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  1. Yeah mine are horrible. I think I got 18 points out of my best 2 this week.
  2. I think I am 140ish plus all of Andrews tonight. So will be close I would guess.
  3. 3 QBs but about $30 combined. I’m fluctuating between 24-26 players. Not sure if that’s perfect but feels right. And I just do 2 Defenses. It’s not like they could get hurt and be out for the season. 😁 good luck.
  4. Not much better than “subscriber contest” but here goes nothing: Members Only Contest (or Members Madness since it does drive us crazy) Salary Survivor Mania Shark Bait Mania Salary Pro Contest
  5. @Biabreakable True that typically the WR duo team has not had a top 10 RB nor TE for that same year. Since 2001 there have been 31 occurrences of top 12 duo WRs (13&18 split by decade) and interesting the first decade there were none with a top 8 RB or TE. In the last 10 years about 1/3 of the teams had a top RB and less than 1/4 had a top TE. So based on that it may reduce probabilities for teams with a stud RB (or TE) to have duo WRs though Minnesota did it last year Notably only once has a team had it all- duo WRs with a top QB and top 10 RB and TE (2013 Broncos and was actually QB1, RB4 and TE4 along with the 2 top 12 WRs). Of course there is also WR depth to also consider. I think teams with strong WR3 (Dallas, Pitt, Cinn) make it tough for 2 to be top 12 unless 1 goes down with injury. And one last interesting, not surprising, point is ever time the QB has been top 12 and usually top ~8ish. (Only exception to top 12 QB was 2001 Brady at #21). Note a couple of the occurrences use the combined QBs for a team (eg injury and had split the year). Also this top QB stat includes examples like Goff, Stafford, and Eli being ~QB6 the various years they had the duos. I’m sure they weren’t drafted like that (which is the insight you can use if you think a mid range QB could have a top duo)
  6. Yeah that’s a good one. Definitely belongs in that potential list. And that could help bring Stafford to a top 6-8 QB which he was each year 2015-2017 including having top 12 duo WRs in 2017 (Tate/Jones at 11&12). I think he’s being drafted around QB12 right now.
  7. Jefferson/Thielen and Metcalf/Lockett were top 12 WR duos last year. Wilson not a surprise as a top 6 QB but Cousins as a QB1 (11) was well above expectations / draft spot For 2021 there are a lot of obvious top 12 duo candidates: the same 2 pairs from last year plus AJ/Julio, Cooper/Lamb, Pick 2 Steelers (though all 3 having good year will limit two in top 12), and Higgins/Chase. My sneaky candidate would be Carolina: Moore/Anderson with a resulting borderline top 12 (ie QB1) for Darnold. (History shows a QB of top 12 duo WRs well outperforms expectations, well unless already a top QB) For now I am gonna just go with Dallas and Seattle, so no QB surprise there. Who do you think will be the top 12 duo WRs this year? And QB impact?
  8. startup 12 team FFPC (TE premium) Superflex/tri-flex QB-2RB-3WR-2Flex-1SuperFlex-1TE QB: Allen, Burrow, Trask RB: Cook, Elliott, Edmonds, Moss, Kelley WR: Evans, Jeudy, Boyd, Waddle, Ruggs, Toney, Slayton, Van Jefferson, Cephus TE: Irv Smith, Hooper, Tremble have all my 2022 picks + one 3rd
  9. Good eye. It was on purpose but still not sure that is a good plan. Wanting more than 4 total in CC but thinking 5-6 is enough (vs 8 max possible). So I was hedging on afc side and with cheap choices. But some flaws in who I selected so far.
  10. Current version. comments welcome QB - Patrick Mahomes - KC - $39 QB - Russell Wilson - SEA - $25 QB - Baker Mayfield - CLE - $13 RB - Carlos Hyde - SEA - $4 RB - Darrel Williams - KC - $4 WR - Tyreek Hill - KC - $29 WR - DK Metcalf - SEA - $20 WR - Tyler Lockett - SEA - $16 WR - Gabriel Davis - BUF - $14 WR - Diontae Johnson - PIT - $14 WR - A.J. Brown - TEN - $13 WR - Jarvis Landry - CLE - $8 TE - Travis Kelce - KC - $34 TE - Jonnu Smith - TEN - $7 TE - Will Dissly - SEA - $4 PK - Jason Myers - SEA - $6
  11. Nice set up if it is Buf-TB. But that’s what you have to do: pick a SB matchup and go for it. Including enough others to get through the rounds. I’m currently working on a KC-Sea entry. My only comments for your roster are (1) I’d reconsider the 3rd BAL player as not sure what that gives you even if they do win the 2 games. I’d look for a cheap player on the team you think TB would play in NFC CC. (2) I’ve never been big fan of kickers, but fine grab 1, though is there another good TB or Buf position player in lieu of the 2nd K. (I didn’t check) Good luck!
  12. Yes, tomorrow (Wednesday) https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/787020-footballguys-subscriber-contest-is-live/?do=findComment&comment=23174701
  13. Looks like it will be Thielen/Jefferson this year, both in top 12 WRs for the year. With Cousins ending up a QB1 (~QB11 right now compared to ~QB25 in FFPC drafts). Will try to predict for 2021 later.
  14. Nope, just 11-1 as I lost two weeks ago by 0.4 points. But I am kind of glad. Already had a bye locked up MFL, 12 team, superflex (3 total flex), TE premium, VP....Large 28 rosters + 5 taxi (offseason 24 total). Here is main part of roster. and my QBs aren’t even very good. I need to address that in offseason. QB: Stafford, Cousins, Hill RB: Kamara, Gurley, Davis, Gordon, WR: Allen, Metcalf, Golladay, Godwin, Claypool, Meyers, Ruggs, Hardman TE: Kelce
  15. Not even close for me. Oh well.. michael Thomas and going cheap at QB were (part of) my fatal flaws... good luck to all remaining. Look forward to the playoff contest.
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