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  1. Awesome! I got a bit carried away today. Newark Philly Boston Ill take my 13 year old son again to Newark. It was his birthday today. Happy birthday to us!
  2. Reminder and heads up we are closing up early on Friday instead of Sat
  3. @Nigel @Nemesis @phowler13 @In The Zone FYI Deadline Sat if you want in
  4. Im going to get Newark and Philly....maybe Belmont. A few days in betweens shows here in the Tri State area so I am wondering if they add a show somehwre. Contemplating a road trip tonaomething a bit further as well. Its my sons 13th birthday on Friday...He is getting Tool tickets..whether he likes it or not
  5. @phowler13 @In The Zone @Nigel @McBokonon @bcat01 @Nemesis reminder if you guys want in. Deadline is tomorrow
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