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  1. I'll agree with Trumpsters that his presidency is not a growing cancer. It's already stage IV with full blown AIDS and a hefty dose of black death plague.
  2. This is why Miami is smart with their strategic sucking. They're playing ahead of the game since NE is already crowned for the '19/20 SB.
  3. Too deep in their own territory to give it a try. Had that punt not rolled another 10-15 yards they may have taken some shots down field.
  4. Stuff like this gets me really excited about Irv's future. He's really developing into a complete TE. Patience needed on the fantasy front, but he'll be an every down TE.
  5. OJ Howard might be on my redraft dropping short list soon.
  6. So the Rams' playbook is a little more intense than Memphis' playbook. I'm not shocked. Skills are still there. If we get towards the end of the season and Gurley is wearing down or being rested for the playoffs and Henderson is still no where to be seen, I'll start to maybe worry a bit about his mental/knowledge part of the game. It was week 1 and a very close game. Wouldn't blame anyone for cutting him loose in tight rostered redrafts though.
  7. Faux News Headline: Aaron Rodgers demands Green Bay Packers fans stop doing this one thing during home games. Demands! lol...😂 So, if Favre made comments about "it'd help if you didn't" do the wave when they're on offense, would it get as much attention?
  8. As much as I like Samuels, I did the same and settled on a 3rd. Just didn't have the roster space to hold and wait.
  9. Warren and Pete. The brilliant professor and the brilliant student. I'm also a very big fan of Booker.
  10. I'm really counting on Godwin and Howard this year, but agree. In the FBG contest I had Godwin in there, but then realized I could get the real deal stud on that team for only $5 more.
  11. I got Williams in trade as what I viewed more as a throw-in at the time (this was before he signed w/ OAK). I would have preferred others WRs more at that time, but Williams sealed the deal and I wanted the other pieces in the trade more so I didn't fight it. He was then even on my short list of cuts to make room for rookie picks since I couldn't find a trade partner for him. I'm sometimes the most glad about decisions I don't make, happen or fight for.
  12. Oh, I read chosen one and thought this was a trump thread.
  13. Only because it's combined with a minivan and not a pickup truck.
  14. Sorry man, I don't want to take over, but wanted to chime in with feeling your pain. I've been there too. And although leaving was tough, I had zero regrets and was glad I moved on. It's just fantasy football. Don't let it affect your real life. Good luck bro. Edit: I did play out the final season and did my best to ignore the noise.
  15. Is this a real guarantee, or just a "guarantee"?
  16. They already shat on by the team moving to Vegas.
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