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  1. Preservation. Hard to damage the card once it's encapsulated. Also authentication...would suck to have a Willie Mays RC in your family for 33 years and then you go to sell it and people doubt it's fake...or God forbid it is fake. Grading companies offer a simple authentication with no grade.
  2. @phowler13 @Cjw_55106 @joker @HERBERT THE HIPPO @Tecumseh @Super King @Getzlaf15 @shuke @Nigel @Wingnut @In The Zone Deadline tomorrow if you guys want back in
  3. So awesome I have to get a count on what i have. Probably 50 9s 4 10s a few bgs 9.5 a bunch of 8s some 8.5s About 15 from other companies. You're making a psa 9 set??
  4. Ha! Me too I just picked up a large partial set of 86F with lots of graded cards and some ungraded. The ungraded I plan to send in about 30-50. They look too good to not try....but yea...at the 20 price point it starts to get too close to whether or not it's worth it. They definitely succeeded on getting the people to just grade anything. I was planning on opening some sets and taking a shot on cheap rookies that 9s would sell for 20-30 and 10s 100-200....now...I don't think I bother with a lot of them. But the 86 Fleer...I have tons of 8,9s and a few 10s...I have to take a shot
  5. Yea, I got the email. I skipped that for later and went to the pricing. Do you know what beckett prices are?
  6. Yea, I mean any place that does appraisals/certification and such are ripe for nefarious actions. So many places have had scandals big and small. PSA will eventually have a huge scandal come out I assume...and probably be fine afterwards. There is just too much $ to be made with little oversight. Lenient grading for a good customer, swapping cards for a better customer, trimming etc...
  7. Yep totally understand. I like to buy/sell a lot of cards so PSA commands the most resell value.
  8. I think there is a % of scamming going on not only with PSA but with all of them. I love how BGS grades and 20 years ago assumed they're were gonna blow PSA away and their card prices reflected that. 20 years later PSA is a tier above BGS...and prices reflect that as well. Really surprised.
  9. PSA sells for 20%-30% higher the 2nd best which is BGS imo. Not sure what other guys are charging right now or turnaround times.
  10. PSA price increases out Basically doubled Lower minimum Higher allowable declared value 199 to 499
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