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  1. I might be on an island here, and I haven't read this whole thread so forgive me if this has been said. As a society we agree that violence of any kind shouldn't be tolerated (this aggression will not stand, man). We agree that violence against women is worse than violence against men. However, we don't take notice of the difference between assault with and without the intent to injure? In my opinion, both the push and the kick and the push were of the GTFO variety. Hunt was clearly very wrong in his actions. But I don't think it is correct to categorize his actions as "violence towards women."
  2. With PA they seemed to dig deeper. They quickly bypassed Victory and Troegs and chose Brew Gentlemen, which I've only visited once but thought it was great. They also gave a shout out to Tired Hands which is fantastic. It is a short walk from my house and is relatively new compared to some of the other choices.
  3. I’ll go with loathe. After a slow star I was rolling heading into the playoffs next week. Now I have no fournette no Gordon and no blind bid $ left. Conveniently my opponent has TJ. Maybe despise is better still. (Pointing to my shirt as I type) But he deserves it. Probably deserved a game for the betting incident. Just a dumb player all around.
  4. Like a kid who still pretends to believe in Santa because he's scared that if he admits that he doesn't the toys won't come, I want to believe you. But there are a dozen no brainer starts over Cook: Gordon, Kamara, Elliot, Chubb, Barkley, Mixon, Johnson, Fournette, Connor, McCaffery, Gurley, Hunt. And a dozen more that I'd have a hard time putting him in over: Mack, Ingram, Lindsay, Jones, White, Howard, Breida, Duke Johnson, Tarik Cohen, Michel, McCoy, Kerryon. I'd put him slightly higher than Kenyon Drake. Both players, in my opinion, should be between the two lists, but have done nothing this year for me to put them there. I'm a huge Cook fan and, as I said, I want to share in your optimism. But we're talking about a guy who has one good run all season...and even that was a disappointment (he should have scored on that 70 yarder). Not to mention, we now have to worry about consequences of another fumble. Until he actually produces I'm not sure I'm comfortable rolling with him in my lineup.
  5. Hungry dogs ate and then took a big dump on the carpet. I’d like to see them finish strong. The division is still there for the taking. It’s unlikely they could make any noise even if they took it, but at least make a run and show last year wasn’t a fluke heading into the offseason.
  6. I thought this was the same Gus that played for the cowboys/falcons a few seasons back. Needs a nickname.
  7. I’m being honest, I’ve been on the Cook bandwagon throughout this awful year because I thought he had a great floor of 8-10 points. I also figured the upside would come as he got healthy. He’s my Rb3 in one league and Rb4 in the other - but I’d like to start him in both. One goose egg can easily lose the week (and end the season in the playoffs). I might be better off with Kenyan Drake who also might get me a goose egg but has at least shown he has a ceiling that can help me win a week.
  8. I liked him better when he was injured. I might be overreacting...but is Cook worthy of a start going forward? Over the next five weeks he faces some mediocre to bad run defenses...plus several of those games look to be high scoring. I'm going to try to forget that this week happened and hope for the best.
  9. my approach has usually been to wait out the first round of selling (usually happens around week 6-8). This way the price goes down as there are fewer buyers with premium picks left. Then I’ll try to package a few keepers that I can’t use with 3rd or later picks for top 10 RBs or WRs. I typically try not to trade a 1st or 2nd as most years there are about 15 great players available and then it gets dicey with all the keepers. This year I jumped the gun and spent a 2nd on Dalvin Cook when I thought he was getting healthy so I mostly stayed out of the flurry of buying and selling that has gone on since then. I did trade a 9th plus hunter Henry for gronk. Rolling the dice that he gets healthy post bye week. To answer your actual question, yes buying is worth it. Every year there are so many teams that sell, thinking next year they will dominate with all these studs. Almost never works out.
  10. It looks like you didn't need to put much effort into the update because you already put so much effort in the offseason. Thank you for these!
  11. Still confused. Sure, 4 ypr is almost unheard of. Why does it reflect badly on Nelson, in this case?
  12. I’m confused, what was wrong with his performance? He caught 8 of his 10 targets. On one of the targets he didn’t catch, he was open downfield and foles took too long to get rid of it and it was nearly picked. His catches were very shallow routes and Foles telegraphed quite a few so he really didn’t have room to make a play. He also had a great run that almost went for six and of course the throw. This kid has talent and opportunity that ff’ers seem to be slow to recognize.
  13. Forgive me if I have asked before - what gives with the Agholor ranking? He’s about 30 spots too low in my opinion. If I recall, you were fairly high on him coming out. His early struggles shouldn’t be held against him, much like you don’t pay any mind to Davante Adams’ bad seasons with his ranking.
  14. Factoring in longevity is very tricky. I’ll post more on my personal approach to this later on to see what others think.
  15. We use a two round advance each year. Hunt was taken in the 3rd and costs a first. Most of those other guys were first rounders last year. My point was that simply scanning your roster and picking off the best players is a lazy approach, and it’s good to have a way to compare values. Draft pick calculators work well. The draft dominator works best.
  16. He should have. Picks 1-6 will go Bell, Gurley, zeke, Brown, Hopkins, Barkley in some order. None of those can be kept in this league. You wouldn’t prefer those guys to Hunt? His mistake was not considering what the draft would look like before making his decision. Last year someone kept Mike Evans for 1.10 with the same thought process. If you can draft that player, or a player of similar value at that spot, what value are you gaining by keeping them?
  17. That’s an extreme oversimplification, and a mistake that I see my league mates make every year. Kareem Hunt gets kept for 1.07. He would not have been drafted before 1.07, and might have fallen to the second. Meanwhile Agholor could have been kept 6 or 7 rounds below ADP. ETA: looks like I only read half your sentence. “Hardest to replace” is a bit vague. Having a strategy to define value is very helpful.
  18. Do you get to re-keep the player next year? If so, Juju might have more value than you are crediting him with.
  19. This is where the draft dominator app becomes really valuable. I can plug in all the projected keepers and see, for example that Alex Collins will be a third round pick in my league. That is valuable info and hard to estimate yourself.
  20. I’d tend to assume any positional value would be baked into ADP unless you had some unusual league scoring. It would be wise to try to guess who others will keep and use that to help decide. If everyone is keeping top tier RBs that will change the way the draft unfolds and can change the value of Collins
  21. Value, but I’d recommend using a pick calculator to help you gauge value. Keeping Dion Lewis, a 6th round pick for a 20th round pick sounds like great value. But really it’s only worth a little less than a 6th round pick. Meanwhile keeping David Johnson, a first round pick for a late second is worth a lot more since it would probably cost a 3rd to move up from the 2nd and draft him.
  22. I should probably post this in best new album thread but thought this was appropriate: Cheap flights
  23. I’ve offered a future 2nd and was declined without counter. I thought it was a Solid offer, wouldn’t pay a first until I see production
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