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  1. This is just pathetic. Just sloppy and poor decisions all around.
  2. For some reason they've decided to use VAR to legislate the game, esp on offside. It should be as simple as the VAR guy bussing down saying you may want to look at this again. On field ref goes to the monitor and looks. No need for offside lines or long delays while the VAR looks for something in the buildup.... On field ref makes the calls, not the guy in the booth like they do now.
  3. That makes more sense. I hadn't seen McGuire's comments or Shaw walking it back. If thats the case then I agree about the fines/suspensions. Not sure he was lying, but maybe misheard. Another reason why post game interviews can cause trouble. And yes that would be a stupid statement for a ref to make. But I wouldnt put it past the lot of them to say something like that. Not sure what angles you saw but every one they showed was a clear handball by Hudson-Odoi. Live it looked like a handball by Greenwood. All the Chelsea players even appealed for it.
  4. the ref didnt give it and actually the Chelsea players were appealing for the handball. Real time and Initial looks looked like it came off Greenwood so play continued. Once there was a stoppage, VAR told the ref to look at it. Replays showed it was Hudson Odoi who handled the ball. Ref decided not to give it and reportedly made his comments to McGuire. Now the FA may want to fine and suspend Shaw for his comments and dispariging a ref. For what, telling the world what he overheard the ref say? This is getting rediculous. Add on top the debacle at Brighton earlier in the week
  5. Yeah another drab affair between United and a big six club. Neither team deserved to win and each keeper made a great save on what was probably the only real chance either team had. But United should have had a PK and according to Shaw the ref told McGuire he didn't give it since there would be too much talk about it after the match. AC Milan will have a tougher time without Zlatan. I am a fan of his so would love to see him play, but this does help United. Regardless will be an interesting tie.
  6. Everything about that game was rediculously poor. Both teams sucked, the announcers and analysts were asinine and the refing was terrible.
  7. So it wasnt just me. Wrong streams, then the game jumped ahead a few mins... all over the place.
  8. Reports I've seen about Dalot are not good. Was hoping he could get some time and be a true backup to AWB and push him like Telles has for Shaw. Dalot is better going forward then AWB, although that isn't a high bar. Dalot may be on the outs either way. I could see another loan next summer. I love Zlatan but not excited to see him this round. His speed won't threaten United's back line, but his positioning and especially his strength with give Lindelof or McGuire issues. Bailly could be an interesting matchup for Ibra though. Although some of the behind the scenes videos at United
  9. And the poor step sibling of European compitions has a marque matchup in the next round. United vs AC Zlatan in a battle of former great teams. Both sit in 2nd in their respective leagues. Zlatan and Diego Dalot return to Old Trafford for this tie. Rest of the draw: Ajax v Young Boys Dynamo Kyiv v Villarreal Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk Olympiacos v Arsenal Dinamo Zagreb v Tottenham Man. United v Milan Slavia Praha v Rangers Granada v Molde
  10. Corner kick United Lindelof jumps, ball goes over him Defender turns and takes Lindelof's knee in the face (didn't jump) Tuanzabee with a strong header puts it in the back of the net Var tells the ref to check the monitor Ref says no goal and books Lindelof
  11. I love that United is playing a 4-2-4 this half vs Real Sociedad. Williams Bailley Lindelof Telles Tuanzabee Matic Diallo Greenwood Martial Rashford
  12. Paramount+/CBS All Access is going all in on Soccer. Home of UEFA, including Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League, In addition, National Women’s Soccer League will be on Paramount+ Paramount+ now has taken the US right to the soccer documentary Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In. Parallel to Paramount+’s big soccer coverage, there will be four to five Stories from the Beautiful Game docus from producer Pete Radovich. As well, Paramount+ is hoping to snare more of the fast growing and demo rich American soccer crowd with access to more than 200 Concaca
  13. I think you are right, and Zack tore his knee up before the big game? Slater was also a football star... And the girls were cheerleaders and volleyball players
  14. Was really hoping for one of the three the cast announced: Spider-Man: Phone Home Spider-Man: Home Slice Spider-Man: Home-Wrecher although someone else did come up with Spider-Man: Work From Home... Ok I like the real name too. rumors of a trailer coming soon. We are going to get a few trailers here quickly right? Spidey, Eternals, Shang-Chi I NEED SOMETHING IN BETWEEN WANDAVISION EPISODES!
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