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  1. We are 1 year into this - the mask doesn't protect you as much as it protects others if you have it, right?
  2. Just curious - what do you mean by losing a lot of business to IN? What can you do there that you can't in MI?
  3. But, but... every big tech company is run by the left...
  4. Well, first step was to probably not post that and let Big Brother know you have contraband items....
  5. Interaction and cooperation is a piece of the puzzle, but let's also not pretend it's a cure all or that our interactions with police is equivalent to others. It also doesn't account for stop and frisks, encounters in the park, etc. There are many examples were there was cooperation and it didn't factor into the outcome.
  6. Exactly. "a white one legged busboy wouldn't change places with me".
  7. Interesting. We follow around Johnny, but I never really took to him to be "the hero". I think it vault up a lot of lists because correct or incorrect, I think people view this one as a look into Hitch's mind a bit an mirrors his treatment of his ladies in his films, and especially after he loses a main one in Grace. Been a bit since I've seen it, so this discussion means I want to get to my Notorious/Vertigo double feature in the next couple days.
  8. The New Untitled Jack And Dave Afternoon Show 227.xx: THEM CROOKED VULTURES - SCUMBAG BLUES Link
  9. I forget the genesis of some these themes - why Dave and Jack? Just two newer artists that have played with a ton of people?
  10. While making it harder on ourselves as we go to themes after drafting 5000 songs.
  11. I could be confusing it with something else, but I remember White Material being good. I have heard that Trouble Every Day is a bit messed up, but haven't gotten to that one.
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