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  1. You're not a sourp*ss. Obviously Wilson is terrible. I foretold this prophecy and will keep reminding you guys. It was obvious that he would suck because...um, because he got drafted by the Jets My narrative will be proven correct unless it isn't proven correct. Terrible win. I just feel so miserable about it. Woe is me. Hopefully we will be able to sleep tonight. I'm going to cancel my appointments tomorrow and just light some candles & wallow in bed.
  2. Someone in my league traded Robinson for Sterling Shepard and Higbee (1.5 per reception) about an hour ago.
  3. The devil you know theory. It's possible. DirecTV loses a ton of money on the NFL package, but it's like marketing (or a turkey loss leader during Thanksgiving) expense. Would anyone use DirecTV if it wasn't for the NFL Ticket? I've been a customer for 20 years. I feel like that scene from Rounders where Tedddy KGB says, "stick it in you". They charge $10 for every receiver and $10 for HD. Plus all kinds of other fees and taxes. I watch every game of the week. I would have to get the package and not just the Jets. PS. - Happy Saturday Night.
  4. Agree about the coach thing. I've been on pro-Saleh side and I see that he is defending his guy, but preparation and effort means bupkis compared to results. You know everything is bigger in Texas. Forget that 8 games channel. When the scheduling dummies have 8-9 games on at noon (CST), I sometimes will watch the channel with the 4 games on my big screen. Unfortunately they usually show at least 2 games that I prefer watching on normal sized screen Sometimes I use the Directv site on my computer and hook it up to my tv. At least I can choose the games on the DirecTv site. I'll never understand why they don't let you choose the 4 games on the DirecTV channel. Oh well, last year of this anyway. Looking forward to see who offers the package next year.
  5. The Jets secondary are unknowns, but they have been pretty good this year. Just one passing td in three games (that busted play where Robbie Anderson scored the 57 yard td). Also top 10 in passing yards allowed. The defense has miracusouly actually been really good considering all the turnovers and bad field position. Henry will probably get 3 rushing tds though.
  6. Let me get your opinion on this. I don't like the way LaFleur is pointing the finger at the players for lack of execution, but maybe I'm already biased against him. From the Athletic: After three games, they rank 30th in passing offense, 29th in rushing and 30th in total yards. They played the Broncos last Sunday. They were shut out. They play the Titans this weekend. They need to get it fixed. Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur has an idea: Keep it simple. “When guys aren’t executing, you got to figure out what is going wrong, what are the players not hearing that’s not allowing the execution,” he said on Thursday. “So, I challenged the coaches, I challenged myself, how can we make it easier?” Even if he says, let's see what we (coaches) can do to make it easier on them, the thing I don't see is: maybe the game plan can be better. Then Saleh says: “When things work, you’re a genius. When they don’t, you’re an idiot. And that’s what it is, that’s the NFL, forever and a day,” coach Robert Saleh said. “You look at the play calling, if you want to ever come sit down with me, I’ll go right through a game with you and just show the thoughtfulness, whenever you want. Let me know man, I’m serious. The thoughtfulness in the calls and the things that are happening and the opportunities that are out there. “I thought (LaFleur) has done a good job. … Once it all clicks, people will start to appreciate the job he’s doing.” Hmm
  7. Well, Crowder and Mims are back in with Moore and Smith out. I guess Wayne Chrebet wasn't available this weekend, so they were forced to play Mims (for how much, we'll see). Julio and Brown are out. It's basically Henry and a bunch of bums. I think even Dupree will be out on defense. Any chance in hell that we can win? Ok, cover the spread? The Tenn defense blows. It's a huge step down from Denver, Carolina, and NE. We may actually not look terrible on offense. It's a low bar, but baby steps. We're not bad against the run, but the solo tackle effort won't work against Henry. I think the Jets still (for years it seems) suffer from watching their teammates attempt to solo tackle runners. When that fails, another teammate tries it and so on. I wish they would gang tackle like other teams. They will need to on Sunday. Anyway, somewhat optimistic about Sunday.
