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  1. Picked up by the Eagles https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1390760517120233480?s=19
  2. No it's cool. I would take my QB at 1.03; whoever falls to you from Lance or Fields. I assume Lawrence will go 1.01 but if he doesn't, I would try to trade up to 1.02. As for 1.07, I could see Mac Jones or Wilson falling there but I am iffy on them even though Chris Simms loves Zach Wilson. Williams and Pitts could be there at 1.07 and I can see Devonta too. If the first 3 backs go after Lance, Fields, and Lawrence, you could just take Pitts or Chase there. I think the 1.07 is a good spot
  3. After flipping back and forth, he's my 1.02 in SF leagues behind Lawrence. It's either him or Fields at that point
  4. [PFT] Brett Favre, who knows a thing or two about being on the wrong side of an Aaron Rodgers grudge, believes that Rodgers won't budge in his beef with Green Bay. https://twitter.com/profootballtalk/status/1389956608030093313?s=21 [Update] The Packers are upset teams (SF, DEN) may have contacted Aaron Rodgers to gauge whether he'd be interested in playing for them, per @RobDemovsky. No tampering charges have been filed because it's nearly impossible to prove -- as the Packers learned in '08 with Minnesota/Favre. https://twitter.com/MySportsUpdate/status/1389951867556450306[quot
  5. I like cox pick, the parsons one, and the wr you got but the other ones were considered reaches by every other draft expert
  6. Texans fan(unfortunately) Don’t understand the mills pick because next year they can just grab a qb in the first couple of picks but everything I read said he would have gone higher if they had more tape on him at Stanford. love the nico pick even though it was a costly trade Up. getting brevin Jordan, who was supposed to gone in the 2nd-3rd round in the 5th was pretty awesome. Overall a C+/B-
  7. Ha thanks; well at least on FD I used these same picks and won some nice money last night so I am happy
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