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  1. @phowler13 @Nemesis @Super King @In The Zone @Nigel reminder Deadline tomorrow
  2. Split pot winner. Don S Dave R Congrats! New pool starts Wed 5/12
  3. I use the sold items via an ebay search. 130point.com is a good site as they show qhat best offers are accepted for.
  4. Personally I would leave sets as is unless yoy are grading 1 or 2 specific cards. My grading standard is if the card in a 8 can sell for 35...or a 10 can fetch 150-200 I will give it a shot. Probably not the most finacially sound strategy but fun over money for me....at the moment. Small caveat, with cards that may sell for 150-200 range in a 10...im in a bit of a holding pattern with PSA...meaning...im not sure that when they open up in July, that they will not raise the prices again causing a strategy shift for me.
  5. I allowed @Ned to take a vacation this week and the slacking is showing. Updated and you should be in there now. Thanks for double checking
  6. @Mr.Pack @Nigel @joker @Cjw_55106 @In The Zone @Ben & Jerry's Last call
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