  8. You guys with your RedZone. I just roll out 6 TVs and a couple of computers for the early games. My head is on a swivel. Admittedly, I'm focusing less time on the Jets tv, but I have it down to a science. First down. Grimace after the 2 yard run, but scan around the tvs for my fantasy players. Second down. Shake my head in disapproval. Scan around for my players. Third down (if there is a third down) curse the o-line or OC after a sack. Back to scanning for my fantasy players. Don't even bother looking at the punt if we didn't turn it over by then. On defense, focus on my fantasy players, but glance to the Jets to see if Mosley can get me a tackle in my IDP league.
  9. It may not make anyone feel better, but for every Herbert, there are several Wilsons, Fields, Lawrences, etc. Look at all the rookie QBs. They all look bad. Herbert is the exception, not the norm. You want to see a deer in headlights, look at Fields. He looks to be the worst of all, but for some reason, he is everyone's golden child. He took 9 sacks and went 6-20 for 68 yards. Lawrence has 7 INTs (including a pick-6 yesterday)like Wilson and he was supposed to be the best QB prospect since Luck. Mac Jones who arguably has the best coaching in the league threw 3 INTs yesterday, one that was a pick-6 and another pick-6 that was reversed for a non-td. This is a QB who has a good coaching staff that protected him prior to this game with short easy throws (unlike our dummy). It's not easy to be a QB in this league, especially for a rookie. Give them time.
  10. This becomes the soundtrack to my life during the third game of every season: Hello? (Hello? Hello? Hello?) Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me Is there anyone home? Come on now I hear you're feeling down Well I can ease your pain Get you on your feet again Relax I'll need some information first Just the basic facts Can you show me where it hurts? There is no pain you are receding A distant ship smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child I had a fever My hands felt just like two balloons Now I've got that feeling once again I can't explain you would not understand This is not how I am I have become comfortably numb I have become comfortably numb Okay (okay, okay, okay) Just a little pinprick There'll be no more, ah But you may feel a little sick Can you stand up? I do believe it's working, good That'll keep you going through the show Come on it's time to go There is no pain you are receding A distant ship, smoke on the horizon You are only coming through in waves Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse Out of the corner of my eye I turned to look but it was gone I cannot put my finger on it now The child is grown The dream is gone I have become comfortably numb
  11. FAM has a few boring stretches, but when it's good, it's very good. Keep watching.
  12. I've been looking forward to this. I like Jared Harris and Lee Pace. Unfortunately the reviews I've seen haven't been very good. I'm only a few minutes into it so far. Damn Sopranos marathon distracted me.
  13. We probably would have lost that one, too. You're right. We do have a funny way of drafting and developing talent.
  14. Stephen Hill was a bum. He never did anything in college either. The only thing Mims has in common is that he was frequently hurt to start off his career. Mims has done more already than Hill ever did, granted that's a very low bar. Now, there has to be more to the picture than we know. Maybe it's his attitude. Maybe he isn't the brightest guy and can't learn the plays like some suggest. Some say that he was drafted for the previous clown's system and doesn't fit the current one. Regardless, he catches the ball when it is thrown to him and his yac is better than his reputation. Maybe his lack of special teams hurts him. Maybe it's something else. The Jets have better WRs this year, so he's not just going to get playing time over the top guys. However, something doesn't smell right. if we are using this season as a developmental season, then it really makes no sense to watch Smith play over him.
  15. Go to week 2. 99% of the corrections are IDP related. If interested look at DL, LB, and DBs. Once in a while they may change a run to a pass (or vice versa) or adjust a couple of yards on an offensive play, but even most of the offensive stats changes are related to defensive stats like tackles (on a fumble or int).
  16. So BJ Goodson retired after 7 special (not so special) teams snaps. I was shocked when JD signed him to a $2m deal. I thought for sure this guy was a league minimum player. Anyway, nice vetting JD. Another strike to the JD is a god narrative.
  17. Ok for something really sad, yet hilarious at the same time. This kid sums up the Jets with one play. From Tik Tok posted on Twitter. Look at those 2 dopey TEs of ours. This shows you how badly BB outcoached last week. https://t.co/oymjL1glRM
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