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  1. There has been very very little info re Ryquell. To be on the Covid list for so long, then all of a sudden just an announcement that his season was done... very worrisome. Not just from a football perspective but from a life perspective. Seems like most every guy that went on the list this year came back within the expected timeframe. Ryquell never did. I wonder if he had some serious health complication. I don't play dynasty, only limited keeper formats. Stashed AJ Dillon prior to last week's game and it's looking like a potential windfall. Hope Aaron Jones leaves this offseason.
  2. Need a Monday kicker. Can't find much about who is injured. Is Folk injured? Is Fickens injured? Not sure who of the replacements - I think a rookie on the Pats versus Sergio Castillo - is the better option.
  3. Yes, agree. Similar situation. I have Mahomes and not carrying a backup a well. Need upgrades everywhere on my team so ideally we see Tua perform well and I trade away Mahomes (who isn't keeper eligible). If Tua doesn't get in, then obviously I keep Mahomes. Jets games are week 10 and 12, which would be great for Mahomes week 10 bye. Fitz knows he's just keeping the seat warm as he has pretty much his entire career. At some point, there will be public swell to play Tua. Flores doesn't seem to care. And it's not like the fans can just not show up as to make a point, because this is
  4. It's like crickets in here. Not a lot of positive news from HC Flores on Tua in terms of assuming the job, so I guess that's natural. When is the right time to pull the trigger on this kid? Dynasty formats he's already owned. But redraft with limited keepers, he might be a good one to have.
  5. Is this dude even practicing? That's why there's no talk. First it was Covid. Now what? Does he have diarrhea? A cold? There's no specifics about why the guy isn't practicing. He is blowing his opportunity. I think it's going to be Ozigbo to start week 1.
  6. I got fed up with Directv finally and cancelled. Cut the cord and have been doing a combination of Hulu, ESPN, and Disney with also an antenna for the local channels. But missing some sort of more robust tv service. There's a deal for AT&T fiber internet and AT&T internet tv. Anyone have experience with these? Sadly, the AT&T internet tv doesn't have the Sunday Ticket. What are the chances that Directv doesn't win the contract from the NFL the next time they're up for renegotiation?
  7. I've got them Mixon, Drake, Sanders, Jacobs in PPR. Mixon and Drake appear to have the majority of touches locked up. Sanders is talented but you've got Doug Pederson and his committees. I don't like how little Jacobs is involved in the passing game. I believe in Drake this year. I'm drafting at 1.14. Don't expect Mixon to be there and I'm hoping to land Drake as well.
  8. Is this one of those things where they give you 20 players a week for five weeks? Who has time for that kind of stuff? I don't even have time or patients to listen to the talking head and sit through an hour long show. They should just post the list on NFL.com and let us read and consume it at our own pace, which is quicker than anything they could do on tv.
  9. As Joe said, there is a survey that comes out immediately after the season ends. In fact, when I saw this, I thought it was very similar to those questions. I like that the question is even asked. None of the other sites that I've paid for before ever asks what they can do better. The personal touch - and the actual responses from Joe himself! - shows that these guys care. I'm not a frequent poster here, mainly lurker, as my main forum activity has always been on Rotoworld as I discovered them first and it is too time consuming for me to manage posting on two forums. As an aside, I p
  10. I paid $59.99 for the All Pro early bird special for this upcoming season. I had a 3 year subscription that ran out after last season, which I can't remember how much it cost but certainly was a heck of a lot cheaper than $60 a season. I think it was probably like $75 for 3 years? Does that even make sense? I know that FBG added a lot more DFS content, so I did pay for the Pro version, even though I don't really play DFS seriously. Especially the more that I learn that these big contests are essentially flooded with pros dropping thousands and max entries on each tourney. Nonetheless, I
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