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  1. there's a possible 3rd option: places he is going are reporting a bit on what CNN is reporting. seems like what is going on is: 1. liberal based media over reporting blacks getting shot. 2. conservative media over reporting about how CNN and liberal sites are over reporting blacks getting shot. great way for each to generate clicks and engage their target audiences
  2. you do consume it- we have seen your links. Amazing that one side posts like they believe they are the only ones thinking for themselves and not falling for bad news
  3. time to ban guns, right? It would make a cops job a lot safer!
  4. you don't think there is punishment for resisting arrest, etc?
  5. Hint: no, that's not the goal. There's wrong on both sides of course. I don't think it's crazy to have different expectations for people in power though - we do that all the time whether it's teachers, cops, bosses, etc. I get the impression a lot of people would just be down with accountability on the cop side - can't turn off body cam, no more cops 100% defending cops no matter what, proper punishments when incidents happen. I think we are seeing the tide turn this way, and I think that will go a long way help weed out the bad elements.
  6. Thanks. Mostly my question was just curious if ending the war on drugs would also help some of the violent offenses associated with drugs and dealing too.
  7. It always amazes me how in sync you are with what the Democrats what. 100% perfect cops - I am sure that's the goal!
  8. Just curious - is there a distinction between drug crime like transporting and a more violent crime but still associated with drugs? Ie- would they both be coded as "drug offenses" on whatever you looked up, or would the 2nd one be solely something like violent crime/assault?
  9. I feel like Ego and the Dove is a channel that I will really like the completed channel for, but that I have very little to add to.
  10. Some metal bonus picks: GUITAR HERO Bonus.xx: OPETH - BURDEN Link Bonus.xx: MEGADETH - TORNADO OF SOULS Link The whole Rust in Peace album is filled with amazing solos. Burden I just find to be hauting/sad/beautiful. Love the guitar sound on this one, and it's one one of their softer songs, so I thought it would fit better than some others.
  11. Time to metal it up with a couple Boneyard picks and maybe a bonus GH pick or two. KP'S BONEYARD 349.XX: SEPULTURA - TERRITORY Link 350.XX: MINISTRY - THIEVES Link Couple tracks that stood out when I was thinking more about my music from that HS era. Maybe not traditional metal, but that Ministry track hits hard, those back to back Ministry albums were huge for me. Sepultura and Slayer were a couple of the bands that had more of a death metal edge that were big on getting me to explore a little bit down that path.
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