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  1. If you like Drake even close to whatever RB was available at 1.07, the 3 trades combined were a huge win.
  2. The first one was a steal. Flip a coin for the second, and I don't care for the third (but I'm not a Drake believer).
  3. Well, what do you know... Ajayi for 2019 1st and 3.10 i asked for the 3.10 because I have traded away all my 2018 picks except 3.12 and maybe I can pair those to move up and get a young QB or TE that falls. hard to say early or late on the first. Newton, Fournette, Ajayi, AJ, Cooks, Garçon, DJax, Kelce are the starters. But zero depth. Pontential is there that it is early but I’m content either way.
  4. I truly appreciate (and value) your rankings - but the effort you put in responding to questions about them is even more admirable (and valuable). Here is something I find interesting, not just about your rankings but about the dynasty landscape in general... Only eight of your top 24 WRs that have were selected in 2015 or later: 2 4 Michael Thomas NO 25.5 (4) 3 8 Amari Cooper OAK 24.2 (9) 3 9 Tyreek Hill KC 24.5 (11) 4 17 Stefon Diggs MIN 24.8 (17) 4 18 JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT 21.8 (19) 5 21 Corey Davis TEN 23.6 (18) 5 22 D.J. Moore CAR 21.4 rook 6 24 Calvin Ridley ATL 23.7 rook Strange to see so few really young guys in dynasty rankings. And 3 of those guys are ranked that high simply because they are young as they haven't achieved anything yet. Meanwhile, twenty of your 24 WRs were selected in 2015 or later. 1 2 Todd Gurley RAM 24.1 (2) 2 3 Saquon Barkley NYG 21.6 rook 2 4 David Johnson ARI 26.7 (3) 2 5 Ezekiel Elliott DAL 23.1 (4) 2 6 Leonard Fournette JAX 23.6 (5) 2 7 Alvin Kamara NO 23.1 (6) 3 8 Kareem Hunt KC 23.1 (7) 3 9 Christian McCaffrey CAR 22.2 (8) 3 10 Melvin Gordon LAC 25.4 (10) 3 11 Dalvin Cook MIN 23.1 (11) 3 13 Joe Mixon CIN 22.1 (12) 3 14 Rashaad Penny SEA 22.6 rook 4 15 Nick Chubb CLE 22.7 rook 4 16 Sony Michel NE 23.5 rook 4 17 Jordan Howard CHI 23.8 (14) 4 19 Ronald Jones II TB 21.1 rook 4 20 Derrius Guice WAS 21.2 rook 4 21 Derrick Henry TEN 24.1 (16) 5 23 Jay Ajayi PHI 25.2 (17) 5 24 Royce Freeman DEN 22.5 rook Everyone knows that there was a dearth of RB talent for awhile and the last few draft classes have changed that. But its odd to me how few young WRs have been able to make a big impact since that crazy good 2014 class. Has it been poor WR talent in those classes or has that 2014 class sort of blocked their way to an extent? Should we expect that the next few draft classes won't offer much RB value because the landscape is already overcrowded now? Or, do people expect many of these young RBs on the list to falter?
  5. Ajayi owner/eagles fan here. I’ll take the 2019 first. In fact, I’ve offered ajayi to several teams for their 2019 firsts and have been rejected without counter. Gonna go try again.
  6. Great deal for him. He got stronger at a position of need, moved a player that could see his role diminish for a player who is likely to maintain or increase his role, and he got younger (in the sense that a 25 year old wr has more quality years remaining than a 25 year old rb). The deal could make sense for the other team too, if you are built to win now and need a RB, Gordon is a nice option. But in a vacuum, give me the Adams side.
  7. I think I prefer McKinnon to Collins in a ppr, but I'm not sold on that. Meaning, I'd probably make the swap for McKinnon straight up, but wouldn't add anything I valued to Collins to get McKinnon. Meanwhile, Diggs >>> Lockett and the picks are a wash. So, give me what A got.
  8. Commish stepped down officially. Another owner stepped up and will assume non-financial duties. I’m goinng to handle the monies. Ex Commish paypal’d me the funds this morning. I replied “great timing, I’m at the Audi dealership.” I had to stick it to him once more, he couldn’t admit the calculator was flawed even after I offered him Rawls for McKinnon which was 92% fair but still in his favor.
