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  1. it won't matter if Tua keeps being underwhelming. Fitzpatrick can't always save the day
  2. Took him everywhere I could including early in startups and even traded Kamara with one year remaining vs Taylor's max limit up to 5 in a salary cap league and I feel great about it
  3. James Conner has an injured quad. https://twitter.com/AKinkhabwala/status/1338893656414105607
  4. Ronald Jones is having a surgical operation on his broken pinky finger. https://twitter.com/NFLSTROUD/status/1338872273831407617
  5. Arians said Ronald Jones may have fractured a pinkie
  6. Need Hunt to score 12 or more points in PPR to win
  7. Christian McCaffrey (shoulder, quad) was sidelined for Thursday's practice. https://twitter.com/PanthersBill/status/1337091004306960384
  8. The Athletic's Paul Dehner Jr. said A.J. Green will likely move on from the Bengals next season. https://theathletic.com/2235180/2020/12/08/projecting-cincinnati-bengals-2021-roster-draft-free-agent-targets/
  9. He had a tweet that he deleted and it said "at least I got my conditioning in last night"
  10. Could have had two more TDs and overall another monster game
  11. Concerning if you are a swift owner https://mobile.twitter.com/davebirkett/status/1334590761761902594
  12. Wentz is stuck on this team for 1-2 more seasons and unless Wentz turns it around or the Eagles fire their GM and HC, I don't see it becoming better for Reagor. I got offered a top 4 pick and a 3rd for my late first and Reagor and I took it. I would rather sell now and hope I am right then keep him and see his value sink. I wanted Jefferson but he went one pick before me đŸ˜ª
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