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  1. Was this just songs with a personal connection to us and have a story from our lives with it?
  2. I don't think so either. Not sure there is a solution that tge majority could agree on. Hell we can't even agree that there is a problem to begin with.
  3. If you weren't claiming that, what is the point of using that quote after saying I can't deny the bolded of the quote? This place gets weird sometimes. No need for the bolded.
  4. Or around here - a normal post that's on topic might get passed over, but if somebody posts that this place is far left it will get somebody fired up and two pages later....
  5. 1. what makes him a "race expert"? 2. where in that post does he claim all white people are racist? 3. where in that post does he claim the US is full of white supremacists? Anyway, the first part of your post is a valid question. IMO most for the idea is bringing up the systemic problems so we can discuss ways to address the wealth gap. A lot of people that are really against it seem to be thinking that people are trying to settle past crimes, hence the "I didn't do it, why do I have to pay?" type of posts.. Similar, but I think there is a distinction.
  6. I get that - going forward. I just don't think it would close the gap that much if that is what we are looking to do.
  7. I think mine is lower than I expected too. I relate to NV's post in that I listen to a ton of female artists now, and they dominate what I have been listening to for the last couple years (mostly as I get into more pop) - everything from Tori to Snailmail to Sleater-Kinney to Katy Perry. I think since I listen to so much now, my digging deeper is going back to the dudes.
  8. Feels like I am in the middle of the pack on this stuff, and we all have our own barometer on what is warranted and what is eye rolling. For me personally, there is a bit of a difference between not having The Song of the South available and needing trigger warnings for The Muppets. Now, I am not sounding the alarm bells, but my eyebrows are raised.
  9. Getting ahead of negative press better? IMO a similar thing if that is what is going on. I wasn't there, but I am just saying that I could for sure picture this being an issue for companies and them not wanting to deal with the crap.
  10. Just think while you've been gettin' down and out about the liars And the dirty, dirty cheats of the world You could've been gettin' down To this sick beat DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY 229.XX: TAYLOR SWIFT - SHAKE IT OFF Link
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