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  1. In the last 3 years, they've drafted 2 WRs in the first round, one in the second, and 2 other guys. I guess they need to draft better. Btw, does Hurts even throw?
  2. Mike Clay says that we should trade Crowder for Ertz with some contract restructuring. Hmm, with my cut Crowder and trade for Ertz posts, I never put the two together. I didn't think the Eagles needed another WR, but maybe.
  3. Herndon dropped a pass that ended up getting intercepted. Yikes. Just trade for Ertz already. We have plenty of picks. We can spare a third day pick.
  4. I kind of saw it, but I was in a fog still thinking how I didn't get that Jacobs rushing td (which later cost me a Championship in one of my leagues). I think Houston missed the boat on trading Watson for a boatload. I don't think he gets traded this year, but if he does, it will be at a discount.
  5. Maybe, but then again Mighty Magical Fitz killed us against Buffalo when we needed to win to get into the playoffs. I think Fitz is the guy of guy that provides a spark, but it is pretty mediocre and gets exposed as a longer term starter imo.
  6. The closest thing was Decker and Marshall? The offense has been barren for years and now I'm finally excited again.
  7. Agreed. Gase or Big-Head Sam? A friend and I were talking about fantasy RBs this morning. I have always loved CMC, but so much of his value comes from receptions. So many times RBs like Bell were open for 6-8 yards a pop, but big-head would force it downfield instead for an incomplete pass or worse. I was wondering if that was Sammy Slingshot's decision or Gase's play-calling? Or both. Either way, I would think that Joe Brady will call for those screen passes to CMC. They might be 50-50 Balls to CMC vs the LB or defensive end standing in between them, but it will be more frequ
  8. Yeah, it's free and visible. I still believe that many people are overrating Crowder in their projections this year and underrating Moore's contributions. I even think Cole will do more than Crowder, but that's just me. I don't see Davis as a target hog either.
  9. I think they wanted to use the voluntary OTAs to assess what they have and will make adjustments to the roster before training camp. I didn't really have a problem with drafting Morgan last year, but the fact that they didn't even consider using him in a tanking season and that he looks terrible in the OTAs is not encouraging.
  10. I do my own RB projections (well not every year) and then I laugh about how they are better than FBGs. More importantly, it helps my frame my thoughts about all the players. I went through a time when I simply tiered them and sometimes even had a tough time differentiating between players during a draft when I had a choice of several in a tier. After going through the projection process, my thoughts on each player tend to be a lot clearer. It's a great mental exercise although it can be quite the laborious process.
  11. I know that it feels like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football, but I'm getting really excited about the team again. Wilson is looking great at OTAs. Seems like he is picking things up quickly and making quick good decisions with the ball. Moore is looking like a beast. He may be smallish, but the way he runs routes, gets separation, and has speed, it reminds me of a certain great 5' 10" WR (a diva that turned out to be a mental case and a recent Super Bowl winner). Who knows, maybe Moore turns out to be a WR1 some day. He's definitely not just a small slot WR. Speaking
  12. Funny, but I lost 30 pounds during COVID. Can you play right guard? If you were longer, you might be able to fill in for Becton when he gets hurts every game.
  13. Good tone-setter for the rest of the season with big-head Sam, the turnover machine, at QB. Barring a miraculous brain transplant for Darnold, I'll predict the future for you: Pre-season: Hope springs eternal. Maybe Sam can be our franchise QB and the playoffs are a possibility. Game 1: That was ugly, but that pass to Anderson was beautiful. He needs more time in this offense. He has potential though. Games 2: Not a great game from Sam, but those 2 INTs were Anderson's fault for quitting on the route. The fumble was the tackle's fault for giving up the sack. That one pass
  14. Jets at Carolina in week 1. Welcome to NY Media pressure Zach. Jets at Falcons in London week 5, so probably bye week in week 6
  15. Lots of good vibes in Rookies Mini-Camp today. Lots of players raving about Wilson and Saleh. The players are psyched to work with Saleh. Contrast that to the coach whom we prefer to forget.
  16. I listened to Cimini's latest podcast. They said it was a surgery to his 5th metatarsal, but not a Jones fracture which is one that can be prone to re-injury and complications. The team doesn't seemed concerned and Cimini said that he is expected to be running in early to mid July. That said, he is a 300 pound guy, so you never know. The thing I found most interesting in the podcast was Cimini saying that he doesn't think the Jets will make a move for a CB. Apparently Saleh is willing to play his young players. The Jets have some young players from last year and drafted a few in the th
  17. The Jets signed UDFA Chris Naggar from SMU. So it's between him, Caleb McLaughlin and Sam Ficken. Scary.
  18. I'm watching an interview with the BYU coach on the NFL Network. He said that he loved the Jets draft and commitment to help Zach succeed. He said not to be fooled by Zach's baby face. He is a man that knows how to handle himself, connects with his teammates and is a leader. Extreme competitor. Extremely hard worker. He's already reaching out to coaches to work on the offense. Great arm talent, smart, lives for football, and underrated athletically. He said the Zach was finally healthy last year and really grasped the system which is similar to what the Jets will run. Called him a p
  19. It's probably bad in most cities. I live in Houston now and when we lost power due to the cold storm, my only form of entertainment for a few days was an old school radio. The Houston sports station has national shows at night and they were terrible. One night, it was dedicated to should the Pats bring back Cam Newton. Just a ton of bad takes and hyperbole. I rarely ever tune in to WFAN in NY. I just can't stand some of those guys. Even the Boomer and Gio show in the morning is awful. I'll watch it on tv once in a while and it's like 10% sports and 90% nonsense. At least that 10% isn't
  20. It's NY. They won't. The media are jackals. They know that even bad publicity is good publicity, especially nationally. It ups their profile. Manish made a living from that. Plus, the more negative they get, they know it tweaks the fans. More clicks and more responses. Cimini is a master of this. These are the print and website guys. The radio guys are in another category.
  21. Stupid criminal Craig Carton was interviewing Wilson and asked about his "hot" mom. It was creepy. Just wait until the Daily News and others start asking him about his Pro-Trump and Pro-James Woods tweets. I already saw some tweets and cancel culture stuff the night we drafted him. Not to get into politics here, but you know how the media is in NY. It's going to be an issue at some point. Imagine if Manish still had his job. Just let the kid play. Hopefully Wilson is told to downplay his social media presence when it comes to politics. Everything in NY becomes a lightning rod.
  22. lol, So they pretty much get As across the board until that Incel gives him a "D". Even with that, they had the 4th highest grade. Higher without that clown's grade. Anyway, who cares about their draft grade. I think the point is that JD gets it and it appears that we are finally in good hands after years of negligence and ineptitude.
  23. State of the Union: I think we should be pretty happy today. For years, we've had: 1) One bad GM after another 2) A dysfunctional organization structure 3) Terrible coaching staffs 4a) A failure to draft offense and o-line in particular, 4b) Ignoring premium positions like o-line and pass rushers for defensive tackles, linebackers, and safeties. 5) The future Let's take a look at each: 1) Idzik was bad, but Maccant is up there for one of the worst GMs of all time. He left our team in a state of nuclear devastation.Our team was the NFL vers
  24. We picked another Michael Carter. Slot CB from Duke. One more pick in the 5th.
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