  9. It will be interesting to see if his redzone struggles are an issue with him or with the offense he was running. Pretty terrible redzone TD conversion rate is what keeps him as a middling fantasy option. The yards are there if he can add the TDs. I'd attribute it to the weapons he had in 2016 and 2017. He was actually good in 2015. Reed has really been the only plus option he's had in the red zone. DJax is worthless there, and it has never been a strength of Garcon's. Then last year, Pryor was awful in all aspects, and Doctson wasn't much better. Not to mention, they have nothing in the run game. Looking forward, Diggs/Thielen/Rudolph plus Cook...yeah I'd expect him to improve there. But he probably won't be getting the 4-5 rushing TDs anymore.
  10. I really like the QB rankings, ZWK. Especially the aggressive jimmy g placement. I would be equally aggressive with cousins. Can’t ignore the way so many NFL teams went after him, even when there were plenty of decent options available (between FA and the draft). And he’s put up near elite passing numbers with 4-5 rushing TDs per year. At least bump him over Brady and Ryan.
  11. I agree that the injuries are concerning, but I tend to ignore injuries for the most part when evaluating players. Is alshon injury prone? Maybe. But the man just played 19 games with a torn rotator cuff. He’s tough, too. And should be healthy for week 1. 130 targets is reasonable. I’d expect 20 of them to come in the red zone, that’s what they pay him for. Because the eagles are so good at spreading the ball around, most of those will be one on one coverage. That should translate to 9+ tds. Instead of calling it a lock, I should say I think it’s a safe bet.
  12. I’m not really fazed by the Obj drama and I must be overlooking something about Hopkins. Those two are the top 2 dynasty assets in ppr in my mind, I figured you’d need to pay up to get ‘em.
  13. I would add a future first or two (expecting them to be late) to AB or Julio to get OBJ or Nuk. I own Evans but I wouldn’t overpay to acquire him if I didn’t. Hesitant because of Jameis.
  14. I’m not sure it’s correct to say alshon was healthy last season. He was at the sixers game Monday night, shoulder in a sling. Apparently he had rotator cuff surgery, tore it in training camp. He wasn’t as advertised on contested catches last year, but if he gets (and stays) healthy, 9+ tds in that offense is a virtual lock.
  15. Either that or he’s salivating at the thought of docking the three that didn’t vote $50 in blind bid.
  16. That’s correct. The activity rules were evidently in response to one owner who wasn’t taking the league as seriously, didn’t engage in trading, and also happened to have zeke, 1.01, dalvin cook, and Freeman. The owner was removed this past offseason. It may have been justified (guy failed to set a lineup twice) but I think it’s undeniable that part of it was petty jealousy. I say that because when the commish notifies us of his removal he wrote “some of you might not like this decision but I don’t care.” Weird thing is that guy was a friend of HIS. Makes me wonder who these new rules were in response to. Next rule will be a rule prohibiting owners of requesting to vote on new rules. I’m not sure if he’s still stepping down. He posted a poll so we could vote. Currently 6-3 against his idea.
  17. I don't think you are entirely wrong. My issue is that he just keeps making up rules to appease the whiny owner(s). I've repeatedly said that we should have a vote and he gets butt hurt and asks why I have an issue with such an obviously great rule. Last year, he made up the "activity rules" without vote: Activity Rules
 Since dynasty leagues are for the serious owners, all owners are expected to be active year round. Owners should check the site once a week during the off-season. Owners should check in at least once a day during the regular season and during the rookie draft. Owners should vote for each poll on the league homepage. Owners should participate in league discussion through email and/or league message board. Owners should respond to trade offers within three days. All owners should select the option to receive an email notification and the option to have a message sent to their cell phone. If you just have to get away, please post a message on the homepage letting everyone know how long you will be gone and when the league can expect you back in action. The first time an owner is in violation of any of these rules, he will be docked 
$50 of blind bidding money. The second time an owner is in violation of these rules, he will be docked 
$100 of blind bidding money. The third infraction will result in removal from the league. Infractions do not reset at the end of the season. If an owner is removed from the league for any violation of league rules or by 
his own choice, the commissioner will take charge of that team until a 
replacement owner is found and approved. The commissioner will not perform any transactions on behalf of the abandoned team and the lineup will be entered based on the 4for4.com cheat sheet for that week.
