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  1. Tyreek Hill. He is a #### human being and he will never appear on a roster of mine, no matter how far he falls. I play FF for enjoyment and I get zero joy out of cheering for such a monstrous turd person. I can and have won without him
  2. Fair enough. I wanted the flexibility to be in or out this coming year. The league is turning into an arm’s race with all 3 orphans tanking and 4 other teams being awful. This guy was the only losing team who wanted to be a buyer and the return wasn’t awful
  3. 12 team PPR SF Give Kamara and Boyd Get Chase and 22 1st I am defending the title this year, he took over an orphan that was 1.01 last year. He’s improved the team a lot but he’s addicted to trading and he’s likely going to miss the playoffs. I know it’s a sell low on Kamara but this league has had a bunch of orphans so the league’s competitive balance is quite skewed. The 6 playoff teams are the only ones who are competitive, all the others are tear downs. Couldn’t find any other takers for Kamara and I’d rather be out a year early before his value is on the constant decline. I figure I lost by about a 2nd, pretty much the value of Boyd
  4. Why are you even here posting about it. That’s a smash accept in 1 QB
  5. If we’re talking teams allowing the rules to be broken, any of the top 3 teams in this year’s draft would be great choices.
  6. Really more of a brag to show that sometimes all you need to do is offer 12 team ppr sf, I’m defending the title and he is rebuilding Give 1.05 Get Russell Wilson There wasn’t even a conversation. I offered blindly expecting to be rebuffed, he accepted without a word a few days later
  7. 14 team PPR SF Gave: Russell Wilson, Chubb, Juju Got: 1.02, 1.09, Dobbins My team was and is still in rough shape with depth and needs to rebuild. Picks seemed like they would be easier to parlay into depth than the players
  8. The spread being the league average. If you're top half in point in a given week, you get a victory point. If you win your H2H, you get a victory point. Top 4 victory points go to the playoffs, top 2 remaining with the highest total points make the playoffs also. It makes things interesting. I'm the top team with 4 H2H losses but I've beat the spread every time. The 2nd place team only has 1 loss but has been under the spread 3 times. I ultimately come out on top with high total points. One team is going to make the playoffs with an 11-15 record but he's 3rd in total points and won the ship last year with a similar record. Highly recommend this way of doing things
  9. I have a league where we count H2H for one victory point a week but you also get another for beating the spread. 4 teams make the playoffs on victory points, the last two are the highest remaining total points. Really helps to weed out the pretenders
  10. I disagree with this. Any time I've ever take a player with the intention of trading him has backfired. Good teams make the right picks at the top of the draft but great teams trade back and acquire more value, then use their later picks wisely. Last year, depending on the level of love players were getting in your league, you could've picked Metcalf, Deebo, AJB, Hock, or Fant in that late 1st range. The year before that it could've been DJ Moore, Sutton, Ridley or Lamar. Yes there are land mines back there but if you trust yourself to make the right picks, moving back and acquiring more value is the right move. That said, totally would've held the 1.02 until closer to the draft. This trade or one similar could easily have been done 4-5 months from now. Someone always falls in love with the new hotness at the top
  11. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I expect him to get the full workload in a way that Jacobs has yet to and for Booker to be an rb1 despite being below average talent
  12. I made a similar trade a week or two after his first injury and another just a week and half ago Sutton, Hollywood, mid 21 1st for Thomas and late 21 2nd Jeudy, late 21 1st, 22 1st for Thomas, Gallman, and 22 2nd It’s probably not the best time to have cashed out on him but on teams that are going to badly miss the playoffs because of the hole he left until th, you have to do something proactive
  13. Since Dak went down, Gibson has outscored Zeke by 5 ppg in ppr and that’s before this last week’s explosion from Gibson and weak fart from Zeke. Zeke has been an RB1 this season on the back of those first 5 weeks with Dak. A depleted o-line and crap qb situation mean that taking on Zeke is worse than taking on an IR player because at least you don’t try to start the IR player. Zeke is unstartable with Dalton and losing his two tackles. I get that it’s dynasty but this isn’t the offseason we’re talking here, it’s not value in a vacuum. There are live points to be had. Maybe you and others value them differently but on a champion hopeful team, I’ll take the value of Gibson now vs the value of Zeke later. And let’s be honest, Gibson probably hasn’t peaked in value yet either. RBs with decent rookie years always get the big bump in the offseason before year 2. Remember how Miles Sanders was going in the fricken 2nd round of start ups mid and late summer? Very good chance that that is Gibson this time around
