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  1. Josh Jacobs "should be on the field in 3rd and long situations, " but he isn't. These guys need to be elite in the passing game to beat out the pass catching specialists so I am skeptical of his true workhorse projected workload. I don't hate him, but he's being elevated up too high in the places I've seen. The draft pick that will become him is going in the 2nd round of Superflex dynasty startups while Josh Jacobs is going in the 5th.
  2. This is completely different from the corporate world, where we are all replaceable a million times over.
  3. I'd add that comments about "running the asylum" is part of how the Texans got into this mess. https://www.sbnation.com/2017/10/27/16559952/bob-mcnair-houston-texans-nfl-owners-meeting-protests
  4. I'm seeing lots of people with Smith rated so high in their rookie ranks that he's more valuable than Jeudy. I'm not a Jeudy guy fwiw, but I think it's silly to assume Smith is better than Jeudy. Smith is 6 months older than Jeudy and still got beat out by him at Alabama. Then the NFL DAB gives Jeudy a first round grade and tells Smith to return to school. Alabama knew them best and had Jeudy over Smith the whole time. Having a massive season isn't impressive when you are old. Would we be super impressed if Justin Jefferson magically returned to school and tore up the NCAA next
  5. AJB was 19 Ceedee Lamb was 19 Smith was 21 and then 22. That is a HUGE difference and is major missing context from this stat. The former were dominant against competitors that were more mature then them.
  6. Look at what Smith did after Waddle was out vs before Waddle was out. That's all in saying.
  7. This how you lose leverage in terms of trade value. Who cares about the fans, it's the trade value you need to preserve.
  8. What if he says this: Trade me, or else I show up to camp and collect my money while doing as much damage to the locker room and the Texans brand as I possibly can. If you put me on the field, I will do everything in my power to inflict maximum embarrassment on the Texans. Trade me now or regret it, there is no turning back from this. Scorched earth. Then salt it.
  9. It looks like they said a Stafford like package, which when you remove the contract for a 2023 1st part is only 1 first. My guess is that the nuance allergic twitter crowd thinks Stafford returned 2 firsts plus.
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