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  1. I was unable to watch the 2nd half, may be a sign I should stop watching!!
  2. United has a problem with transitions into defending. Cut open so easily with people in random spots. No organization to defend a counter
  3. But you would also think they would have had a plan beyond "Hey we bought Newcastle, now what?" Now they have an interim Manager (not even a caretaker manager) and still no plan for who's taking over long term.
  4. Seriously. Every 4 years is perfect. FIFA needs to push for and promote the other federations to match their tournies with the Euros. Want to keep interest? Make the Gold Cup and Copa Libertadores and all the other ones go every 4 at the same time as the Euros. Promote them. Don't kill them for a watered down world cup, esp one that may not have big teams because they have to skip after playing the last one.
  5. Radio guys talking about how the last game was Bruce's 1,000th and maybe that was why it was delayed?
  6. No, he can not. Had he beaten Everton and Leicester then maybe they could absorb the losses with a good showing. At this point he can not afford to lose. He's down in 6th with Spurs and Brighton above him. A loss to LP puts them 7 up, city 6 up and probably means a race for 4th is all they have. Ole has done a lot of good in getting the team back on the right track with recruitment and club direction. On field results have to follow.
  7. This makes sense for why they would make it not offside.
  8. Sure, but you guys do realize you physically can be in an offside position on a corner right? If you are on the endline and the taker puts the ball on the upfield side of the arc, no defenders or keeper on the endline... He can touch it forward to a player in an offside position.
  9. I learned this one a few years ago.... Don't know the reasoning and didn't seem necessary but ok.
  10. I recently learned that you can not be off on a corner kick either.
  11. I saw some rumors over the weekend that BP2 would be pushed back as they figure out the path they want to take after Boseman's death. Seems like some of this is moving back into summer as well, allowing them more time to settle that and things like X-Men/FF entry into the MCU
  12. Yes, its based on when the ball is played forward Unless its a goal kick.
  13. None. No excuses. That was so bad. Glad I can help. I get rushing back Maguire with Verane out. What I don't get is not having the sack to yank him off at HT when he clearly wasn't ready to play. Mr Left Foot Only Matic too. Absolutely poor management there. And while he was at it, get Ronaldo off the field too. All 3 were worthless in that game. Why have a bench and depth if you don't trust them? I can't wait for a Rashford, Greenwood, Sancho front 3.
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