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  1. I could see a RB. Dion Lewis would be a big help to this team. Versatile and he has to be better in blitz pickup than what they have (right?)
  2. It wasn't consistently called at all. For example, I thought Malcolm Jenkins was getting away with the exact same things they were calling Mills for.
  3. Did the study say if the EV of scoring from the one yard line was greater than 1 or simply that it was greater than the EV of a 25 yard extra point? Cause Jake already made the attempt. I can see an argument that Doug shouldn't have taken points off the board to go for two. I liked the call whether or not the numbers supported it - it shows that he thinks his team can get a yard anytime they need to get a yard.
  4. Exactly. When the NFLPA starts asking its members what their priorities are as they begin negotiations, I just can't see anything about suspensions generating a lot of buzz and becoming among the top priorities. There are just so many other issues that affect everyone in a much bigger way.
  5. If I were in Zeke's position I don't think I would be turning anything over - couldn't he get himself into legal trouble? This wasn't the case with Brady.
  6. One positive for people drafting right now is that you can take zeke without having to worry too much about reaching for dmac to back him up. When it looked certain zeke would miss 6, dmac was an attractive option for a lot of teams and someone picking him in the first 10 rounds wasn't out of the question. I doubt that's happening now.
  7. Mine too I'm about as cheap as they come but happy wife and all that.
  8. $3600 in all. The machine was $2400 before tax, shipping, etc. I prepaid for 24 months because they threw in 3 months free. I rationalized the cost since my wife has been spending over $300 a month on fitness for the past year. Plus, now I'm the good guy
  9. I took a day off today after riding for the last three. This thing is pretty addictive. I've always hated exercising unless it was sports related. I like how they keep track of your previous workouts so you can shoot for incremental improvements.
  10. Oh and it's a good workout. I laughed at the 5 lb weights but keeping them in the air for that long is painful.
  11. Tried the big and brassy with Hannah Marie. She didn't stop yapping. Shame because the music was good. I'll try lovewell today
  12. She asked for it. She was spending a #### ton of $$ at soul cycle so I figure it could actually save us money after a year.
  13. Look at me! How many dots per week should I expect? Should I get on this thing?
  14. I'm planning on going to the open practice this Sunday with my 4 year old son. Did anyone go to the one last week? How big are the crowds? Any tips/advice?
  15. If I needed a decent RB3/flex to put me over the top I might pay a mid 2nd for west, but I think I'd rather chase someone with some upside (be it Long term or for this year). If I owned him I'd be looking to move him and a random 2nd would be enough. what about martavis Bryant after the partial reinstatement news? I tried to buy earlier and failed - offered Antonio + ajayi for zeke + Bryant. thinking about making another run.
  16. Where does McFadden go in redrafts now? Best ball? I'm in the 12th of a MFL10 and thought about pulling the trigger but think that Jacquizz can cover the first two weeks just as easily so there is no rush.
  17. Brett? In that case I want rivers The only other instance in which I'd take rivers would be if I was a contender and didn't trust my QB1 - maybe wentz or Prescott or even an oft injured guy like roethlisberger.
  18. I think he gets an opportunity to earn the other starting spot outside. The way Doug talks about competition there it almost sounds like he's rooting for him.
  19. Well he's at it again, but this one was a big win. If he didn't give Thomas away he'd be the favorite. 55 house of pain gave up David Johnson IFM gave up tevin Coleman, a 2018 1st and three 2018 2nds
  20. There is a bit of chatter lately about Nelson Agholar. Is there any chance this guy shows up in 2017? ETA: just saw this interview and I have to say that he handles himself well - sounds like he's put 2016 behind him.
  21. Just wrapping up our rookie draft - here are some trades that went down. The third one is the one I'd like to hear feedback on. Not involved in these. 55 House of Pain gave up Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.11;Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.08;Year 2017 Draft Pick 4.08 Fat Axl gave up Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.08 I Fellate Myself gave up Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.03;Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.12 Fat Axl gave up Floyd, Michael MIN WR;Smith, Torrey PHI WR; Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.08;Year 2017 Draft Pick 3.03 This next one was made with 1.05 on the clock - IFM wanted to get Cook and Williams. Drafted Williams with 1.05, cook went 1.06 The Great #### gave up Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.05;Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.07 I Fellate Myself gave up Abdullah, Ameer DET RB;Thomas, Michael NOS WR With Cook gone, he moved down again I Fellate Myself gave up Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.07 Fat Axl gave up Lynch, Marshawn OAK RB; Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.11 and again.. I Fellate Myself gave up Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.11;Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.04 Fighting Cotons gave up Year 2017 Draft Pick 1.12;Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.01 he took Curtis Samuel at 1.12, then moved 2.01 for... The Great #### gave up Year 2018 Round 2 Draft Pick from The Great ####;Year 2018 Round 2 Draft Pick from 55 House of Pain I Fellate Myself gave up Year 2017 Draft Pick 2.01 and called it a day after this blockbuster... I Fellate Myself gave up Hogan, Chris NEP WR Rainbows and Unicorns gave up Year 2018 Round 4 Draft Pick from Rainbows and Unicorns
  22. It is hard to say if Pryor's value has gone up or down after landing in Washington. On the surface it seems like an improvement, but the uncertainty with Cousins and the 1 year deal and the fact that he didn't command a lot of $$ on the open market all make me a bit skeptical that he'll build upon what he did last year. On top of that, he is about to turn 28 which limits his dynasty value a little. All things considered I'd be selling if I could get a late first and buying for a mid 2nd. 1.12 sounds about right to me.
  23. I agree that he's a good buy low, especially if Boldin doesn't return.
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