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  1. Split pot winner! Congrats to Nelson/Brian (both non FBG) $1120ea New pool will start up on WED 3/3 You know what to do
  2. Never seen them. I wouldn't bother. Are there any good rookies in that 97 set?
  3. My old collection and the last 2 years I have bought multiple collections. See above for a link of stuff I found
  4. http://imgur.com/a/NWdSL3D Here is a Mish mosh of things I pulled just now
  5. Oh man I pulled lots of Reds stuff together for some lady in OH. Any specific years? I'm playing with my cards all weekend listing and sorting for people. I can keep an eye out. I have about 9 people who I pull stuff for. Pretty funny. Some guys wants any Cecil Fielder....so I have a small mountain for him Chipper jones guy. Any Red Sox up to 1977 Error/variation guy Dominique Wilkins guy Brian Bosworth guy Mascot card guy is funny Anyhow....ill keep an eye out
  6. Oh God, just name them...I've probably had/have them somewhere. http://imgur.com/a/8epI6Sd Was just sorting these. Probably the 1st insert I fell in love with
  7. Yep. I haven't got into any new stuff. Maybe when I unload most of my stuff to a more manageable number I can mess with some stuff here or there but people are paying for.....anything right now. I had/have a few hundred sets. I would throw in 90 baseball topps/donruss/fleer/score as throw ins to deals basically counting them at $5sets. Yesterday I opened the 90 score pulled out the Bo Jackson football/baseball black and white card listed it for $25 and sold within 8min. (I must have sold about 7 of those last summer when the market was.....hot) Now I'm opening up 90 sets and pu
  8. I picked up a few collections over the last 18 months which now totals over 1M cards. I sell lots of about 10-15k cards for $40 locally just to move volume. Most of it I haven't even looked though and I'll throw in some sets with each lot. Quite a few people have told they'd rather spend $40 and have a weekends worth of fun sorting than spending $50 on 2-3 packs.
  9. Yea, 6 months but that card will not be able to go regular. Personally, I would pay the 200 super express and you can probably get that back in 2-3 weeks. If the card is mint and the centering is that off it could get a 7oc-9oc Chances are though it would end up costing more if the value exceeds 4999 The others....tough to say. PSA I think will crack the cases for you but you would have to see the value risk of SGC Gem Mint to say a PSA 9 (in case it doesn't cross over to a 10) I do think SGC still holds decent value...but I think I would probably try to get them
  10. A lot of those are good and can bring in good value in high grades. They don't have to be 10s to command 4 figures. It will cost you some change though. The way it works is you have to declare a value of what you think the card will grade. So say you think the Montana will grade an 8. You check the comps on their site for an 8 and see the avg price is $800. That puts it past the $199 max value threshold and can no longer go for the value/economy of 12 bucks. Has to go regular for $50. (There is no min for this service like the $12 service which has a 20 card min) Once it'
  11. Yea, definitely. I have a lot of 20 something cards pre 71 waiting to grade. In some case I'm hoping for a 4....again not so much the grade but the authentication.
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