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  1. Correct. it's not the use of the word like he's pretending it to be. They've stated many times not to call politicians or their supporters names like that. we aren't talking about examples in his search of me calling Transformers a turd of a movie.
  2. Jennifer's Body was on Criterion Channel, so I fired that up.
  3. I would guess the report button would have been hit last year if the POTUS was called a turd.
  4. For what? For me the line is stuff that you can control vs. stuff that you can't. Ie - I think the piling on of Joe's mental state is a bit gross. I think the piling on of Trump's struggling with the ramp or drinking was in the same vein. To complicate the matter I do think you turn the spotlight on yourself a little if you are constantly talking about being an alpha or making fun of others, but my point remains. Now, if we are talking choices, lying, whatever.. that's different.
  5. I am not talking about the average person. The average person is represented a ton in culture. I am also not saying it has to be comic books, but just saying that people like to see others they can relate to in things. It's natural. Now, we don't need to inject it in every story, but I think that we are seeing more black, female, bi, whatever characters like this is a good thing. As far as the 2nd bolded, I think you underestimate how often straight people do this without thinking about it. Hell, just little things like reading through the TV and movie threads - how often do we interject how hot the actress is in show/movie? Has 0 to do with the content, but we have to comment and broadcast our sexuality. Seems like when gay or bi people do similar it's more "come on, keep that to yourself - it's private". As somebody else pointed out - I think you are also underestimating the age of people reading these comics.
  6. Not really, at least not until the last year or so he was in office.
  7. You need to look at states that have RTC and the crime rates in those. Not sure what the point of countering with a stat about the stats overall in the country that would include all the states that aren't RTC.
  8. I noticed in your retort you switched from using their metric of RTC states and the effect on violent crime to using a link of violent crime overall in the country.
  9. Maybe a combo of both. Either way, the focus on something out of his control is a bit gross. At the very least, maybe we try to learn our lesson and next time don't have people running for POTUS this late in their lives? (we probably won't as Trump lines himself up for another run)
  10. It's probably easy for us to say that. I think people like consuming entertainment that reflects their life and allows them to see characters like them in the stories. In that context, I think it's relevant and refreshing to see some of these changes.
  11. I agree that's dumb, but that link didn't have to do with those two specifically. You would classify that as "evil" too? ETA: I didn't even see either of the colleges talked about on that list you provided.
  12. It sounds about as open to other POVs as pillowguy's site.
  13. Link In fact, research has shown that gun-toting independence unleashes much more chaos and carnage than heroism. A 2017 National Bureau of Economic Research study revealed that right-to-carry laws increase, rather than decrease, violent crime. Higher rates of gun ownership is correlated with higher homicide rates. Gun possession is correlated with increased road rage. There have been times when a civilian with a gun successfully intervened in a shooting, but these instances are rare. Those who carry guns often have their own guns used against them. And a civilian with a gun is more likely to be killed than to kill an attacker.
  14. What's a specific example of the thoughts that these colleges are promoting that you would label as evil?
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