  14. I understand that. I firmly believe that Zeke’s dynasty value will match or exceeds Gibson’s again as we get into the offseason. However, points now matter and as a top 2 seed trying to win it all, they may even matter the most. I will regret it if I don’t come away with a title but that’s the risk. As an additional piece of info, I had just traded for Gibson the week before there. Mixon for Gibson and an early 2nd in a 14 team ppr. So I kind of feel like I’m playing with funny money anyway
  15. I was offered Zeke straight up for Gibson and since my team is competitive, I slammed decline without a second thought. Welcome to 2020
  16. 12 team SF PPR Gave Cooks, Sternberger, Graham Got Hockenson, 22 3rd Like Cooks more in the short term (he could be a WR1) but he’s one hit away from Jordan Reed relevance level, no points and no value. Hock has 1st round capital behind him and with Golladay banged up, thought it was a decent hedge
  17. 12 team SF PPR I gave Justin Herbert, Tyrod Taylor, and 2021 3rd I got Kerryon Johnson and Gardner Minshew I love Minshew, think he's underrated. I do recognize the "1 minute until midnight" doomsday clock he's staring at with the Jags looking like a tank job but still think he's a very good QB talent. As for Kerryon, I have Swift. I probably lose that trade in short term value and could really lose long term with the wrong shake but I thought the risk was outweighed by the points now on a win now team
  18. I do think it’s crazy to project CEH as anything other than the 1A at this point. He is a 1st round RB drafted by the defending champions in a championship/dynasty type window. He was a luxury pick to put them over the top and it would be insane not so use him. I imagine that they had hoped to use him similar to how Alvin Kamara was used in his rookie season but circumstances won’t allow that. If he is the starter, he will get a minimum of 60% of the carries and receptions out of that backfield until he is consistently worse than someone else there or let’s Mahomes get lit up too many times. The former, no one should be worried about. The latter, yes a major concern but it comes with rookie territory. Reid likes to have a primary ball carrier, has since he came to KC. If CEH is the best player there (and we all think he is), then that will be him. That makes him a top 12 guy and probably top 6 when it’s all said and done
  19. Fair enough but I do think we see Bell scratched at some point this year because equal parts of poor play (that may not be entirely his fault) and personal feud with Gase
  20. To those who think the money is going to guarantee Bell playing time, I’d think twice. Gase has never been on board with Bell and Bell clearly buys the public perception that Gase is a garbage coach (he is). They don’t get along and Gase is probably coaching for his job this year. Nobody is safe on that team and Bell with all the bad blood. I could see him splitting time as soon as week 3 if the team struggles (which they will) and possibly getting healthy scratched if he and Gase get into it over that.
  21. Strongly considering him over Cook at 1.04 in a keeper depleted draft. Cook has RB1 overall potential but with his injury history, I'm thinking I'd rather have a safer mid to late RB1 in CEH.
  22. He's the incumbent so it makes sense on day 1. Darwin Thompson is also there but he got less work last year. I'd actually put my money on Deandre Washington being the back up by the end of camp though. He's a vet, has had some decent NFL moments and has a familiarity with Mahomes as they played together in college.
  23. Not in pads for the 1st padded practice. Strap yourselves in, Boyd season is coming
  24. I don’t mind the pick but taking into account the rest of our offseason, the rest of the league would like to know how the view is from up our own asses
  25. PFF is just another piece of the puzzle, same as any other ranking system. The fact that they try to look at things in a vacuum and look at so many finer points means that maybe they have more pieces of the puzzle that others. But those pieces aren’t always corner or edge pieces that shape the picture, sometimes (often times in my opinion), they are simply part of the larger whole. Personally, I find their fine detail data points to be more thought provoking and worthy of my notice than overall rankings. As an example with made up stats, don’t tell me Joe Mixon was a top 5 grades back on the season, that does nothing for me because I don’t know/care for how they weight different stats. Now tell me he was 3rd in missed tackles and 1st in broken tackles, you have my attention. PFF is generally data without context. That can be useful in its own way but as with box scores, data without context can only tell us so much. As for the self love PFF and those who peddle it have, every single person thinks their way is the best way. Every ranking site thinks they have the best system and the best data points to measure by. You can’t sell your product if you don’t believe in it.
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