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  1. Didn't get to watch but sounds like it was a wide open game and Roma played well, just couldn't overcome the aggregate after the first leg.... And Cavani has been fantastic overall.
  2. Eurosport with the epic write up: 60' GOAL" Roma 2-1 United Fred tries to flick his way out of trouble - He's the least brazilian Brazilian but he's still Brazilian - and Pellegrini robs him because he's also still Fred, then Cristante smashes a brilliant first-time drive into the far side netting. Now then.
  3. Pulisic first American to play in the CL final? That is if Tuechel allows him to.
  4. United v Liverpool rescheduled for 5/13 and United will play 3 games in 5 days... AV Sunday 5/9 Leicester 5/11 Liverpool 5/13 Fulham 5/18
  5. IM 3 was on yesterday. Bottom half of the MCU for me but still watchable. (Wonder if Chang-Chi will reference good old Trevor?) At one point Tony tells the world his home address and everyone acts like its this big revelation and now the press and bad guys know where he is. Jarvis even says something about this is what happens when you tell the worlds press your home address. That seens odd to me since in IM2 he had a large party where he and Rhoady got into a big IronMan War Machine fight, 3 movies of IM coming and going from the house.... Do we really believe they didn't all kno
  6. Ever since the oops goal by De Bryne its been downhill. Wall leaks, red cards.... I guess if they lose in the semis it hurts less then losing in the finals again?
  7. Wow, PSG going full PSG now. What an amazing self destruction in each of the two legs. Tell me again why Poch > Tuechel?
  8. yeah ruin is a bit strong since its such a good moment in the movies. Even with it being so great I have to feel bad for those in the theater with him.... I actually did the same over the weekend. Usually start around Hulk snapping and stop just after Tony snaps.
  9. In the corporate yes, in football when the goal is on the field product and winning trophies, no. I am not saying you are wrong, just giving background. And I understand most teams have Supporters Trust groups that meet with the team. Whether they listen or not is debatable, but at least they can feel heard. Not sure the Glazers make them feel heard. United went from a team with relatively little debt, to one carrying a heavy burden of debt. Every time they have a chance to invest in the team and push for titles, the owners say there isn't any available money, then go and take dividen
  10. oh and I told my daughter this since we were watching CA: First Avenger and Winter Soldier and she says "Wow, the MCU is barely older then I am!"
  11. Its crazy. The best is when Linebacker Brandon Marshall gets heat for something WR Brandon Marshall says. There is also a Mike McCarthy who gets a lot of mentions on twitter when coach McCarthy does something stupid (In GB or Dallas).
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