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  1. Sig!

    Iggles fan here that can’t make a decision regarding his disappointing team.

    At QB should i roll with wentz or cousins? (6 pts for passing TDs)

    Which defense Philly or Green Bay?  (2 pts for turnovers and sacks)

    And lastly, pick two from Tate, Sutton, woods (ppr)

  2. 10 hours ago, jb1020 said:

    I take it you couldn't give (or maybe receive) hi-fives in the studio?  Or you were just being shady haha!  She did give you quite the shout out.  

    Her rides are brutal.  I need to get on the bike more. 

    I turn the leader board off now.   I think my bike has gotten a little out of whack since I bought it.  The first month I could hit 15 miles in a 45 min ride easy...now it takes all I got.  Then you have the guy that went over 1000 output.  What gives with those guys?  How is that even done?  

    I don’t think the calibration (from bike to bike or even between updates) is super consistent.

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  3. On 4/15/2019 at 4:27 PM, Joe Bryant said:

    Absolutely. That's exactly why we release the "What We Learned" series in February. 

    No worry at all about drawing attention to what we learned. We spend four big feature articles on that. 

    Thanks and as always, we'll hope to do even better this year. 

    Those articles would be more useful if you had all the staffers revisit their rankings.  I'd pay to see some measurement of how individual staffers did at each position with some commentary mixed in.  

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  4. 43 minutes ago, quiksilver said:

    I've only been doing this for a few months myself, so not a ton of advice. 

    As much as possible, try to rely more on your legs to elevate you than your arms.  This may be counter intuitive, but you'll save some of your energy pushing yourself up with your legs as opposed to pulling yourself up with your arms.  Stretching my forearms (palms up, bend fingers back towards your body) has also helped my forearms to not be incapacitated for days after climbing.  They make some hand balms to help heal the blisters faster and lotion helps to soften your hands, but to some extend your hands are just going to get calloused over after a while and blisters won't be as frequent.

    Thanks!  I think relying on arms is my biggest problem at the moment.  There was one problem that I tried repeatedly for a week straight and couldn't figure out what to do.  It wasn't supposed to be hard.  Then some little kid comes along and throws their heel up and pulls themselves up with their heel.  I had no idea that was even a thing. 

    The forearm pain is real.  Not sure when it is supposed to stop.

  5. I absolutely hate to exercise.  While I've always loved playing sports, I'm just not very athletic. Staying in shape with pick up basketball and that sort of thing has never really worked for me.  So, I joined a rock gym and I'm trying to learn to climb in an effort to get in better shape. I've been sticking bouldering mostly since I go alone and I don't quite trust the auto-belay just yet.  Does anyone else do this?  Any tips?


  6. 1 hour ago, Joe Bryant said:

    For the stuff you see on the monitor riding with other people, is that just online like a video game? Is there are charge for that? Or is the instruction pre recorded? If both, do you have a preference? 

    Is it basically like a spin class at home?

    Or more like simulating a real ride outdoors?

    What do you most like about it? 

    Sorry for dumb questions - I'm sure these are basic.

    The classes are included in the monthly membership, which runs around $40 a month.  I was able to prepay a few years in advance and get that cost down.

    They have live classes with a variety of instructors, on-demand classes, and they also have the rides that simulate biking outdoors.  I thought I’d like the latter but it was lame.  I mostly do on demand and my wife prefers live because she rides with a group of her friends.

    as far as accessories go, we got a mat and shoes through Peloton.  Skipped the heart rate monitor.  Bought a nice pair of wireless headphones and a large fan.  Both are key.

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  7. As overpriced and hoity-toity as these things are, I can't complain at all about the purchase.  The wife uses it every day, sometimes twice.  We've had it for a year and a half and she's coming up on her 500th ride.  Recently they added yoga class and she's into that, too.  I've done a few rides and have to admit that it is a good workout and fairly addictive.  

  8. 7 hours ago, Soulfly3 said:

    No names, so it isn't an AC topic...

    We started a Keeper league this year, amongst good friends. PPR, start 1/2/3/1/1/1/1. 12 team league


     Anyways... doesn't matter... Let's say it's time to choose your keepers and you're stacked w great players at RB/WR (imo, the ONLY positions worth keeping.)

    All things equal (in regards to stud status) would you, in a Keep 3 League:

    - Keep 3 WRs

    - Keep 3 RBs

    - Mix n Match


    Again... let's assume you own 5RBs and 5WRs that are indisitinguishable in stud status.... What do you do? 


    I'd lean toward keeping all three RBs if for some reason my personal rankings couldn't sort it out.  Keeper leagues are generally about creating stacked starting lineups.  Very few teams are able to achieve this at the RB position because of scarcity and injuries. Sure, you'll have to go WR heavy at the draft but you will also be able to use early picks on TE and QB if you desire (or even more RBs...trades happen).  

    However, if your keepers are locking so far before draft I would be wary of keeping certain RBs due to changing landscape and injuries.  Stud WR are safer in that regard. 

    For example, I wouldn't keep Conner if I had to decide now.  Seems like a stud, draft and FA might change that.  Meanwhile, Chubb seems like a safe bet but all you need is a training camp injury to tank his keeper value.  It isn't like dynasty where the arrow continues to point up through general situation and injury uncertainty. 

    In my league I've tended to take a different route, out of necessity.  I haven't had too many stud RBs so I've kept studs at other position and went RB heavy in the draft (picking a RB in the first 5-6 rounds hoping to hit on 3).  


  9. 14 hours ago, Joe Bryant said:


    Drop 100% of the non-football talk and trying to defend any actions justifying violence against women. Full stop.

    To be clear, my previous posts were not defending violence against women.  They weren’t defending hunt at all.  What he did was wrong.  But this wasn’t violence against women and it is dangerous to classify it as such, in my opinion.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Bfrahm3 said:

    Yeah for everyone saying it wasn’t that bad and he barely hurt her or that the kick was a tap I hope you do realize that it was because he had 3 guys trying to hold him back and make sure he didn’t hurt her. All he had to do was go back into the room after they got him around that corner. Instead he fought with them and pushed or bumped into the one guy that in turn sent him and the women flying. Then they pushed hunt back away again and he still was going crazy not leaving which then in turn was when he kicked at her and it doesn’t matter whether it was a full on kick or just a tap. She was sitting on the ground doing nothing and he still went after her with the kick.

    I realize that.  Though, I wouldn't be so quick to jump to the conclusion that he would have injured her if the guys weren't there to hold him back.  I didn't see anything in the video that suggested he wanted to cause her serious physical harm.  

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