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  1. The spread being the league average. If you're top half in point in a given week, you get a victory point. If you win your H2H, you get a victory point. Top 4 victory points go to the playoffs, top 2 remaining with the highest total points make the playoffs also. It makes things interesting. I'm the top team with 4 H2H losses but I've beat the spread every time. The 2nd place team only has 1 loss but has been under the spread 3 times. I ultimately come out on top with high total points. One team is going to make the playoffs with an 11-15 record but he's 3rd in total points and won the sh
  2. I have a league where we count H2H for one victory point a week but you also get another for beating the spread. 4 teams make the playoffs on victory points, the last two are the highest remaining total points. Really helps to weed out the pretenders
  3. I disagree with this. Any time I've ever take a player with the intention of trading him has backfired. Good teams make the right picks at the top of the draft but great teams trade back and acquire more value, then use their later picks wisely. Last year, depending on the level of love players were getting in your league, you could've picked Metcalf, Deebo, AJB, Hock, or Fant in that late 1st range. The year before that it could've been DJ Moore, Sutton, Ridley or Lamar. Yes there are land mines back there but if you trust yourself to make the right picks, moving back and acquiring more value
  4. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I expect him to get the full workload in a way that Jacobs has yet to and for Booker to be an rb1 despite being below average talent
  5. I made a similar trade a week or two after his first injury and another just a week and half ago Sutton, Hollywood, mid 21 1st for Thomas and late 21 2nd Jeudy, late 21 1st, 22 1st for Thomas, Gallman, and 22 2nd It’s probably not the best time to have cashed out on him but on teams that are going to badly miss the playoffs because of the hole he left until th, you have to do something proactive
  6. Since Dak went down, Gibson has outscored Zeke by 5 ppg in ppr and that’s before this last week’s explosion from Gibson and weak fart from Zeke. Zeke has been an RB1 this season on the back of those first 5 weeks with Dak. A depleted o-line and crap qb situation mean that taking on Zeke is worse than taking on an IR player because at least you don’t try to start the IR player. Zeke is unstartable with Dalton and losing his two tackles. I get that it’s dynasty but this isn’t the offseason we’re talking here, it’s not value in a vacuum. There are live points to be had. Maybe you and
  7. I understand that. I firmly believe that Zeke’s dynasty value will match or exceeds Gibson’s again as we get into the offseason. However, points now matter and as a top 2 seed trying to win it all, they may even matter the most. I will regret it if I don’t come away with a title but that’s the risk. As an additional piece of info, I had just traded for Gibson the week before there. Mixon for Gibson and an early 2nd in a 14 team ppr. So I kind of feel like I’m playing with funny money anyway
  8. I was offered Zeke straight up for Gibson and since my team is competitive, I slammed decline without a second thought. Welcome to 2020
  9. Part of the problem is that the media has a massive hard-on for him and brings attention to everything he does. Honest truth is that he is a young man in his 20s who is going to want to have fun. Does he have problems controlling his alcohol use? Probably, he admits as much. Is it affecting his play? We have no evidence to believe it is at this point. Let him be a big boy and make his own decisions in his free time. It's not like his whipping his #### out and taking pictures of it, alledgedly raping women, or beating the #### out his girlfriend. If the Browns are going to yank the leash every
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