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  1. =IF(COUNTIF(B124:G124,"Y")*8>=40,40-F15,COUNTIF(B124:G124,"Y")*8-F15) this should work. Thanks Ned! Also sent you a PM
  2. Ned I took your advice and blew up the entire workbook and redesigned it. To get around my previous problem I made drop down menus linked to drop down menus and it works great, the first menu has all the companies listed the second menu only lists the employees with each company. I am having some problems with calculating something and my formula just isn't working like I would expect it to. Basically what I am trying to do is check 6 cells for a Yes each yes= 8 hours but there is a cap of 40 hours for the week then I am subtracting the working hours from that number(we are tracking idle ti
  3. There is more to the sheet than just payroll its a daily report of work(completed and billable), equipment on site, subcontractors, inspections and employees. My thoughts are if they can fill out one report without screwing it up I can automate the rest, but it is definitely proving a challenge. its a weekly workbook and its a blank template that can be used on any of our construction projects.
  4. input sheet has a date I just did not include the top of the sheet I only posted the table I am trying to pull from. There is that concatenate word again. I was thinking something like this =IFERROR(INDEX('Daily Report Wed'!$E$18:$E$40,SMALL(IF($A$8='Daily Report Wed'!$C$18:$C$40,ROW($C$18:$C$40)-ROW($C$18)+1),1)),"") for classification =IFERROR(INDEX('Daily Report Wed'!$B$18:$B$40,SMALL(IF($A$8='Daily Report Wed'!$C$18:$C$40,ROW($C$18:$C$40)-ROW($C$18)+1),1)),"") for cost code =IFERROR(INDEX('Daily Report Wed'!$G$18:$G$40,SMALL(IF($A$8='Daily Report Wed'!$C$18:$C$40,ROW($C$18:$C$40)-ROW($C$1
  5. Would using arrays and matching the employee name work? Obviously the employees name would need entered on the payroll sheet but then I think I could pull all the information in. Just trying to find an easy solution for construction workers who can even break locked sheets
  6. currently is automated but not splitting out enough information for corporate. http://s271.photobucket.com/user/knarfii/media/current_zpsskyqtopn.jpg.html What I would like to do for each company http://s271.photobucket.com/user/knarfii/media/proposed_zps3d23zmhh.jpg.html
  7. http://s271.photobucket.com/user/knarfii/media/Capture_zps8hwf5kei.jpg.html The photo is a capture of a table on my spreadsheet. I am not sure it can be done but I am going to ask anyways. We use our own employees as well as day laborers from multiple sources. Each employee may be listed several times as they change jobs on the site and we don't always get the same employees everyday. Thanks to the guys here I am much better with arrays and vlookup, but I don't really know how to approach this problem. I pull this information from this table and put in on a payroll sheet. As of now I have
  8. I had the wild cards because some of our employees are not known for their accuracy so I made the sheet to find entries based on common sense things. like ford f-150 pickup, some of the guys call it a f150 truck some an f-150 pickup and some f 150 truck. I think they will just have to copy and paste the info into the cell. Problem is I don't have faith they can actually do that. Thanks for the help guys have it working great.
  9. I added the brackets in my example above, but on the sheet I used Cont+Shift+Enter I figured it out I was calling the wrong sheet after the if statement. But I cant use "*"&"F"&"*"&"150"&"*" I have to use a direct cell reference like $a$183.
  10. I have a feeling I have a syntax error. I am not grabbing any information. Table is A53 to G63, A is the equipment and column B is the cost code. {=IFERROR(INDEX('Daily Report Wed'!$B$53:$B$63,SMALL(IF("*"&"F"&"*"&"150"&"*"=$A$53:$A$63,ROW($A$53:$A$63)-ROW($A$53)+1),1)),"")}
  11. Thanks Ned I do greatly appreciate the assist!!
  12. no the cost codes are numbers like 101-1 or 460-6-18 and they are not unique. Cars truck boats and planes may all have the same cost code for the day. I was just hoping that there was an easier way than to concatenate. I have read about how to do it I guess I'll start messing with it.
  13. Looking for some help again. Many months ago I needed to create a spreadsheet for work and have it grab values. I used vlookup to accomplish this task. Now I need to be able to find if my vlookup has a second, third or fourth entry and tabulate it on another sheet. Example table: Equipment/Cost code/hours Car/1/10 truck/1/10 car/2/10 boat/1/10 plane/1/10 How can I use vlookup to find the second car in the list above. I would then need to pull that cost code? This is how I have been finding the first occurrence if there is one =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP("*"&"F"&"*"&"150"&"*",'Daily Rep
  14. That's one I haven't heard before. I'm guessing its an issue with his specific soundbar. Otherwise it would be a more commonly-known issue. Edit: if it does crackly/staticky sound through both the soundbar and television, then he probably has a defective PS4. Return it. TV and sound bar bothYes...he told me today that now the sound will start on the game but then it starts breaking up and eventually goes out completely. Then there is no sound at all on games or PS4 screens. sounds like a defective ps4
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