (she sets her side to 55 and I use 35). Will be moving out of state next year and will likely pick up a new one when we move.
  3. It is quite clear they use a comma when you are down > $1,000, that is for sure....
  4. Chet, if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right.....
  5. Limit at $26.50, and filled at $26.20; Score!
  6. For better or worse I am in with you.....
  7. Seems about right. Mayor Pete is the only one of this group that I could vote for. Never thought much of Joe, but last night it appeared to me that he is obviously sliding down hill. We dont need someone with an average IQ that cant communicate effectively or think clearly; we already have one of those.
  8. Cant get the wife to give up DirecTV, so my annual song and dance began this week after my monthly bill for Xtra and 3 receivers went from $27/month to $91/month. Called 8005315000 (none of the other numbers I tried went through) and got Retentions, but they would not budge much and only offered $15/month off. Set up disconnect date for yesterday. Called the 800 number this morning, asked for the Winback department, and got the same crappy $15/month off offer. Passed on that. Called back 4 hours later, asked for the Winback department again, and this time I got a guy that would work with me
  9. Malcolm in the Middle: Dewey, Reese, and Craig Letterkenny: Shoresy, Reilly, and Jonesy
  10. Count me on the team that has hung on too long. My kids hated Coral, and they got their wish for him to die. Yet, Eugene, one of the most awful TV characters of all time goofballs on. Why couldn't Carol have taken Eugene into the backyard to look at the flowers? Well at least Coral/Henry has come back to annoy my kids
  11. I am from California, but I saw the boys on Sullivan live, and wish I still had enough hair left to sport a man bun
  12. Not sure if I should be proud of that accomplishment, but all I can say is "Cream Tangerine!" (I'm still wounded by the K4 ranking)
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