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  1. I like this! I’m going to try this but play all 4 lineups in a GPP. Will let you know how it goes.
  2. Cool, made it before it filled this time.
  3. Cook out, anyone leaning on Mattison here? I have a feeling they swap in Abdulla for goal line downs so I think I’ll look elsewhere.
  4. Wow.... that was an awesome SNF game,
  5. I don’t remember FD including Sunday Night Football in the Main slate before?
  6. Seems like you need Adams + KC Def to have a shot at a good payout. Prob need one or the other to cash.
  7. Just joined but only 6 so far. Not sure this ones gonna make it
  8. I’ve said this many times. Then comes Saturday night and you put in a lineup. Sit out a Sun main slate you say? Dare you, I do.
  9. Some games still stuck with clock in 1st quarter. So annoying, I want my 50% refund again
  10. These FD stats are still not updating live. I mean they had a week to fix this, sheesh.
  11. They finally tweeted saying that they will give back 50% of losses up to $100. People on Twitter are pretty peeved about it. I’m still trying to figure out if my Beat The Score 130 hit. Anyone can determine how many points Rams Defense scored today?
  12. Ya, last tweet from Customer Support is 7hrs ago, really?! https://mobile.twitter.com/FanDuel_Support This also brings up lots of questions of fraudulent activity and lineup changes during play that none of us could ever be aware of.
  13. I work in tech, whenever we have a major database outage affecting customers we call in the big guns and their managers to fix it, quickly. These guys know their jobs are in the balance and they have managers looking over their shoulders until it’s fixed. Longest outage has been about 3-4 hours. This FD stats outage is unacceptable. Tens of millions of dollars in the balance and can’t fix this after 5+ hours. C’mon FD, I expected better.
  14. Cam Newton’s got the Rona, won’t be playing this week. Upside for Birkhead/Michel perhaps?
  15. I’m fading Kamara tonight but that’s mostly cuz everyone will have him so going contrarian for GPP. Plus Thomas out and Brees likes to throw so assuming Cook and Sanders will get 7ish targets each. I’ll prob be wrong and Brees will just throw short passes to Kamara all night. Jacobs seems like a good MVP but prob heavily owned for that spot also.
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