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  1. So is he saying men are better because they can all that and govern (unlike women), or they are deadbeat parents and can govern because they put 0 of their attention to family and children?
  2. lol. I had 6 Murray stacks and still went 0-20 with my gpp lus. each one had a crap couple players that tanked it- mostly D and Tes. did any TE hit today?
  3. I made up my mind about Trump as a person, not about how he would handle the presidency.
  4. Hope you all did better today. Lost about $100 on FD, up $30 on DK. I think that ends my season on FD for the most part.
  5. not sure why it's so hard to understand. I vote 3 ways pretty equally, but really dislike the state of the current gop, so I am probably harsher in that direction. that doesn't change my core beliefs and voting tendencies. I would guess TL would reply in a similar way.
  6. F the Steelers and F the Bowns.
  7. It's almost as though some of you had your minds made up before the election. some of you sure are prone to hyperbole.
  8. Nor does it mean that you can't believe that one party is going off the rails more than another - speaking for the people in the party and people running the party.
  9. I came away from the trilogy thinking that GF2 isn't as good as the masses rate it, and GF3 wasn't quite as bad. I think they steadily decrease in quality as the trilogy goes on, but still well worth the watch.
  10. I've stated a few times that a big problem with these threads is that people after all these years probably can't accurately state what others' positions on issues are. I get that there are a decent number of people posting in here, but it's either that people aren't bothering to talk about and post their positions on issues or people can't be bothered to read and digest those positions and just go to the shorthand of "sides".
  11. Ah, the good ol "you disagree with me so the only possibly is that you are a lefty and probably a Marxist!". I'm guessing BR doesn't think any posters are independent.
  12. I don't think his quote is true either, but I see it posted a lot. just poke around in the psf for proof.
  13. I had them written down next. Good snag. Odd draft if I am sniping the likes of you and eephus.
  14. my battle last night was my favorite now vs the album that was about as important as any in forming my music tastes.
  15. Slowly narrowing it down. Pretty sure for my 20 I am going to end up on something like: 6 Murray, 6 Allen, 4 Dall/LaC, and then 4 random LUs (I would guess Wilson and Brady will each have one).
  16. I was pissed at RW for a half a second, but then realized when I went with Massive Attack last night it was because I was going to take these guys this round and was having a ##### of a time deciding between Badmotor and this one to pair with LtL: ROUND 7: MORE SOUNDGARDEN LOUDER THAN LOVE ('89) SUPERUNKNOWN ('94) @El Floppo
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