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  1. Blind bid runs Wednesdays and then it's open waivers till game time. Any drops are frozen until the next day. Not a keeper league.
  2. He's at 790 right now so needs another 210 over the next three games which is 70 yards per game. ESPN is projecting him to reach 972 on the season.
  3. Better is in the eye of the beholder. I think it makes it more interesting but I think there should be a price for it so I would want the league to charge a price for free agent acquisitions. Churning should be legal but not free. Here's a situation that pisses me off. I'm in a league where the championship is this week (10 team league). A guy not in the playoffs picked up Dixon yesterday. WTF is that all about? Guy not even in the playoffs is potentially impacting the championship. I typically expect people to act in their own self interest but that wasn't the case this time.
  4. Ware yards per rush has been going down for the last three games as has his targets and number of receptions. I wonder if his targets are going to Tyreek Hill?
  5. Wait to pick up West after week 9 where Ware goes off and the guy that wins him this week drops him again.
  6. Update: FBG's guesstimates Booker at 144 points going forward to ROS which would put him at #5. If that happens then there will be quite a few happy sharks in this thread.
  7. We are all excited to see what he can do. We're all in the same boat making predictions with such a small sample set but that's about the best we can hope foe in FF where if you snooze you lose. Now that we've all scooped him up (or in your case been smart enough or lucky enough to draft him) what is your blind (small sample) prediction?
  8. I sure hope holding onto Charles isn't preventing anyone from picking up guys like Booker, Montgomery, etc...
  9. Min: At the minimum Booker will get CJ's points 101 putting him at #25 ROS. This would assume that Bibbs would get a fairly equal split in carries and most people don't believe that will be the case. Max: At the maximum Booker will get all of CJ points ROS (101 pts) and he'll also get what he was already getting rest of season (78 pts). 179 points would put him at #4 rest of season. Conservative Estimate: If we assume that Booker will fill CJ's shoes (101 points) and will get half of his own previous carries (half of 78 points is 39 points) then that gets his rest o
  10. I keep refreshing 200 forward but CJ is still listed at #25 (101 points) and Booker #36 (78 points). Curious how this will change the projections.
  11. I want to thank whomever was promoting Booker for the last three weeks leading up to this event. They shared that Bookers share of carries had been increasing every week leading up to the rumor that it could be a 50/50 split going into MNF. I actually waited too long and should've added Booker based upon the 50/50 info. However, I'll take luck this time. I spent 40% ($330 out of $1000) of my blind free agent bidding budget on Ty Montgomery on Tuesday night and bid $1 on Booker and another $1 on Eifert. Next closest bid was $151 for Montgomery and no bids on Booker or Eifert. I'm having a good
  12. Foster has a chance to be good in certain games. I think he's the most talented RB on the roster but there are higher upside options out there on the WW due to his fragility and the MIA offense that would prefer to throw the ball.
  13. Bennett has been hot and cold without Brady. I wonder what Brady would do to his numbers? He's got high upside with Brady and the Gronk situation not materializing.
  14. FYI, We all want to understand your opinion but your sarcasm is the equivalent of pissing in the Shark Pool.
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