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  1. There has been very very little info re Ryquell. To be on the Covid list for so long, then all of a sudden just an announcement that his season was done... very worrisome. Not just from a football perspective but from a life perspective. Seems like most every guy that went on the list this year came back within the expected timeframe. Ryquell never did. I wonder if he had some serious health complication. I don't play dynasty, only limited keeper formats. Stashed AJ Dillon prior to last week's game and it's looking like a potential windfall. Hope Aaron Jones leaves this offseason.
  2. Surprised that the Steelers were able to keep this so close to the vest. Probably explains why they drafted Sammy Coates. But that was months ago! So the Steelers have known about this for the last six months and knew they'd be without him for the beginning of the year? And that's why Ben talked up Markus Wheaton? Wish we would have known this type of info before the draft! How come that weasel Adam Schefter couldn't uncover this nugget of information that would have been so helpful? Martavius is smoking away his pure talent. I also do hope this doesn't become a sad Josh Gordon or Just
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