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  1. Easy A+ for me. I don’t even consider your QBs to be a weakness with Stafford. He could be on par with Rodgers and Brady. your TE concerns me a bit, but it’s easy to overcome. I had Tonyan last year and he was wildly in consistent. Consider picking up Jonnu (if available) or Trautman. I’m still in shock that’s your team and it had keepers and Lamb came back to you. I might use Golloday as trade bait or in combination with Winston or Tonyan to upgrade either just due to your strength you may be able to do both. I don’t think you need to rush it though, as you are considerably strong. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/799722-rate-my-draft-whir-100/
  2. The Rules 12 Team - Standard League - 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 6 Bench 5th spot The Draft QB - K.Murray (4), T. Lance (10) RB - N.Chubb(1), N.Harris(2), T.Sermon(5), J.Conner(8), M.Carter(9) WR - A.J. Brown (3), O.Beckham(6), E.Moore(11), R.Moore(14) TE - T.Higbee(7), J.Smith(12) K - a kicker (15) Def - Broncos (13) The Story I feel I nailed my first 4 rounds. Would have take Woods at 4th but was taken and a few WR available going into the turn we’re snagged on me. All WR I would have considered taking were being reached for like crazy, which made me go RB heavy. I had Sermon, Higbee, Jonnu, E.Moore and Lance as guys I wanted to walk away with and felt the reach was worth it where I did. - My WR are boom/bust after Odell, but there’s always a WR2/3 on the WW if you keep up with it. - My RBs are set well with 1 extremely safe player and 4 boom/busts. -QB/TE are well established floors with high upside. Thoughts?
  3. What are ROS thoughts on him? Waiting on a 100 yards or a TD than going to try to flip him for a low end RB2. Thoughts?
  4. Right now the best I’m getting is Gibson. Forgot to mention it’s redraft. Good?
  5. What is a good equivalent for an RB in standard league as a trade option?
  6. I’d drop Deebo. I feel if Gibson starts getting open they’ll have another weapon and open things up for McLaurin. I trust Lamar to improve on accuracy than Garrapollo. Plus the injury. Could make a case that you could hold all these guys instead but you need a hot WR right now
  7. 12 man standard redraft league. 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE, no flex my team: QB - D.Watson RB - C.Carson, J.McKinnon, L.Murray, J.Kelley, J.Jackson WR - M.Thomas, J.Jones, M.Brown, E.Sanders, C.Claypool TE - T.Kelce, R.Tonyan I’m weak at RB and everyone besides McKinnon is on a bye week. should I trade Kelce for J.Jacobs? Or should I trade some WR depth for a lesser RB2?
  8. I’d probably pass, but I’d be kicking myself when Henry goes off like always in week 14-16. I’d be so pissed with the GM that offered this to you just for the fact that you won’t ever feel like you won this trade by declining or accepting, much like the GM of Henry feels right now lol.
  9. Who are you guys wanting to keep at the end of your bench? I have B.Scott, but thinking of dropping him for M.Hardman or S.Miller (Tampa).
  10. I’d probably take that deal. CEH showed he deserves to be a first rounder, but if you could get a better player than Campbell, I’d try for it. as mentioned Campbell might have a great year himself so...
  11. Thank you both for amazing answers! It is a redraft league and the top 8 of 12 make the playoffs. The following factors indicate to stay the course: - watching the replay in the injury, - his age, - trading to get E.Sanders, - being 1-0 (bottom 4 point total though), I feel that he’s going to be back at the 3 week mark. High ankle sprain take between 15 to 45 days to heal (potentially more). Worst case, I lose the next two and go 1-2 and I can recover or I go 1-3 and re-evaluate the trade. Once again thank you!
  12. Standard League, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, no flex. I give: M.Thomas + T.Kelce + C.Carson I get: D.Henry/J.Jacobs + C.Kupp/A.Green + Z.Ertz My team: QB - D.Watson RB - C.Carson, M.Ingram, J.Dobbins, L.Murray, B.Scott, J.Kelley WR - M.Thomas, M.Brown, P.Campbell, E.Sanders, J.Jeudy TE - T.Kelce Should I ride out the Thomas injury or accept this trade (big Saints fan, so judgement is clouded)? I’d probably lean Henry and Kupp over Jacobs and Green, but is Jacobs the right player? thoughts?
  13. I’d lean to Hill simply if Juju doesn’t work than at least you got a WR1 steady and you can figure out your WR2.
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