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  1. That being the case, this seems like a good trade for you - might be for the other guy too depending on his needs. Godwin looks for real.
  2. If you're required to start 2 RB's, then moving Godwin for a high end running back makes perfect sense. Some may agree or disagree regarding Henry's actual value, but I think you've improved your roster here.
  3. Honestly, I should post the other trades that occurred this week also: Team C got L.Jackson and a late 2nd (either 11 or 12) Team D (also in LCS with Team B above) got C.Wentz and A.Jones Team B (same LCS team from above) got D.Brees + C.Herndon + early 5th Team E got I.Smith TE Min + late 3rd (11 or 12) The whole thing is pretty interesting: Team B has D.Watson and is down 13 points heading into week 17. Knows Team C's Jackson is sitting week 17 and so will have to play Fitzpatrick against NE and thinks he has a good chance. So he trades for Brees relatively cheap due to age and salary ($97 salary in a $325 cap league) to play over Watson, since Watson isn't likely to play a full game. Team D sees this move and panics (possible first ever championship in 19 years for him) so he makes the above trade to improve his week 17 lineup (his flex player was bad, so getting Wentz and Jones improves his week 17 lineup immensely. Team B reacts by making the Barkley trade above. Pretty wild week.
  4. Hahah! Well, that's true, but it goes both ways. Usually both teams in the championship are selling off some of their depth to improve their starting lineups. ironically, the team in the LCS in this example is the team that GAVE UP Barkley to better position themselves for the Championship (Parker was one of their starters going against NE). The flow of up and coming talent from the league's best teams down to the lesser teams is really pretty amazing.
  5. We have an interesting league setup: two week playoff series (so week 17 is part two of the championship) and no trade deadline. One free agency period between playoff series. The no trade deadline thing was pretty controversial when we started it a few years back, but holy cow people love it now. The wheeling and dealing that happens for teams "in the money" as they overpay weaker teams for aging studs to try and win their playoff matchups has been a real treat both for excitement and for encouraging league parity.
  6. IDP 35 player performance league. Q-R-W-W-T-R/W/T plus IDP. Team A gets Barkley+Parker+5th for Team B gets Chubb+Julio+OJ Howard Team B is in win now mode and is playing for championship this week.
  7. Good morning! I'm up 20pts going into the 2nd week of a two week series in my performance-based scoring idp dynasty league. Don't want to mess this up! Floor is probably more important than ceiling, given my lead. Choose 4 (min 1rb, max 2): Barkley Kamara Mostert Hopkins* (no-brainer) Slayton Parker
  8. Agree with Motormouth on this. In this case it's all about volume and you just don't really know how much Michel will see the ball.
  9. Agree with Bytor: Deebo feels like the play here with so much uncertainty surrounding the Giants offense today.
  10. Dynasty performance league. First round of the playoffs and I'm seriously considering benching Saquon ...and going 3WR for the first time. Who do you think should sit? Sit 1 (Ppg avg in my league for comparison) S.Barkley (14.8ppg) A.Kamara (16.6ppg) D.Hopkins (18.3ppg) S.Diggs (14.9ppg) D.Parker (15.8ppg) Thanks in advance!
  11. This was exactly what I was getting at. I definitely do not put Barber in the same class as Mixon. But to get Kelce, the downgrade to Barber seems fair to me.
  12. This one probably comes down to how much someone likes Barber. I happen to like him quite a bit. He's not equal to Mixon, but it's close enough for me that I'll take the downgrade to get Kelce in a heartbeat.
  13. The Rodgers savings is definitely a piece of the puzzle, but not as important as some might think. Many teams in this league have total salaries well under the cap. Team B was more than $20 under the $325 cap before this trade - plenty for him to pay his draft picks and be active in free agency.
  14. Sorry, should have posted lineup requirements. 1QB 1 RB 2WR 1TE 1FLX (RB/WR/TE) then IDP (2DL/1LB/2DB and 1 FLX (LB/DB)
  15. A lot of league owners are giving these teams flack over this trade. Curious what the pool thinks.
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