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  1. Sig! Iggles fan here that can’t make a decision regarding his disappointing team. At QB should i roll with wentz or cousins? (6 pts for passing TDs) Which defense Philly or Green Bay? (2 pts for turnovers and sacks) And lastly, pick two from Tate, Sutton, woods (ppr)
  2. I grew up not far from the king of Prussia mall. There was a guy we called mall boy that was always there. Long curly hair, misfits or slayer t-shirt, wallet chain, doc martens, etc. Every time my mom would drag me to the mall, he’d be there.
  3. Tell him you are thinking about sticking it out another year and see what he says.
  4. I'm ecstatic...have Engram, Njoku, Olsen and a league that doesn't allow waivers during the playoffs...
  5. Tried this joke on her this AM, she didn’t laugh. Will try it once more just in case.
  6. Love the new Sturgill album. If you haven't already, watch Sound & Fury on Netflix. Sturgill is IMO the most unique artist that country music has ever seen. eta: dammit i need to keep up with this thread
  7. I don’t think the calibration (from bike to bike or even between updates) is super consistent.
  8. My wife’s close friend scheduled their daughter’s baptism for Father’s Day. Trying to figure out the ideal way to show my displeasure.
  9. Those articles would be more useful if you had all the staffers revisit their rankings. I'd pay to see some measurement of how individual staffers did at each position with some commentary mixed in.
  10. Thanks! I think relying on arms is my biggest problem at the moment. There was one problem that I tried repeatedly for a week straight and couldn't figure out what to do. It wasn't supposed to be hard. Then some little kid comes along and throws their heel up and pulls themselves up with their heel. I had no idea that was even a thing. The forearm pain is real. Not sure when it is supposed to stop.
  11. Anyone? I was hoping for some advice on improving, but also how to avoid all the blisters and hand injuries that are holding me back from climbing more than 2 or 3 a week.
  12. I absolutely hate to exercise. While I've always loved playing sports, I'm just not very athletic. Staying in shape with pick up basketball and that sort of thing has never really worked for me. So, I joined a rock gym and I'm trying to learn to climb in an effort to get in better shape. I've been sticking bouldering mostly since I go alone and I don't quite trust the auto-belay just yet. Does anyone else do this? Any tips?
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