  18. UPDATE: It occurred to me that this might be an April fools joke, but unfortunately that is not the case. Commish stepped down after my email. I was thinking I should apologize to him. After all, he does put a lot of time in running the leagues. Guy has three kids under 3 and I think he is starting to lose his ####. But after re-reading his last few emails to the league he’s just an arrogant SOB and I’m happy he’s out.
  19. Thank you for pointing this out. I didn't put 2 and 2 together when I that the first time.
  20. The rule is idiotic, flawed on so many levels. But for me, it's not even about the rule. I can't comprehend why he thinks it is ok to go around instituting rules without input (votes) from other owners. I've been in this league four years, and the keeper league that I referenced for longer. He just started adding random rules last year. The craziest part is that most of the other owners don't see a problem.
  21. Here is my response. After hearing your responses, I guess I shouldn't feel so bad. Commish, First of all let me say that I appreciate the time and effort you put in as commish of this league and HKL. But I have to say this. In response to your “if you don’t like this approach then I don’t care,” please answer this question for me (and be honest). Is this your league or ours? Obviously I think it is ours and I believe we should have a vote on any proposed rule change. While I have not been vehemently opposed to the rule changes you have passed (in waterboy and HKL), I am displeased that you didn’t give the league a say. I don’t wish to be a part of a league that will change a rule on the fly without AT LEAST majority rule. TLDR; let us vote, step down as commish, or I’m out.
  22. The commissioner of the dynasty league I'm in sent out the email below. How would you respond to something like this? I've already responded, but I'm wondering whether I went too far with my response, if I should backtrack/apologize/etc. Sup, It seems like we are still having a hard time with initial trade offers being "fair." Based on what I see and what people tell me, I would agree that there are a lot of bull#### initial offers. At this juncture, everyone has his own reputation as a fantasy owner, save Aaron and Scott. No one in this league is an idiot, but I agree that some owners seem to believe the trade recipient is a complete ####### moron. I have also heard from each side that the fact we don't know each other well is problematic. I don't know how to fix that. What I can do is lay out some guidelines that people won't like, but that I also don't think should be hard to achieve/follow. 1. Use this trade calculator as a baseline for initial offers . . . . http://www.dynastyfftools.com/tools/calculator 2. If your initial offer does not reach the 90% fairness, I will dock you $50 in blind-bid money 3. If your initial offer does not reach the 90% fairness a second time, I will dock you $100. 4. If your initial offer does not reach the 90% fairness a third time, you will be removed from the league. This will accumulate over time and does not reset at the end of each season. 5. Don't ask someone if they are willing to trade (insert player), and then expect them to make you an offer. If you are interested, use the calculator and present a fair offer. 6. Not all offers are made through MFL. If you receive a crappy offer via text or email, you have to let me know so I know how to respond. If you don't like this approach, I don't care. I really want this league to continue, but I don't want it to continue if we can't make fair offers. We obviously don't all agree on value but, if we work off the same calculator as a starting point, we can have a better discussion of value as trade discussions progress. Peace, Jeff
  23. That was a great post, I always appreciate your effort in here. If you've got a minute, could you explain the Kupp/Woods ranking and how it has changed since November? I'm guessing it has to do with how you feel targets get redistributed and how they will perform now that Watkins is gone. I can't help but notice that Kupp's splits with and without Woods differ drastically. catches/targets/yards (approx) With Woods: 4/6/50 Without Woods: 6/8/100 I think both players suffer without Watkins stretching the field (will Tavon fill that role?) but ultimately it will hurt Kupp more as things won't be so open in the middle of the field while Woods will still mostly do his thing on the sidelines.
  24. Can we please get back to discussing whether fuel efficiency should be measured in miles per gallon or gallons per mile? What about Alex Collins? Is he worth a late first pre-draft? Most mocks have the Ravens going OT or WR in round one. Maybe TE in the second. Running back seems far down the list of needs. What's he worth if they don't add a RB?
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