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  1. Last call...deadline this afternoon. 1st draw tonight $1760 so far
  2. @phowler13 @In The Zone @Nigel @McBokonon @bcat01 @Nemesis reminder if you guys want in. Deadline is tomorrow
  3. @McBokonon @phowler13 @In The Zone @Nemesis @Nigel @Tecumseh @bcat01 @joker @Jules Winnfield Deadline is Sat if you guys want back in
  4. Oh wow... That is a big deal. Need to revisit a game plan and if any changes need to be made. Thanks for the heads up...that could have been awkward
  5. Nice! Someone local is selling a partial set missing a few cards of which Bench is one. They want 2300. Im tempted. The Ryan looks decent.
  6. If return value is your main concern stick to PSA. I would send the Jordan now. That valued card would have to go at the express service anyway. Its $200 at the moment but it would return in abiut 4 weeks. $309 gets that card back in about 7-12 days.
  7. Nice! I dont have many. Do you have the Koosman Rookie?
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