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  1. That's bs about the 49ers discounting RBs. They paid big money for Mackinnon at $7m per year (before RBs got paid in double digit millions). Tevin Coleman got paid over $4 m/yr. Even Mostert got a $3m/yr which is not insignificant. They were forced to use undrafted guys like Breida, Hasty, and Wilson because their featured guys got hurt. Shanahan would laugh at you if you thought he would rely on these undrafted guys. Look at the money paid in free agency. He obviously values the position. If he thought they could just get undrafted RBs, then he wouldn't be spending big cash in Fre
  2. It's likely that one is gone, maybe both. Maybe they can trade down a few spots in the first and pick up a third or 4th rounder.
  3. If they are keeping Darnold, then the timeline shifts, too. Although I wanted a RB before, I couldn't see JD going for one early in the draft if they were rebooting at QB. If they stick with Darnold and shifting towards a more RB heavy offense, then grabbing a RB with their second round pick makes it more reasonable now.
  4. Quiznos, I know it gets lonely on the Bengals board, so just become a Jets fan already. If you're going to root for losing teams, it's better to have company. You can start off with a promising new-hire of Saleh. No promises going forward though, but at least there will be others to share in the misery if/when things go south.
  5. You/we will need new percentages after free agency. Things will continue to shift. Lafleur may help Darnold in a much friendlier QB system, but I don't know about "fix". These guys aren't miracle-makers. Look at Garoppolo. He's not very good, but can function within the system (as long as the running game is performing well). Sam is more talented than Jimmy G, but I don't think he will ever elevate his teammates. Maybe he can be a decent game-manager in that system. I don't think that Lafleur will suddenly fix his faults, but he will put him in position to minimize his faults unlike
  6. Definitely, but I have seen 2 knucklehead remarks in the last few minutes. Connor Orr of SI's MMQB column wrote that the Saleh was met with hesitant praise in NY because he is a defensive coordinator instead of an offensive guy. Wrong. Almost every Jets fan I know has been exuberant in praise about this hire. Get this precious comment from a Giants fan friend of mine. He texted me: This was a dumb hire by the Jets. How could they go with a defensive coordinator? I replied, definitely dumb. How can they not hire a Special Teams coordinator like the Giants did? Sigh. People are dumb.
  7. Let's find a younger back-up. Besides, I don't think Flacco fits into the Shanahan offense
  8. Flacco needs to hit the road. He has no future with this team. Shouldn't Morgan be ready to be the back-up by now? I'm afraid that we all suspect that he won't be ready next year. Daniel Jeremiah actually has Slater ahead of Sewell. That's interesting. https://twitter.com/movethesticks/status/1332507781815930880 Anyway, assuming we don't go QB, then I see us trading down. If you land the second pick and don't get a QB, it's probably best to trade the pick for a bundle if that situation arises.
  9. Not sure that he completely lives and breathes football. His wife is about to pop out their 7th child. He's giving Rivers and Cromartie a run for their money. I love the hire, but I also love that we'll be running some form of the Shanahan offense. Although Wilson is probably a good fit for the offense, I have to think that they will keep Darnold now. Heavy run offense. Lots of movement and throwing outside the pocket. We'll see. If anything, they might be more likely to trade down. Maybe they even draft a pass rusher now.
  10. True, but it's a very low bar. Rich Kotite would be an upgrade over Gase. I remember when I had a field pass to a Jets game in Houston. I wanted to check Todd Bowels for a pulse. Who knew that it would get worse? Well everyone on here when we hired Gase. What a disaster. Good to see everyone on board with this hire. Let's hope it works out. We could use some good karma for a change.
  11. Detroit hired its gm (from Rams). Maybe they will hire Staley or push forward with Saleh. Saleh is heading to the Chargers for his second interview.
  12. The scuttlebutt (what else is there to do other than listen to rumors at this time of year?) is that Meyer would have never considered the Jets even with Lawrence. Not enough power with JD around plus not too many people are enamored with Dumb and Dumber.
  13. I forgot which national guy tweeted something yesterday to that effect. He said it's very likely that Bienemy doesn't get a coaching job this year and that there will be a lot of backlash. There are a lot of contradicting rumors about his interviews. Some say he hasn't done a good job interviewing or presenting a detailed vision of his future team while others say that he interviewed well. Who knows. Btw, Urban Meyer to Jacksonville.
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